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poultry feed pellet line

What poultry feed do you want to produce?

Our feed pellet machine is suitable for the production of various animal feed pellets such as chicken, pig, cow, sheep, duck, rabbit, horse, camel, fish, etc. Pellet size range from 1.5-12mm.

poultry feed pellet

What kind of poultry feed formula can provide for you?

If you buy animal feed production equipment from us, we can provide you with a general feed formula. The following feed formulas are for reference only.

Meat chicken concentrate feed formula

Soybean meal 53%
Cotton seed meal 18%
rape-seed cake 4.1%
Maize protein meal 8%
DDGS(distillers dried grains with soluble) 4%
Calcium bicarbonate 4%
Stone powder 4%
Corn gluten 0.9%
Grease 1.5%
Premix 2.5%

Big laying chicken feed formula

Corn 58.5%
Soybean meal 11.1%
Cotton seed meal 10.6%
Corn Gluten Meal 1%
Rape-seed cake 4%
Corn gluten 4.5%
Stone Powder 8%
calcium bicarbonate 0.9%
Premix 1%
Grease 0.4%

Meat Duck feed formula

Maize 65.7%
wheat bran 5.0%
soybean meal 18.70%
cottonseed cake 2.0%
rapeseed meal 4.0%
shell powder 1.2%
bone meal 1.75%
DL-methionine 0.15%
L-lysine 0.2%
salt 0.3 %

Laying duck feed formula

Meat powder 2%
yeast powder 3.5%
soybean meal 15%
Oil dry 3%
Corn 31.4%
Wheat bran 5%
Lees grain 5.1%
Wheat flour middlings 25%
Stone powder 7.13%
methionine 0.269%

how to produce the poultry feed ?

A complete feed pellet production line includes raw material storage, cleaning machine, crushing machine, mixing machine, pellet machine, cooling machine, screening machine, packaging systems, transportation and electronic control system. The following process is for reference only. We can customize the solution for you according to your needs. Just contact us.

poultry feed production process
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