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FAQs about poultry chicken feed pellet and poultry feed pellet mill machinry

2020-07-28 Back to List

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We often receive inquiries from customers on various issues, and the questions will center on the pelletizer, feed formula, feed production line, aquatic extruder, etc. Starting today, we will continue to summarize various common customer problems for you, hoping to give you some help.Today's theme:FAQs about poultry chicken feed pellet and poultry feed pellet mill machinry.

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1. How to make poultry chicken pellet feed?


(1) Accurate formula and precise ingredients

A reasonable feed formula should be prepared according to the nutritional needs of poultry. In the process of processing, accurately weigh in strict accordance with the added amount of various raw materials.

(2) Pay attention to crushing particle size

The main purpose is to reduce the chewing of chickens, increase the contact surface of feed and digestive juice, and improve the digestibility of feed nutrients. Chicken feed grinder generally requires sieve holes with a diameter of less than 1 mm.

(3) Good mixing

The pulverized raw materials and other various raw materials in the formula that do not need to be pulverized are added to the chicken feed mixer according to the formula ratio for mixing, and the mixing time of each batch is 3 to 5 minutes. At this time, the mixed feed is a powder feed, which can generally be directly fed as a ration for various stages of laying hens. The pulverized dry powder cannot be directly fed to poultry, because the dry powder has poor palatability and serious loss and waste. Generally, the dry powder is mixed with water and then fed. The water should be well controlled when adding water and stirring, and the water cannot be too large or too small. Generally, the dry humidity should be grasped by the hand to form a ball, and then loosen it after letting go. The wet material should be mixed and fed, otherwise it will easily cause corruption.

(4) Properly shaped

The mixed powder feed is processed into chicken feed pellets through the comprehensive treatment of steam, heat and pressure of the poultry feed pellet mill machine , so that starch materials are gelatinized and matured. This can improve the palatability of feed, increase nutrient digestibility, avoid picky eaters of chickens, and increase feed intake. Pellets are often used for broiler feeding, and the diameter of pellets is generally 3 to 5 mm.

(5) Different animals

For ducks and geese feed, seeds are soaked in water, because they are swollen and soft, easy to chew, easy to digest, toxic substances and odors can be reduced, and can be directly fed to ducks and geese, thereby improving palatability and utilization.

(6) Diet composition

Strive for feed diversity and pay attention to the ratio of protein to energy to ensure the intake of chicken protein and keep the crude fiber content in the diet below 5%. The relative stability of the diet should be maintained and not changed at will. If you must change, you must gradually transition, otherwise it will affect the chicken's egg production performance.

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2. Is it better to feed the laying hens with powder feed or pellet feed?


(1) Chicken powder feed refers to the powder feed obtained by grinding all the feeds in the ration into powder, and then adding vitamins and trace element additives. Its advantages are complete nutrition, chickens are not easy to picky eaters, but poor palatability, and easy to fly and lose, causing waste. Therefore, the powder used for feeding laying hens should not be ground too fine.

(2) Chicken pellet feed is the use of a pellet machine to make pellets with a diameter of 2.5 to 5.0 mm. Its advantages are complete nutrition, good palatability, chickens cannot be picky eaters, can avoid partial eclipse, prevent waste, facilitate mechanized feeding, and save labor. However, the processing cost of pellet feed is high, and the chicken consumes a large amount of feed. It is easy to cause excessive fat in the layer and affect egg production. Therefore, laying hens are generally not suitable to feed pellets. However, in the summer high temperature season, when the layer hens lose their appetite, pellet feed can be used to increase the chicken's feed intake.

At present, it is still common for layer producers to feed powder. There are usually two ways of feeding powder for laying hens: one is to feed dry powder with buckets, troughs or feeders, so that the chickens can eat freely, so that the chickens can eat the feed at any time. The nutrient gap is small and labor is saved; the other is to feed the wet mix, that is, feed the chickens with water and mix it with water several times a day. The advantage is that the palatability is good, the laying hens like to eat, and the feed intake is large, but weak Chickens often do not eat enough nutrients, causing the gap between strengths and weaknesses to widen, increasing the number of culled chickens. Therefore, it is better to feed layers with dry powder and free drinking water at present.

(To put it simply, the content of stone powder in the diet for laying hens is greater than 8.5%, and it requires a larger crushing particle size, so it is not easy to pelletize! Pellet feed is more expensive. The laying hens are adult animals and do not need to take cooked feed. Layers can't be too fat, otherwise they won't lay eggs, pellet feed may increase their weight. There still have famers feeding layers with pellet feeds, such as breeders, but the effect is not very good)

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3. How to make chicken feed into pellets, urgent!How to make corn, soybean meal, and wheat bran into pellets? All I saw on the Internet were selling pellet machines! I raised 500 chickens and added green fodder.

Answer:The feed pellet machine is used for processing, which is divided into ring die feed pellet machine and flat die feed pellet machine. If you only need to process 500 chicken feed, then a small flat die pellet mill is enough.

4. Is it possible to feed laying hens without feed?

Answer:If it is a free-range layer chicken, it is not impossible, but if it is not fed with feed, the chicken can not get enough nutrients and the egg production rate is very low. This is generally ecological farming and green farming will not use feed, but other vegetables must be used. , Corn, etc. instead. Cage chickens must be fed with feed.

5. Can the raised chicks grow up without feed?

Answer:As long as the chicks can consume enough energy every day, the chickens can grow up, but the nutrient ratio in the feed is balanced, and the chickens absorb more comprehensively, so they grow faster. If they feed themselves, the nutrient ratio is not balanced. Chickens will grow slowly. The simplest way is to feed only corn every day, and add some green feed every two days to make the chickens grow up.

6. How much food should a chicken eat from childhood to adulthood

Answer:Calculating the cost of raising chickens can only calculate the cost of buying chickens + the cost of feed. Others such as labor costs, depreciation costs for houses and appliances are not included. At this time, it can be calculated by knowing the feed price and feed consumption.

(Calculated based on Chinese breeding method)

(1) Every 100 laying chickens need about 26.67kg of feed when they are 6 weeks old; about 30.17kg for combined species; about 62kg for meat.

(2) When broiler chickens are raised to the age of 10 weeks, an average of about 5.58 kg of feed is needed for each; adult chickens consume about 120 grams of feed per day.

Cost price (piece/yuan) = consumption of each feed (kg) × local feed price (kg/yuan) + chicken price (piece/yuan).

7. I bought a small feed pellet machine and want to make my own feed. Is there any formula for saving money? The feed must be able to feed chickens, ducks and geese.

Answer:Although chickens, ducks and geese are all poultry, their feed formulas are different, even for broilers and laying hens, their formulas are also very different. For detailed questions, you can directly consult Richi Machinery online.For chicken feed formula,view this page:

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