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Vitamin C must be added to chicken feed in summer

2021-03-31 Back to List

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Vitamin C participates in the oxidation-reduction reaction in chickens, protects the active sulfhydryl groups in the enzyme system, and plays a detoxification effect in the body; participates in the synthesis of intercellular substance, reduces capillary permeability, promotes wound healing, promotes folic acid to form hydrofolate, and protects ferrous ions , Play a role in preventing anemia, enhance body immunity, and relieve stress response. When vitamin C is lacking, chickens are prone to scurvy, growth stagnation, weight loss, joint softening, blood and anemia in various parts of the body.

Feeding chickens with vitamin C in summer can make chickens lay more eggs. Under normal temperature, vitamins can be synthesized by the chicken body without supplementary feeding. However, the high temperature in summer reduces the ability of chickens to synthesize vitamin C, causing chickens to lack vitamin C.

layer chicken stock feed producing equipment machinery

According to research, the best temperature for laying eggs is 13-20℃, and when it is often higher than ℃, the yield will decrease. Someone abroad tested: when the temperature is 2℃, 60 mg of vitamin C is added to each kilogram of feed, and the chickens are fed for two months, which can produce 12% more eggs. If the supplementary feeding time is longer, the added amount can be reduced to 44 mg per kilogram of feed. The method of supplementary feeding is:

1. Pour vitamin C powder (or tablets into powder) and mix it into the feed in proportion to feed the chickens.

2. Crush the vitamin C, put it in water, and use this vitamin C solution as drinking water for chickens.

3. When it is hot, supplementing with vitamin C can significantly improve the quality of eggshells.

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