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Alfalfa/Straw/Husk/Grass Crusher

Alfalfa/Straw/Husk/Grass Crusher
Brand : RICHI
Capacity : 1-2T/H
Model : 9FB56*100
Main Power : 75KW

Guiding Price :
FOB 5300-34000 USD

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Brief Introduction

This series crusher is equipped with a forced feeding device, which is mainly suitable for the crushing of lighter materials such as alfalfa, straw, chaff, grass and etc.

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Due to the special nature of the raw materials, the series of crushers have been specially designed with forced feeders, increased the crushing chamber, thus handling lighter alfalfa, grass, straw and etc. RICHI crushing machine is a fine-stage hammer mill with a hard surface material on the hammer head surface, which greatly prolongs the service life.Rotor motor and the mill installed in the same heavy-duty base,using the pin coupling direct transmission, rotor balancing efficacy through, the work can be positive and negative.


Alfalfa/Straw/Husk/Grass Crusher


What Are The Parts of Grass Crushing Machine?

Grass Crushing Machine is a key equipment for the production of pellets, which composed of multiple components. It is mainly composed of drive system, feeding system, etc. The following figure is for reference.

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Alfalfa/Straw/Husk/Grass Crusher
1. Raw Material Inlet
2. Access Door
3. Siemens Main Motor
4. Bearing & Bearing Seat
5. Feeding Motor
6. Crushing Chamber
7. Forced Feeding Mechanism

Detailed Instructions of Grass Crushing Machine

RICHI always believes that good products are one of the important indicators of corporate survival. We use high-standard materials in the production process and cooperate with internationally renowned brands to ensure that we can bring high-quality equipment to customers. The following is a detailed display of RICHI pellet machine.

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  • The optimized arrangement of hammers improves the stability of the equipment and the crushing efficiency

  • Forced feeding with clockwise rotation, feeding inside with the back to prevent the grass from getting onto the shaft

  • We use a replaceable screen device, you can change the screen at any time to achieve the fineness of the crush

  • Specially designed for grass raw materials, improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance costs

  • Forage grass or other grass raw materials are relatively light, so we increase a forced feeding device to improve the feeding efficiency

  • The main motor of this equipment adopts Siemens motor, which has stable performance and longer service life

  • We use 5mm thick hammers, which are hardened and wear-resistant alloy steel after quenching

Specially Designed,Improve Efficiency

After a long period of experimentation, our engineers changed the ordinary feeder to a forced feeder and increased the crushing chamber of the crusher, greatly improving the crushing efficiency of the light raw materials.

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Doing high quality products is RICHI's long-standing commitment. We guarantee that every equipment uses high specification accessories.

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siemens motor
SKF bearing
grinder hammer
grinder screen sheet
Screen Sheet

Equipment In RICHI Workshop

Alfalfa Crushing Machine
Alfalfa Crushing Machine
Straw Crushing Machine
Straw Crushing Machine
Grass Crushing Machine
Grass Crushing Machine
Husk Crushing Machine
Husk Crushing Machine


Equipment In RICHI Workshop
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