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Fish Feed Making Machine

Capacity: 1-20Ton Per Hour
Application: Production of extruded floating fish feed and pet (cat & dog) pellet food, and other floating feed pellet etc.

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fish feed making machine
fish feed extruder

Twin-Screw Fish Feed Extruder Machine

RICHI Machinery fish feed pellet machine is professional equipment for producing all kinds of extruded pellet feed for aquatic products and pets. Contact us to customize the production of puffed pellets.

  • It is recommended for the production of floating extruded feed for sturgeon, trout, catfish, carp, ornamental fish, etc.
  • It is recommended for the production of extruded pellet feed for cats, dogs and other pets.
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Features of Fish Feed Extruder

fish feed pellet machine
The extension mechanism is divided into 3 segments according to its function and location:

Feeding section: This section has a large screw pitch, mainly for conveying and compressing materials, so that the spiral groove is filled with feed.
Compression section: The screw groove becomes shallower along the feeding direction to compress the material.
Extrusion section: The screw groove is shallow and the pitch gradually decreases.
The outlet of the extrusion section is a pattern, and the shape of the pattern can be designed into holes of various shapes according to the needs of different power sources. As the raw materials is squeezed out of the holes of the die and into the atmosphere, its temperature and pressure drop, causing a rapid increase in volume and rapid evaporation of dehydrated water, turning the materials into puffed extruded pellets for fish or pets.

How Fish Feed Extruder Works

The raw material is evenly fed into the screw extrusion chamber of the fish food extruder by the feeder, and the volume of the extrusion chamber is gradually reduced in the direction of material flow, and the expansion pressure of the material is gradually increased. In this case, the movement of the material in the extrusion chamber is accompanied by strong shear and friction.

Sometimes, depending on the need, an electric heating sheet can be added on the outside of the expansion chamber to facilitate heating. This combined action will cause the temperature of the material to rise sharply and the starch in the material to gelatinize.

By the time the material came out of the mold hole, the pressure suddenly dropped to 0.1 MPa, the water quickly turned into steam and its volume increased, so the volume of the material also increased. The steam is further released and reduces the moisture content of the material, and the temperature drops rapidly. The material then solidifies immediately and forms many micropores in the condensed colloidal material.

Continuously extruded columnar or flaky air products are cut with a rotary cutter and cooled, sometimes post-drying and spraying procedures of additives (such as fat, vitamins, etc.) are also necessary.

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Start your extrusion feed pellet production business with RICHI Machinery.

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Twin-Screw Fish Feed Extruder Parameter

RICHI Machinery recommends different aquafeed production equipment according to the different production needs of customers, different output requirements, etc. The following performance parameters of RICHI fish feed extruder can be used as a reference.

Double-Screw Feed Extruder

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Screw diameter (mm) Equipment configuration
RCPH120*2 1-2T/H 75 120 Bearing: SKF bearings;
Material of screw and spiral inner sleeve: wear-resistant alloy steel;
Cutting blade material: spring steel
RCPH120*2 3-4T/H 90 120
SPHS150*2 4-5T/H 160 150

Twin-screw Feed Extruder

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Screw diameter (mm) Equipment configuration
RCPH150*2 6-7T/H 200 150 Bearing: SKF bearings;
Material of screw and spiral inner sleeve: wear-resistant alloy steel;
Cutting blade material: spring steel
RCPH185*2 8-10T/H 315 185
RCPH185*2 10-12T/H 355 185
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Fish Feed Making Machine Produce the Following Pellets Feed

Every fish feed plant has a different formula. Usually the main raw materials for fish extruded feed are soybean cake, soybean meal, wheat bran, fish meal, bone meal, starch, multivitamins, vitamin premixes, special additives, etc.

fish feed raw materials
fish feed raw materials

RICHI fish feed pellet making machine can produce a variety of different aquatic pellet extruded feeds, if you have special needs, just contact us, RICHI will provide customizable aquatic feed extrusion solutions.

