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“RICHI Feed Mill Plant Technology In Uzbekistan”

Uzbekistan is an important strategic development partner of China and an important strategic market for RICHI. As a leading global feed mill machine manufacturer and feed mill project provider in China, RICHI actively responded to the national "going abroad" strategy, developing a deep friendship with local partners. We have already set up more than 30 sets of feed pellet production line in Uzbekistan with different capacity.

  • RICHI Feed Pellet Plant in Uzbekistan
  • Animal Feed Production Line in Uzbekistan
  • Feed Mill Plant in Uzbekistan
  • Feed Pellet Production Line in Uzbekistan


Why Start Animal Feed Mill Business In Uzbekistan?

01.Rapid development of animal husbandry
Uzbekistan's livestock & poultry industry accounts for 40% of total agricultural production. In the past five years, livestock has increased 21%, including cattle by 7%, sheep and goats by 20%, and poultry by 1.5 times. Today, nearly 95% of livestock are raised on private smallholders and commercial farms. They produce more than 90% of the country's meat, 95.7% of milk and 54.8% of eggs. The number of breeding farms has exceeded 400 and currently raises 99,200 livestock. Good market advantages will encourage more people to enter the livestock feed production business.
02.Government support
In recent years, Uzbekistan has adopted a program of measures to make significant increase meat production. Under the terms of schedule, total investment in the meat sector should reach US$15.7million. 50% of our customers have benefited from this program, received government subsidies, and started their own feed mill business.
03.Double demand for feed quality and output
No less important is the generally inadequate feed situation: the poor quality of feed that farmers can buy is a serious obstacle to improving milk production. Improving the livestock sector infrastructure is essential, including feed quality, distribution, artificial insemination and animal health. It is not enough to create facilities for physical factors of feed production.

RICHI Feed Mill Equipment & Feed Mill Technology In Uzbekistan

RICHI officially entered the Uzbekistan market in 2015. So far, in only five years, its total sales volume in the Uzbekistan market has exceeded 30 feed production lines, and the total export volume to Uzbekistan counted for 55% of China's total feed plant machinery exports to this area.









Customizable 1-100T/H Feed Plant Design For Uzbekistan Market

Customizable 1-100T/H Feed Plant Design For Uzbekistan Market

According to customer's different feed types, can customize different output configuration. We devote ourselves to undertaking all kind of animal feed production line with 1-100T/H capacity, provide complete animal feed mill solutions including silo storage, raw material receiving, cleaning, crushing, mixing, pelleting, cooling, packing and other auxiliary systems. We are committed to providing the Uzbekistan market with one-stop services, including consultation, design, planning, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and follow-up upgrade to our customers in the fields of feed processing.

dwws mill plant project

Case Study

Feed Mill Plant Projects In Uzbekistan

Over the past decades, RICHI has accumulated rich experience in the feed-business. Therefore, we can do more and better for you.

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  • CASE3
Case Study

Completed Feed Mill Plant Projects In Uzbekistan

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Case Study

Ongoing Feed Mill Plant Projects In Uzbekistan

RICHI has set up a comprehensive sales and service network in 8 Uzbekistan cities, including Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana, Urgench, etc. and has established a good brand reputation in this area with its powerful technical strength and safe, reliable, economical and innovative product features and trusted service solutions. And now, the story of RICHI in Uzbekistan continues...

  • 3-5T/H Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Plant Project
  • 1-2T/H Chicken Mash Feed Producing Line Project
  • 1-2T/H Animal Feed Pelleting Production Line Project
  • 0.8-1.2T/H Ruminant Cattle Sheep Feed Pellet Making Line Project
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Case Study

Feed Mill Machinery In Uzbekistan

We start with customer's actual demand and take a comprehensive view of the project. Our pursuit of excellence is not only about the quality control of each feed making machine, but also the execution of system standard for the whole feed mill plant.

Trusted Service

Let Quality And Service Do The Talking

Comprehensive, efficient and trusted service is an essential guarantee for animal feed mill plant operation. Through various service measures, RICHI provides overseas customers with a trusted service guarantee.


Quick Query

With faqs from Uzbekistan customers, RICHI is building up the service information supporting column to improve consulting services.

RICHI Shines Market

Feed Mill Plant Projects In Neighbouring Countries Around Uzbekistan

We always respect, love and support Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries, such as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, etc., and constantly optimize products and services to reward customers with the most sophisticated and advanced products as well as best services. Shifting from selling single feed machinery to providing integrated complete feed mill plant solutions, we are dedicated to helping global customers optimize routes planning and improve management level, operational scheduling and other capabilities.

Feed Mill Plant Projects In Neighbouring Countries Around Uzbekistan
  • Location: Kyrgyzstan
    capacity: 15T/H
    Type: Chicken Mash &Pellet Feed ProductionLine

  • Location: Lithuania
    capacity: 3T/H
    Type: Floating Fish Feed Production Line

  • Location: Russia
    capacity: 2T/H
    Type: Aquatic Extruded Feed Plant

  • Location: Georgia
    capacity: 3-4T/H
    Type: Multi Animal Feed Mill Plant

  • Location: Ukraine
    capacity: 100-150KG/H
    Type: Livestock Feed Mill Plant

  • Location: Armenia
    capacity: 20T/H
    Type: Poultry Feed Mill Plant & 2set*1000T Silos

  • Location: Kazakhstan
    capacity: 5T/H
    Type: Chicken Feed Production Line

  • Chicken Feed Production Line
  • Poultry Feed Mill Plant & 2set*1000T Silos
  • Livestock Feed Mill Plant
  • Multi Animal Feed Mill Plant
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