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Complete set animal poultry chicken feed pellet making machine price

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How do you make poultry chicken feed? Yes, use animal poultry chicken feed pellet making machine. Today we will introduce to you the benefits of using hot sale poultry chicken feed pelletizers and the poultry chicken feed pelletizing machine price.

chicken feed making machine price

1. Advantages of chicken feed pellets processed by chicken poultry feed pelleting machine

(1) Chicken poultry feed pellets are extruded at high temperature, which can effectively sterilize and destroy harmful substances, and improve the safety of chicken feed;

(2) Improve the palatability of poultry and increase feed intake;

(3) Facilitate the digestion and absorption of poultry chicken and improve the utilization rate of chicken feed;

(4) Make chicken poultry feed pellets to avoid poultry seasoning and reduce feed waste;

(5) Avoid environmental pollution and make chicken poultry feed pellets to facilitate storage and transportation;

The above are the benefits brought by the use of chicken feed pellets. Choose a suitable poultry chicken feed pellet maker machine, whether it is for poultry chicken feed mill factories, or for poultry farms and chicken farms, you can easily make chicken feed pellets.

poultry feed machine price

2. Advantages of animal poultry chicken feed pelletizer euqpment

The poultry chicken feed pellet milling machine is currently the most common poultry chicken feed pellet processing machinery. The poultry chicken feed making aw materials that need to be fed by poultry are crushed and then rolled into pellets, which can be stored for a long time after being dried. Due to the different models of the high quality ring die chicken poultry feed pellet making machine, it is suitable for large, medium and small poultry chicken breeding, aquaculture farms, and chicken poultry feed mill plants of various scale. Its characteristics are:

(1) The poultry chicken feed maker has a small footprint, simple structure and strong practicability.

(2) The feed pellets processed by the chicken poultry feed pellet manufacturing machine have a smooth surface and high hardness, which is a clinker, and the nutrients are good for digestion.

(3) Chicken animal feed pelleting machine can eliminate parasite eggs and pathogenic organisms during the pelleting process, and reduce digestive system diseases.

(4) The chicken poultry feed pellet production machine can reduce the waste of chicken feed raw materials, and the mixed feed improves economic efficiency and saves costs.

3. The complete set poultry chicken feed pellet making machine price

Chicken poultry feed pellet machine price Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Conditioner Power(kw) Dia.of Ring Die(mm) Final Pellet(mm)

SZLH250 chicken poultry feed pellet machine price

7000-10000 USD

1-2 22 0.75 1.5 250 2~12

SZLH320 chicken poultry feed pellet maker price

15000-20000 USD

3-4 37 1.5 2.2 320 2~12

SZLH350 chicken poultry feed pellet processing machine price

20000-30000 USD

5-7 55 1.5 3 350 2~12

SZLH420 chicken poultry feed pellet production machine price

30000-40000 USD

8-12 110 1.5 7.5 420 2~12

SZLH508 chicken poultry feed pellet press machine price

40000-60000 USD

10-18 160 2.2 11 508 2~12

SZLH558 chicken poultry feed pelleting machine price

50000-70000 USD

15-25 180/200 2.2 11 558 2~12

SZLH558D chicken poultry pellet feed making machine price

50000-70000 USD

14-22 160/180/200 1.5 7.5 558 2~18

SZLH678 chicken poultry feed pellet mill price

60000-80000 USD

20-30 220/250 2.2 11 678 2~12

SZLH678D chicken poultry feed pellet making machine price

60000-80000 USD

15-25 200/220/250 2.2 11 673 2~18

SZLH768 chicken poultry feed pellet manufacturing machine price

70000-90000 USD

25-40 280/315 2.2 11 768 2~12

SLZH858 chicken poultry feed pelletizing equipment price

80000-100000 USD

25-42 280/315 2.2 15 858 2~18

4.Comparison of 3 different forms of chicken feed

Mash Chicken Feed: It is simply crushed and mixed into a loose chicken feed. It’s completely nutritious feed. It’s the best chicken feed on the market today, and its texture is similar to potting soil. Because it is easy to digest, it is used on young chicks. This type is suitable for chicks from the first 1 to 6 weeks.

