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RICHI Wood Pellet Machine Create Sustainable Value For The World

RICHI wood pellet making machine ensures high output and efficient control of the wood pelleting process. The wood pellet mill machine is dimensioned for large forces and designed with exchangeable wear parts.

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It Is Wood Pellet Machine
But More Than Wood Pellet Machine

Regarding the wood pellet manufacturing equipment to be discussed in this topic, we usually call it a wood pellet machine or wood pellet mill, because this type of processing machinery came into being in response to the demand for wood pellets. However, with the continuous development of wood pellet making machine technology, wood pelletizers can be used to process various biomass pellets, mainly containing agricultural waste and forestry waste pellets, etc. Regarding its application, there will be more possibilities in the future. Nowadays, more people will name this equipment after the raw materials they use, such as: wood pellet machine, straw pellet machine, palm shell pellet machine, rice husk pellet machine, hay grass pellet machine, and other biomass wood pellet machine, etc. What these different raw materials have in common is: biomass waste.

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We Only Make Valuable Wood Pellet Making Machine

Make The Production Safer
Make The Efficiency Higher
Make The Cost More Lower
Make The Service Life Longer

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The Superiority of RICHI Wood Pellet Mill Machine

Pelleting requires just the right combination of force, moisture, and temperature to achieve the perfect consistency. Our ability to achieve this perfect combination comes from configuring the right wood pellet manufacturing equipment in your wood pellet production line. RICHI pelleting solutions include everything for turning your waste resources into the perfect pellet, from the conditioning and extruding to drying and cooling and everything in between.

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Anti-Arch Structure in Wood Pellet Making Machine

On the top of the wood pellet machine with a anti-caking bin . Inside the bin, there have two rollers for breaking the sawdust to avoid becoming cake . And the bin can keep wood pellet machine working more smoothly.

Anti-Arch Structure in Wood Pellet Making Machine

Wood Pellet Making Machine Force Feeder

Because the wood sawdust is too light , so it is difficult to enter into the wood pelleting chamber , so we add a force feeder here to improve the efficiency of the wood pelleting process.

Wood Pellet Making Machine Force Feeder

Wood Pelleting Chamber

Optimized structure of the wood pelleting chamber ensures the uniformity of the material and maximizes the working potential of the wood pellet machine. Through the pressure between ring die and rollers, to make pellets. After pelleting , the wood pellets temperature is high about 70-80℃. And have 98% qualified pellets, 2% powder.

Wood Pelleting Chamber

Ring Die And Roller

This is the 304 stainless steel ring die, it determines the final sizes of the feed! For the ring die, it has the following data: “d”, which refers to the diameter of the ring die ; “h”, which the the depth of the hole, or you can say the thickness of the hole. (d/h=compression ratio). The bigger the ”h” is, the long time is needed to press the materials out from the ring die, more power will be required to press them, so the final wood pellets will be harder. Because the“d”is fixed.

Ring Die And Roller

Wood Pellet Machine Cutting Device

To control the length of final wood pellets , means through adjust the distance between cutter and ring die to get the different length of wood pellets.

Wood Pellet Machine Cutting Device

Steam Discharging Outlet

When the pellet machine running , inside the pelletizing chamber ,the temperature is very high, and the moisture of sawdust enter into the pellet chamber is 15%-17% ,so it will produce a lot of steam . In order to keep the pellet machine good working, so we open a hole here, to connect with draught fan and cyclone, to exchange the steam inside the chamber and also reduce the temperature in the chamber.

Steam Discharging Outlet

Siemens Motors ,SKF Bearings

Siemens electric motors are synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest efficiency. The high efficiency level reduces energy consumption and directly saves costs for users. High protection level to ensure the safety and reliability for users.

