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SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill

SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill
Brand : RICHI
Capacity : 5-8T/H
Model : SFSP66*60a
Main Power : 55KW

Guiding Price :
FOB 5300-34000 USD

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Brief Introduction

SFSP Feed Grain Hammer Mill widely used in the crushing of raw materials for large and medium-sized animal feed processing enterprises, and then used to produce high-grade animal feed and aquatic feed.

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Henan Richi Machinery SFSP-series fine grain hammer mill is suitable for corn, soybean, wheat, grain grinding. Especially suitable for the pulverization of baby pig, fish feed, poultry and livestock Feed. It's widely used in animal feed processing, brewing, chemical and biological industry.Patented ventilating from shaft end system, output of small aperture material increase by more than 25%. Widened grinding surface, fully optimized hammer arrangement, wonderful performance in micro grinding. High-precision dynamic balance detecting rotor, little vibration, low noise.


SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill


What Are The Parts of SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill?

SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill is a key equipment for the production of pellets, which composed of multiple components. It is mainly composed of drive system, feeding system, crushing system, etc. The following figure is for reference.

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SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill
1. Feeder Inlet
2. Access Door
3. Slide Rail
4. Siemens Main Motor
5. Coupling
6. Safety Limit Switch

Detailed Instructions of SFSP Fine Grain Hammer Mill

RICHI always believes that good products are one of the important indicators of corporate survival. We use high-standard materials in the production process and cooperate with internationally renowned brands to ensure that we can bring high-quality equipment to customers. The following is a detailed display of RICHI pellet machine.

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  • We have redesigned the feeder to be more precise, more convenient and more efficient

  • Open the magnet door pneumatically, the adsorbed iron filings and other debris will automatically fall off

  • All RICHI equipment promises to use SKF bearings to improve equipment stability and service life

  • The feeder mainly uses a frequency conversion motor with a reducer, which can maintain the feeding volume and uniformity

  • We use a replaceable screen device, you can change the screen at any time to achieve the fineness of the crush

  • Our RICHI equipment uniformly uses high-end limit switches to ensure the safety of equipment and operators

  • The feeder with iron removal device can further clean the raw materials and protect the safe operation of the equipment

Reasonable Structure, High Efficiency, Strong Stability

Advanced teardrop-shaped crushing chamber design, reasonable structure of the secondary crushing, output increase by 25% compared to other models. High-precision dynamic balance detecting rotor, little vibration, low noise.

Contact Us Reasonable Structure, High Efficiency, Strong Stability


RICHI uses motors and bearings from internationally renowned brands Siemens and SKF to improve product performance and reduce maintenance costs.

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siemens motor
SKF bearing
grinder hammer
grinder screen sheet
Screen Sheet

Equipment In RICHI Workshop

Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor
Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor
Screen of Feed Hammer Mill
Screen of Feed Hammer Mill
Screen Changer
Screen Changer
SKF Bearing
SKF Bearing


Equipment In RICHI Workshop
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