  • Sturgeons

    sturgeon pellet feed

    sturgeon pellet feed
  • Trout

    Trout pellet feed

    Trout pellet feed
  • Carp

    carp pellet feed

    carp pellet feed
  • Catfish

    catfish pellet feed

    catfish pellet feed
  • Tilapia

    Tilapia pellet feed

    Tilapia pellet feed
  • Shrimp

    shrimp pellet feed

    shrimp pellet feed

*The size range of pellets produced by fish feed making machine is 0.6-20mm.

Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine

For large and medium-sized fish feed mills, RICHI Machinery recommends high-end fish feed pellet machines. Not only can produce floating and sinking fish feed, shrimp and crab feed, or other aquatic pellet feeds; but also according to the production needs and output of customers, we will customize different pellet mill conditioners to ensure the output and quality of production.

Double Layer Conditioner Fish Feed Making Machine

Double Layer Conditioner Fish Feed Making Machine

*Capacity: 1-15 T/H   *Power: 22-315 kw   *Pellet size: 1-12 mm

*Features: Mainly used for the production of aquatic feed pellets and animal feed pellets. The fish feed pellet machine has two layers of conditioner to improve the maturation of raw materials and ensure production quality and output. All parts of feeding, conditioning and pelleting are made of stainless steel, which can maintain the characteristics of raw materials to the greatest extent and improve the palatability of feed pellets.

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Three Layer Conditioner Fish Feed Pellet Machine

*Capacity: 1-15 T/H   *Power: 22-315 kw    *Pellet size: 1-12 mm

*Features: Advanced aquafeed pellet production technology. Custom three-layer conditioner. Maximize the maturation of raw materials. The whole fish feed pellet machine is made of stainless steel from feeding to pelleting. It is recommended to produce high-grade fish feed, shrimp and crab pellet feed, etc.

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Three Layer Conditioner Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Advantages of Fish Feed Making Machine for Producing Extruded or Pelleted Feed

Compared with ordinary feed pellets, the feed pellets produced by RICHI fish feed pellet making machine have the following advantages:

The palatability of the feed improves.
By extruding feed raw materials, the flavor of the feed is enhanced and the palatability is improved, which can stimulate the fish's appetite.
Increases the digestibility of food.
After the feed is extruded and expanded, the long chain structure of protein, fat and other organic compounds becomes short chain, so it becomes more digestible.
High in protein and low in carbohydrates.
The protein content in livestock feed is often less than 20% and in aquafeed is always 30-40%.
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Improves the hygienic quality of feed.
Extrusion also reduces bacteria, mold and fungi in the feed raw materials, improves the hygienic quality of the feed, provides sterilized and cured feed for the animal body, thereby reducing the risk of animal disease.
extruded feed pellets produced by RICHI fish feed pellet making machine

Customizable Complete Fish Feed Production Line

Complete Fish Feed Production Line

A complete fish feed pellet production line from raw material processing to final finished pellets consists of a crushing system, drying system, pelletizing system/extrusion system, spraying system, cooling system, and packing system.

RICHI Machinery provides comprehensive services for the entire life cycle of fish feed pellet plants. Space-saving structure. Optimize production plans. Start your fish feed mill business with RICHI.

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1-1.2t/h fish feed production line

1-1.2T/H Fish Feed Production Line

Pellet size: 0.6-20mm fish food
Application: This Fish Feed Pellet Line can be used to produce feed pellets for aquatic, animals and pets.
Main Equipment: Crusher*22kw; Feed mixer; Fish feed making machinie*75KW; Drying equipment; Cooling equipment; Packaging equipment, etc.

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5TPH Fish Feed Mill Plant

Pellet size: 0.6-20mm fish food
Application: For the production of fish feed pellets, shrimp/crab feed pellets, and also for the production of animal feed pellets or premix feed.
Main equipment: raw materials crusher*110kw; mixer; fish feed extruder/fish feed making machine*160KW; cooler*SKLN17*17; packaging equipment, etc.

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5t/h fish feed mill plant

Solutions for Successful Fish Feed Plant

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