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Siemens Motors ,SKF Bearings

Wood Pellet Mill Model And Parameters

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Capacity(wood sawdust,biomass) 300-400KG/H 500-700KG/H 1.0-1.2 T/H 2.0-2.5 T/H 2.5-4 T/H 3-4.5 T/H
Capacity(grass, straw, etc) 600-800KG/H 800-1000KG/H 1.5-2 T/H 3-4 T/H 5-7 T/H 8-10 T/H
Main Motor Power 37KW 55KW 110KW 160KW 250KW 280KW
Final Pellet Diameter 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Dimension(mm) 2200*900*1300 2500*1100*1600 2800*1150*1730 3000*1260*1860 3300*1500*2000 3500*1600*2180
Ring Die Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Feeder Anti-caking Anti-caking Anti-caking Anti-caking Anti-caking Anti-caking
Forced feeding Worm gear reducer Worm gear reducer Worm gear reducer Worm gear reducer Worm gear reducer Worm gear reducer
Main Motor Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens
Bearing SKF Bearings SKF Bearings SKF Bearings SKF Bearings SKF Bearings SKF Bearings
Price 15000-80000USD (Only for Wood Pelletizer)
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Custom-designed Wood Pellet Machine For Sale
All Your Needs Can Be Fulfilled

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How To Choose The Most Suitable Wood Pellet Making Machine?

RICHI led the way in developing specialized wood pellet mills and ring dies to produce various types of pellets both efficiently and economically. Innovative engineering and design have been combined with the latest manufacturing technology. The ring die wood pellet mills are built to operate 24 hours a day under tough running conditions to match the output requirements.

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Complete Wood Pelleting Process

Complete Wood Pelleting Process

With RICHI you have complete control over every step of production, and we offer tailored solutions for the whole process of pelleting, grinding, conditioning, screening and cooling. With strong reliability and easy operation, your RICHI wood pellet mill is backed by the finest service, and support groups within the industry.

Customize My Biomass Wood Pellet Production Plant
Complete Wood Pellet Production Capacity: 1-40T/H
Investment: 50,000-5,000,000USD
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Biomass Wood Pellet Machine Selection For Pellet Processing Plant

Our extensive experience combined with our expert test facilities allows our engineers to accurately calculate whether your biomass can be economically pelleted. Furthermore, we’re continuously investigating pelleting of alternate biomass species. Below we will list the selection of wood pellet granulators for some of our projects.

Return On Investment Of Biomass Wood Pellet Machine

The biomass wood pellet production line project has strong profitability, quick return on investment, and more substantial follow-up profits.

More Special Applications Of Biomass Wood Pellet Machine

Not only wood pellets, our wood pellet mill can also be used to process urban organic matter pellets, organic fertilizer pellets, etc. Waste by-products can be highly valuable! A wide variety of materials that are considered waste can be transformed, in most cases, into marketable recycled goods. Among many other pellet production processes, pelleting can further increase the value of these products.

  • Organic Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine Biomass Pellet Machine For Making Organic Fertilizer Pellets

    Biomass Pellet Machine For Organic Fertilizer Pellets

    The composted wastes are passed through the dryer and sterilizer, and purified from all harmful bacteria, fungi etc. Some of raw materials include: dried chicken, pig and cow manure from intensive animal production, kitchen waste, agricultural waste straw, etc.

  • Waste Tire Fiber Pellet Making Machine Pellet Machine For Making Waste Tire Fiber Pellets

    Biomass Pellet Machine For Waste Tire Fiber Pellets

    Even at the end of their useful life, many of the components in waste ties contain valuable raw materials, and RICHI has the pellet processing technology and expertise to extract and reuse it.

  • Cat Litter Pellet Making Machine Pellet Machine For Making Cat Litter Pellets

    Biomass Pellet Machine For Cat Litter Pellets

    Cat littler is used to bury cat feces and urine, usually in cat litter box or cat toilet. According to the different raw materials and processing technology, a feed pelletizing machine can also be used to process cat litter pellets.

  • PET Pellet Making Machine Pellet Machine For Making PET Pellets

    Pellet Machine For PET Pellets

    PET is mainly used for fibers, and a small amount is used for films and engineering plastics. The molding process of PET includes injection molding, pelletizing, blow molding, coating, bonding, electroplating and so on.

RICHI Wood Pellet Machine, For The Perfect Pellets!

RICHI Wood Pellet Machine, For The Perfect Pellets!

Developed from a design concept proven on more than 2000 operating machines sold throughout the world, the RICHI wood pellet mill machine series continues to advance and offer reliability, maximum efficiency, and ease of operation and maintenance.


RICHI supports its customers all over the world, before, during and after delivering a machine, plant or project. If you have any questions or concerns, do please contact our support service, and a sales manager will contact you as soon as possible to give you all the support you may require.

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