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Price of setting up a small poultry feed plant with small chicken poultry feed manufacturing machine

2020-07-20 Back to List

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Price of setting up a small poultry feed plant?Laying hen feed is generally pellets, and only newborn chicks need powder for a short time. If you want to process laying hen feed, you need a animal poultry chicken food hammer mill machine, chicken feed pellet machine, chicken feed mixer, screener, etc. Generally, a complete poultry chicken laying hen feed production line is invested between 200,000 and 1 million yuan.

automatic chicken animal feed pellet making plant cost

The complete layer chicken feed pellet plant mainly includes raw material receiving and cleaning system, crushing system, batching and mixing system, granulation system, finished product packaging system and pelletizing. However, RICHI's solution will fully consider the characteristics of customers' raw materials, and the different combinations of various processes only provide better services to customers. In other words, due to the different raw materials, formulas and needs of customers, the final configuration of the production line equipment is different.

In RICHI's previous laying chicken feed processing plant project, some customers only needed to process powder feed, so a poultry feed crusher and mixer can be called a complete chicken feed making plant; some customers have complex formulas and raw materials which include many types, so in addition to the necessary poultry feed crusher, chicken feed mixing machine, chicken feed pellet mill making machine, you also need to cleaning machine, classification screen, cooler, conveyor, etc. Different configurations and different prices require customers to consult us directly according to their actual needs, so that we can accurately obtain your needs and configure the most economical poultry chicken layer feed pellet making plant for you.

poultry feed manufacturing plant cost

Richi Machinery is committed to providing customers in the feed field with a one-stop full service from consulting, design, planning, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and subsequent upgrades to continuously improve the customer experience. The following are some of our latest chicken feed processing production line cases:

Afghanistan 10T/H chicken poultry feed manufacturing plant

Uzbekistan 15 tons per hour automatic chicken animal feed pellet making plant

Ethiopia 5-6T/H poultry chicken mash feed line

Kenya 5T/H factory price chicken feed pellet processing line plant

Zimbabwe 3-5T/H automatic small plant poultry pellet feed production plant

Colombia 3-4T/H Complete Poultry Pellet Feed Production Plant

Saudi Arabia 15-16T/H chicken feed pellet processing line plant

Papua New Guinea 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Processing Plant

It is now very hot in the summer. In the breeding process of laying hens, the laying hens are born with no sweat glands, the skin is covered with feathers, the heat dissipation ability is poor, and the chicken body itself also generates heat. Extremely prone to heat stress. Normally, the heat stress reaction will occur in layer flocks above 25°C, and the summer temperature is often as high as 30°C or above, and the temperature in many places is as high as 33°C or above. A series of problems, such as obvious reduction, increased drinking water volume, significantly affected egg production performance, decreased eggshell quality, increased dead panning rate, and even large-scale death accidents, have caused huge losses to laying hen production. Therefore, in summer, effective measures should be taken to mitigate the losses caused by heat stress to production through measures such as nutrition control of laying hens and strengthening daily feeding management.

Let's talk about how to raise layer hens in high temperature in summer.

china supply automatic small plant poultry pellet feed production plant

1. Adequate cool drinking water

Evaporation and heat dissipation of water in the respiratory system can account for more than 50% of heat dissipation, and experiments have shown that when the temperature of the chicken house is too high, as long as the laying hens can be provided with cold water at about 15 ℃, the chickens are basically not affected by heat stress. The mortality rate is low. Therefore, in the hot summer, provide the laying hens with plenty of cool drinking water, preferably the well water that has just been pumped to relieve the heat stress. At the same time, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of drinking water. The high temperature environment is conducive to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the water line and drinking water. Drinking a large amount of unclean drinking water for a long time will cause the imbalance of intestinal flora, causing diarrhea and enteritis. Therefore, strengthening the frequency of water line cleaning and disinfection in summer and adding liquid acidifiers to drinking water can alleviate the damage of heat stress to laying hens.

2. Adjust the feeding time

Normally, 1-2 pm in the afternoon is the time when the temperature is the highest every day. Feeding at noon will greatly reduce the feed intake of the chicken, and will increase the heat dissipation burden caused by the heat energy generated by the feed intake and increase the heat stress. Therefore, the hot summer is best Choose to feed in the early morning and early evening at relatively low temperatures. And you can turn off the lights after dark to let the laying hens rest, turn on the lights after 0.5h in the middle of the night, and turn on the lights to feed the chickens in the early morning. At this time, the weather is cooler, and the chicken's feed intake is higher, which effectively increases the laying hens. Feed intake, and is conducive to the improvement of eggshell quality.

3. Supplement anti-stress products

Some anti-stress products, such as electrolytes and vitamin C, can also be used in the diet of layer hens in summer.

It can prevent and relieve heat stress well. Studies have shown that the addition of bicarbonate ions in chicken feed can improve the digestion ability of chickens and enhance the heat stress of chickens; potassium chloride is also a reliever, which can promote carcass protein and fat content, and ultimately accelerate metabolism and promote production of laying hens ability. The timely supply of potassium ions can relieve heat stress and allow chickens to improve electrolyte balance in the body. Adding vitamin C during heat stress can significantly inhibit the rise of body temperature and increase the feed intake of laying hens, thereby reducing the impact of heat stress on the body.

4. Reasonably adjust the feed formula

As the ambient temperature increases, the feed intake of laying hens declines. In order to ensure that the laying hens intake sufficient nutrients and maintain the previous egg production performance, the nutrient concentration can be appropriately increased to ensure the intake of nutrients. Adjust for changes in feed intake. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins have the lowest heat production of fats during digestion and absorption of laying hens. Therefore, in summer, fat can be added to the feed to change the palatability of the feed and extend the residence time of the feed in the digestive tract. The feed intake and digestion and absorption rate of laying hens; at the same time, the protein is maintained at the lower limit, and the necessary amino acids are added to reduce the heat stress on the intestine. At the same time, appropriately increasing the level of calcium in the feed and appropriately increasing the amount of vitamins are conducive to the improvement of eggshell quality.

5. Strengthen ventilation and cooling

Use ventilation and cooling facilities as far as possible, and use fans to perform negative or positive and negative pressure ventilation, but the fans should be cleaned regularly, check the fan belt, and if necessary, the actual ventilation of the fan should be measured to ensure the ventilation effect. Use a wet curtain to humidify to lower the temperature of the house, but the water quality of the wet curtain must be clean, otherwise it will cause the water curtain to block. In addition, water can be sprayed regularly on the ground, and the water can be evaporated to absorb the heat in the house to cool down.

6. Do a good job in the environmental sanitation of the chicken coop

Summer is a season of bacterial and viral diseases. If the environmental sanitation of the chicken house is poor, and the feces are not handled in time, it will lead to a large number of pathogenic microorganisms breeding and reproduction. Therefore, clean up the environmental hygiene every day timely cleanup feces, leftovers, weeds around the chicken coop are removed to control the breeding of mosquitoes and flies. At the same time, a comprehensive disinfection work should be done in the chicken coop to kill the germs.

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