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What should you do if the egg yolk is light in color?

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Egg yolk color is one of the indicators to measure the quality of eggs. Consumers prefer eggs with egg yolk color between golden yellow and orange yellow, so many friends who raise chickens are also very concerned. So, what factors can affect the color of the egg yolk? What measures can improve egg yolk color? Today, Richi Machinery will take you to talk about the color of egg yolk.

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1. Reasons affecting the color of egg yolk:

(1) Variety

The egg yolk color of the commercial layer hen breeds with high egg performance is lighter than the local breed chickens with lower egg production performance.

(2) Day age

The color of egg yolk has a strong correlation with the age of laying hens. With the increase of age, the function of intestinal absorption of carotenoids gradually weakens, and the ability to deposit egg yolks declines. Getting shallower.

(3) Diet ingredients

Since the pigment in the egg yolk comes from the feed, the feed is the main factor affecting the color deposition of the egg yolk, including the composition of the feed and the ratio between the components, especially the quality of the feed materials such as corn.

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(4) Disease

Disease is also one of the main factors affecting the color of egg yolk, because various factors affecting the enzymatic digestion of feed in the digestive tract or the absorption function of certain parts of the digestive tract will affect the deposition of carotenoids in the poultry body, thereby affecting the color of the egg yolk .

(5) Feeding management

High temperature and humidity, excessive density, poor ventilation, improper lighting, etc. will affect the color of the egg yolk and make the color lighter.

(6) Other factors

Feeding methods, the egg yolk color produced by free-range chickens is darker than that of cage-raised chickens; the uniformity of feed mixing; stress, disease and other factors that affect the formation of yolks.

2. Measures to improve the color of egg yolk:

Taking China as an example, the diet of layer hens in China is generally soybean meal type. The soybean meal type diet can maintain the color of the egg yolk at the Roche color fan's chromaticity of level 6, and the production performance of caged commercial layer hens is much higher than Flocks of free-range local breeds are obviously unrealistic for the yolk color of eggs produced by commercial laying hens to reach or exceed the yolk color of local breeds.

Synthetic chemical colorants also have the function of increasing the color of egg yolk, but they are somewhat toxic and are prohibited.

Egg yolk The eggs with a chromaticity of about 11 on the Roche color fan are favored by consumers. Many farms cannot achieve this color, so additional colorants are needed to solve this problem.

(1)Purchase egg yolk coloring agent. Using Chinese herbal medicine to color egg yolk has good stability and stability (better than chemical coloring), and has no side effects. It adopts a special extraction method for Chinese herbal medicine from abroad. The egg yolk colorant developed by the Chinese herbal medicine will obviously deepen the yolk color after use. Reach level 10 or above.

(2)Process or purchase premix directly, add egg yolk coloring agent on the basis of common laying hen premix, only need to directly produce and feed according to the formula, saving cost and easy to use. It can significantly improve the color of egg yolk to about Roche's colorimetric level 13 and 5-6 higher than ordinary egg yolk. The color of the egg shell is deepened; the pigment has good heat resistance and is not easy to fade after cooking. It is used to produce soil eggs, grass eggs, ecological eggs, etc. Scientific choice of functional eggs.

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