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Self-made chicken feed, mixing is really important

2020-07-07 Back to List

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When feeding chickens, the farmers will feed the chickens self-made nutritious feed. The nutrients contained in the homemade feeds must be balanced and the same, and the feed must be stirred evenly during the preparation process, otherwise the chickens will be poisoned. Or other diseases occur. Feed mixing has two methods: mechanical mixing and manual mixing. As long as it is used properly, satisfactory results can be obtained.

Chicken feed milling machinery factory

1. Manual mixing

This method is the main method of feed mixing when raising chickens at home. When mixing, you must be careful and patient, to prevent some trace ingredients from piled up and agglomerated, uneven mixing, affecting the feeding effect.

Special attention should be paid to some small ingredients in the diet, which will seriously affect the feeding effect, such as table salt and various additives. If the mixing is uneven, the lighter ones will affect the feeding effect. In severe cases, the chickens will cause disease, poisoning and even death. For this kind of trace ingredients, they must first be fully crushed when mixing, there must be no agglomeration, the lumps cannot be mixed evenly, and poisoning may occur after being eaten by chickens. Secondly, due to the small amount of such ingredients, it can not be directly added to the bulk feed for mixing, but should be pre-mixed. The method is: take 10% to 20% of concentrate (preferably a large proportion of energy feed, such as corn, wheat bran, etc.) as a carrier, and pile up, pile up the feed successively, so that the feed flows around the center point to become Conical, so that all kinds of feed have the opportunity to mix. Repeat this 3 to 4 times to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing, and the premix is ​​prepared. Finally, add this premix to all the feed and mix it 3 to 4 times in the same way to achieve the goal.

In manual mixing, only through such multi-level mixing can the quality of the combined diet be guaranteed, and the method of turning or stirring the feed in place is not desirable.

2. Mechanical mixing

poultry mixer feed animalmanufacturing mill equipment

Use a popular high quality chicken feed mixer. There are two types of commonly used mixers, vertical and horizontal. The vertical mixer is suitable for mixing powdered feed with a water content of less than 14%. If the water content is too high, it is not easy to mix evenly. This kind of mixer requires small power, low price, and easy maintenance, but the mixing time is longer (generally 10-20 minutes per batch), suitable for professional chicken farmers, small chicken farms, and chicken feed processing plants.

The horizontal chicken fodder mixer machine can evenly mix the feed in the humid climate area or when the viscous ingredients (such as grease) are added to the feed. The machine has strong mixing ability and short mixing time, each batch is 3 to 4 minutes, mainly used in some feed processing plants. No matter what kind of mixer is used, in order to mix evenly, the amount of charge should be appropriate. Too much or too little can not guarantee the uniformity. Generally, 60% to 80% of the capacity is suitable. Mixing time is also an important factor related to the mixing quality. If the mixing time is too short, the quality will certainly not be guaranteed, but it is not the longer the better, the mixing is too long, so that the feed is mixed evenly and then caused stratification due to excessive mixing phenomenon.

3.RICHI factory price poultry chicken feed pellet processing line plant 

hammer crusher feed mixer for poultry feed

Whether it is a family farm or a feed factory, the processing of chicken feed pellets is of course not only simple mixing, but also requires crushing, granulation and other stages. The following Richi Machinery will tell you in detail the process of a chicken feed pellet production line.

Capacity:1-100 tons per hour.

Final Product: Pellet feed.

Pellet Size:2.0-4.0 mm.

Batching System:Manual or Automatic.

Packing System: Manual or Automatic.

①Cleaning Machine

To ensure GMP cleaning is an important aspect. Different type of cleaner used for this purpose.

②Conveying machine

All transportations like bucket elevator, screw & chain conveyor etc. for conveying RM & Finished goods.

③Grinding machine

Raw materials need to be grinded as 225 m/microne perticle size by chicken feed crusher for different type of feed.

④Mixing machine

Different R/M are mixed here with additives, oil/fat, medicines, etc. Good chicken feed mixer ensure good quality.

⑤Pelleting machine

Produce final chicken pellet feed. A good pellet means "A complete feed" and a good chicken feed pellet making machine can ensure that.

⑥Cooling machine

Extruded feeds are about 70-90° C. Chicken feed cooling machine bring down it at normal temperature (+4° max).

⑦Screening machine

To ensure supply of quality and perfect size feed, screener plays a vital role. Uneven sizes screaned-out.

⑧Bagging machine

Ready chicken pellet feed need to be packed. It can be manual or automatic bagging depends on requirement.

4.Some typical turn-key poultry chicken feed pellet plant projects:

Afghanistan 10T/H chicken poultry feed manufacturing plant for animal feed

Uzbekistan 15 tons per hour chicken feed making plant

Ethiopia 5-6T/H Animal Powder Feed Production Line

Kenya 5T/H Animal Powder Feed production line

Zimbabwe 3-5T/H automatic small plant poultry pellet feed production plant

Colombia 3-4T/H Complete Poultry Pellet Feed Production Plant

Saudi Arabia 15-16T/H chicken poultry feed processing plant

Papua New Guinea 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Processing Plant

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