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Drum Wood Chipper (Horizontal)

Drum Wood Chipper (Horizontal)
Brand : RICHI
Capacity : 3-5T/H
Model : W-Drum-215
Main Power : 4-45KW

Guiding Price :
FOB 10000-100000 USD

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Brief Introduction

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This horizontal-fed drum wood chipper machine has the advantages of compact structure ,high efficiency, easy to operate. The main parts of this machine is rack, cutter, feed port, encloser, electronic system. In order to meet the different requirements of the paper making, fiber board, Particle board industries, the final wood chips length can be adjusted. With more than 20 years of experience, you can depend on a well-tested product that will deliver a long, economic life with low maintenance costs.

ModelFeeding Size(mm)Number of blade (pic)Rotated Speed (r/min)Capacity(t/h)Main Motor Power(kw)Weight(kg)Dimension(mm)

Drum Wood Chipper (Horizontal)

Feeding Size(mm)160*400230*590300*680
Number of blade (pic)222
Rotated Speed (r/min)590590650
Main Motor Power(kw)4-454-554-110
Feeder Power(kw)(2.2-3)*2(3-4) *2(4-5.5) *2
Oil Pump Power(kw)
Transportation Power(kw)334

What Are The Parts of Wood Chipper Machine?

Wood chipper machine is a key equipment for the production of pellets, which composed of multiple components. It is mainly composed of drive system, feeding system, cutter and hammer, etc. The following figure is for reference.

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Drum Wood Chipper (Horizontal)
1. Siemens Main Motor
2. Chipping General Contract
3. Feeder Main Motor
4. Feeding conveyor belt
5. Roller
6. Siemens Feed Motor
7. Siemens Discharge Motor
8. Finished Product Discharge Port

Detailed Instructions of Wood Chipper Machine

RICHI always believes that good products are one of the important indicators of corporate survival. We use high-standard materials in the production process and cooperate with internationally renowned brands to ensure that we can bring high-quality equipment to customers. The following is a detailed display of RICHI pellet machine.

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  • High-strength feeding toothed roller, suitable for large-size logs, improving feeding efficiency

  • The main motor of the equipment uses Siemens motor, which has more stable performance and longer service life

  • The feeding motors are connected to the reducer to reduce the speed of the upper and lower feeding toothed rollers

  • The cutter assembly is connected to the knife roller, and the flying knife is fixed on the knife roller through a pressure block

  • According to different raw materials, the upper feeding roller assembly can float up and down with the help of hydraulic system

  • Both the inlet and outlet can be equipped with conveyor belts to facilitate connection to the entire production line

  • The belt connection between the main motor and the cutter roller makes the speed faster and the cutting efficiency higher

Application of Drum Wood Chipper Machine

Richi drum wood chipper machine, with their large in-feed openings, lead the market and are capable of processing any waste wood product. Logs or bundles of wood with a diameter of over a meter can be reliably processed in larger wood chippers.

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Doing high quality products is RICHI's long-standing commitment. We guarantee that every equipment uses high specification accessories.

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siemens motor
SKF bearing
grinder hammer
grinder screen sheet
Screen Sheet

Equipment In RICHI Workshop

Drum Wood Chipper
Drum Wood Chipper
Wood Chipper Machine
Wood Chipper Machine
Drum Wood Chipper Machine
Drum Wood Chipper Machine
Horizontal-fed Wood Chipper Machine
Horizontal-fed Wood Chipper Machine


Equipment In RICHI Workshop
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