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The key functions and values of poultry chicken feed pellet mills and poultry feed grinders

2020-08-17 Back to List

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Poultry feed pellet mill machines and poultry feed grinder machines are key equipments in poultry chicken feed pellet production line, The function and the configuration determines the value of poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plants directly. Under the same poultry feed formula and technology, who can raise the integrated effectiveness of poultry feed pellet machines and chicken feed grinders, meanwhile, gain direct economic benefits for feed plants.Therefore, how to make the biggest function of chicken poultry feed machine and poultry feed hammer mill grinders,reduce the production cost and improve the feed output and feed quality, which are the tasks needed to solve by every poultry chicken feed mills or chicken poultry farms.

boiler chicken poultry feed making machinery price

1、Key functions of poultry fodder grinder crop crusher machine mainly reflects in the following aspects.

(1) Can adapt to different components of raw materials and different requirements of grinding fineness.

(2)The electricity consumption of grinding each fineness of one raw material has a greater advantage.

(3)The poultry feed grinder runs smoothly, safely and reliably,sanitary and low breakdown rate of sealing,the easily damaged parts like sieve plates and hammers have long useful life, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Recommend some poultry feed pellet manufacturing machine:

(1)SFSP66*80b Chicken Feed Hammer Mill Grinder(10-13 ton per hour):

(2)SFSP66*60a Feed Grain Hammer Mill(5-8 ton per hour):

(3)SFSP66*60b high-performance poultryl feed grinder(6-9 ton per hour):

(4)SFSP66*80a Poultry Feed Grinding Machine(8-10 ton per hour):

See more efficient poultry fodder grinder

2、Key functions of ring die poultry feed pellet mill mainly reflects in the following aspects.

(1)Matching corresponding processing technology of conditioning temperature,moisture and ring die compression ratio can adapt to feed pelleting requirements of different materials and formulas.

(2)With the same formula and feed size, the pelleting output is high, powder ratio is low, the appearance of feed is in good quality, pellet with good stability and feeding effect.

(3)Poultry chicken feed pellet milling machine runs smoothly, safely and reliably,all connections are sanitary and sealed,low breakdown rate, ring die and pressure roller with long operating time, high degree of automation and convenient maintenance.

Recommend some poultry feed hammer mill crusher:

Pellet machine SZLH.508

Pellet Making Machine SZLH420

Feed Pellet Machine SZLH320

Pellet machine

3、RICHI poultry feed grinder series and poultry feed pellet making machine series production can bring great value and high economic benefit to customers,mainly reflects in following aspects.

(1) The innovative design of grinder rotor assembly,the balance ccuracy is improved two levels than original G 6.3 . From the start to the stop,the grinder body amplitude is all ≦ 0.2um.

(2)The innovative design of grinding chamber, the corn rough grinding (Ф3.0 sieve plate) efficiency improves 20-30%, the corn grinding (Ф1.0-1.2 sieve plate) efficiency improves 40-70%, greatly reducing the grinder electricity consumption of tons of material. A 160KW chicken feed grinder can save the electric bill about 10 thousand RMB throughout the year.

(3)Innovative design of pellet mill conditioner,the conditioning time of single ordinary conditioner improves above 50%,up to 50-80 seconds,the conditioning temperature of livestock and poultry feed, fish feed,shrimp feed can reach 85-90℃,90-95℃,100-110℃ respectively. Ensure the curing extent and feeding effect of various feed.

(4)Innovative design of pellet mill drive system, the capacity of processing the same raw material is improved 15% than the same power pellet mill, and the feed quality is more superior.

(5)The design of full load operating automatic control system and bearing temperature rise automatic alarm system, ensure that the grinder highest operating efficiency, increase the grinder operational precision and reduce the abnormal damage of easily damaged parts like bearing.

(6)The configuration of feeding quantity, conditioning temperature, operating current automatic control system and fault alarm system improves the pelleting efficiency 10% and ensure pellet mill operates stably and reliably.

(7)The configuration of on line moisture testing system of mix pelleting and cooling procedure is not only improving the benefit of feed plants, but also ensure the feed processing quality and feeding effects.

Overall, RICHI poultry chicken feed pellet machine and corn grinder for chicken feed have the key functions, bringing direct economic value to many poultry feed pellet processing line.

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