Crumble Chicken Feed: Crushed feed is usually produced by crushing, mixing, pelleting and crunmbling. It's easier to manage than mash feeds. Its texture is mainly similar to oatmeal. This type of feed supports the growth of the chickens after the first six weeks until the hens start laying eggs.

Chicken Feed Pellets(Made by poultry animal feed making machine for chicken pellets): Chicken feed pellets are made by grinding, mixing and pelleting processes. This type of chicken feed is the most common type made bu chicken feed making machine. They are designed for high-yield hens. This egg-laying has the right mineral, energy and protein ratios, as egg-laying consumes their energy. It takes about 24 to 25 hours for a chicken to produce an egg, so your chicken should have pellets all day. Laying hens need calcium, which is used to make eggs. Oyster shells are usually used because they are a source of calcium. If the chicken's digestive system is empty, they can't make any eggs, so make sure your chicken rests with full crops at night.

poultry feed machine olx

5.How to make poultry chicken feed formula?

After talking about the hot products ce ring die chicken animal feed pellet milling machine, the next question is: How do you make poultry chicken feed formula?

(1)Chicken feed making raw material selection

The choice of raw materials for poultry chicken feed gives priority to local feed crops, such as corn, rice, wheat, etc., and then purchases premixed raw material concentrates, additives, etc. as appropriate. Even if it is a reliable raw material, we must pay attention to its use ratio, just like rapeseed meal can not replace animal-derived protein, we can not use wheat instead of energy raw materials.

(2) Absorption and utilization of raw materials for chicken feed

Chicken farmers often make mistakes when preparing feeds based on relevant information, that is, not paying attention to the absorbability of feed ingredients. For example, in protein feed, the absorption and utilization of fish meal, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, and cotton meal gradually decrease. Some feeds with high protein content are sold at a lower price than feeds with low protein content. However, the unbalanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the added mineral elements can cause bone disease and blood disease. For example, chicken absorbs 1/3 of calcium in lime and 2/3 of calcium in baker and mussel shells.

(3) Chicken feed ration formulation

① Chicken brooding period

Formula: corn 44.0%, bean cake 15.0%, stone powder 1.50%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.10%, methionine 0.05%, lysine 0.05%, premix 0.50%, fish meal 1.50%, sorghum 10.0%, inferior flour 10.0%, peanuts Cake 8.0%, wheat bran 8.0%.

② Chicken growing period feed formula for laying hen

Formula: Corn 70.0%, wheat bran 9.70%, bean cake 12.0%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 1.20%, premix 0.50%, salt 0.30%, low-quality flour 2.6%, peanut cake 2.5%.

Feed formula for layer during the laying period

★Early stage of egg production: corn 72.00%, soybean meal 10.0%, peanut kernel cake 8.0%, fish meal 2.20%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.30%, stone powder 5.52%, methionine 0.10%, lysine 0.11%, vegetable oil 1.0%, additives 0.50 %, 0.30% of table salt.

★Peak period of egg production: corn 55.7%, inferior flour 8.0%, soybean meal 11.5%, peanut cake 8.0%, fish meal 4.0%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 7.7%, methionine 0.10%, vegetable oil 3.0%, additives 0.50%, 0.30% of table salt.

★Other egg production period: corn 67.70%, soybean meal 8.0%, cottonseed cake 2.0%, peanut cake 8.0%, fish meal 3.0%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.20%, stone powder 7.2%, methionine 0.10%, lysine 0.05%, vegetable oil 2.0 %, additives 0.50%, salt 0.30%.

The above is the answer to the question "How to prepare poultry chicken feed formula?", if there are further questions, such as "formula for making broiler feed", "layer mash feed formula", "broiler starter feed formulation", "broiler finisher feed formulation", you can directly consult Richi Machinery——professional animal chicken poultry feed pellet making machine manufacturer from China.

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