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SLHY Single Shaft Screw Mixing Machine

SLHY Single Shaft Screw Mixing Machine
Brand : RICHI
Capacity : 1000KG/BATCH
Main Power : 15KW

Guiding Price :
FOB 2800-37000 USD

Brief Introduction

The single-shaft screw mixer is a horizontal cylinder, and the inner rotor is composed of a ribbon spiral blade, a shaft, a ring and a support rod.

SLHY Single Shaft Screw Mixing Machine, with a mixing time of 3 to 6 minutes per batch, is especially suitable for adding more liquid materials. The machine is equipped with a grease adding pipe and a return air pipe, and the overall structure is reasonable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. It has a novel rotor structure, no mixed dead angle, and uniform mixing CV ≤ 7%. The shaft end and the discharge door use a unique proven sealing technology to ensure no leakage.

ModelPowerMixed weightVolume

Wide Application, High Mixing Uniformity

SLHY Single Shaft Screw Mixing Machine for the mixing of powder, granules, flakes and miscellaneous materials in the feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries.


We use high quality motors and bearings and have a comprehensive after-sales system to serve our customers, such as the replacement of accessories.

siemens motor
SKF bearing
mixer rotor
mixer biaxial blade
Biaxial Blade

Equipment In RICHI Workshop

Single Shaft Screw Mixing Machine
Single Shaft Screw Mixing Machine
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Siemens Motor
Siemens Motor
SKF Bearing
SKF Bearing
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