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Is it necessary to add fat to broiler feed?

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It is necessary to add fat to broiler feed,also layer feed. The purpose and function of adding fats and oils. Broilers have the characteristics of fast growth and development and strong metabolism. Therefore, the nutritional requirements of the diet are higher. For example, the feeding standard of Avian broilers is 22% of crude protein in the early stage and 12.5 per kilogram of metabolic energy. Megajoule, crude protein 18.5% in the later stage, and metabolic energy 13.4 megajoules per kilogram. Such a high energy requirement is difficult to achieve if a diet composed mainly of corn and soybean cakes, so a certain proportion of fat must be added to meet Energy requirements for broiler growth.

According to experimental studies, after adding fat to broiler diets, the utilization rate of energy and protein is improved, and the growth rate of broilers is significantly accelerated. The type and suitable amount of feed oil. The types of fats include animal oils and vegetable oils. Animal oils such as lard, tallow, and fish oil have a metabolizable energy value of more than 3.50 megajoules per kilogram. Vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, etc. have a low metabolic energy of 29.3 megajoules per kilogram.

Generally speaking, the optimal amount of fat in the broiler diet is 0.5% in the early stage and 5% to 6% in the later stage, so that the metabolic energy in the diet can reach 13.38 MJ to 14.22 MJ per kilogram, which can keep the broiler relatively high. Fast growth rate and best economic benefits. The method of adding fats and oils is very viscous, so it is difficult to mix them if they are not added properly. When artificial addition is used, the fat must be heated and melted, and then gradually diluted with powder, mixed evenly, and finally mixed with other parts of the remaining diet. Avoid directly mixing the fat with feed additives to prevent "oil- When the "ball" phenomenon occurs, a sprayer can also be used to evenly spray the grease on the surface of the pellet feed. For those who are able to produce pellet feed, 30% of the amount of fat can also be added to pellet feed, and the other 70% can be sprayed on the surface of pellets to improve the palatability of broilers. 

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Several problems that should be paid attention to when using and adding grease:

(1) Do not use spoiled fats, pay attention to the supplement of nutrients in the diet. After the addition of fats and oils, as the energy level in the diet is increased, other nutrients in the feed must be adjusted accordingly, especially to keep the protein-to-energy ratio unchanged.

(2) Feed storage time should not be too long. Because fat contains more unsaturated fatty acids, it is prone to oxidation and rancidity when stored for too long or under high temperature conditions. Generally speaking, fat-containing feed should not be stored for more than 7 days in summer and 21 days in winter.

(3) Antioxidants should be added to the feed. Refueling feed is easy to oxidize. Therefore, adding antioxidants is indispensable.

1.RICHI Liquid Adding Equipment For Sale

(1)It is used to weigh oil in batches and transfer a certain amount of oil to chicken feed mixer machine. Adding accuracy≤0.3%.

(2)In the adding system, each inlet is equipped with solenoid valve to control oil passage, and multichannel oil enters into upper tank through inlet. After weighing, the bottom electric ball valve is opened, the oil enters the lower tank, and is conveyed into mixer by the gear pump to carry out the material spraying.

(3)Synchronized with the batching system, oil data has access to the report system and can connect with ERP.

how to make chicken feed pellets for broilers

2. More info about broiler feed additives

Although broiler chickens grow rapidly, the meat quality is not good and the taste is not good. Here are a few ways to improve the quality of broilers for reference.

(1) Add flavoring agent

Adding seasoning spices (such as cloves, ginger, sweet pepper, etc.) to the feed of fattening broilers can not only stimulate the appetite of the chicken, but also improve the quality of the chicken, make the chicken taste better, and keep it fresh for a long time. Because These spices have the dual effects of antiseptic and disease prevention, can improve the quality of chicken meat and extend the shelf life. The formula of the flavoring agent is as follows: 10 grams each of shallots and garlic, 7 grams of dry yeast, 3 grams of ginger powder, five-spice powder, and chili powder. 0.5 grams of monosodium glutamate and salt. Add flavoring agents to the feed according to the ratio of 0.2-0.5% of the diet 10-15 days before the market. After mixing, feed it once a day in the morning and evening.

(2) Adding garlic

Usually adds garlic powder to broiler feed, the addition amount is 0.2% of the diet, which can make the chicken more fragrant. Because the important ingredients that make up the flavor of chicken meat are relatively lacking in compound feed and general feed for chickens, and are rich in garlic, chickens can eliminate the fishy smell in their meat after eating diets mixed with garlic powder , And has no adverse effect on chicken growth.

(3) Add silage

80% of daily compound feed, 15% of silage, plus 5% of moss or plant straw feed can make the meat smell of captive chickens the same as that of natural free-range chickens , And can enhance the disease resistance of captive chickens.

(4) Add mulch soil

Farm chickens eat grass, rotted leaves, insects, earthworms, yeast and sand, etc., which are very nutritious and have greatly improved the meat quality of the chicken. In the process of raising chickens, you can dig out the leaf decay soil on the surface of the vegetable garden or orchard, and dry it at room temperature, and use 70%-80% chicken feed, 10%-20% green feed, and 5% leaf decay soil. -10% formula, feed chickens after mixing, or mix with chicken compound feed 75%, pasture feed clever%, and mulch soil 10%, and feed chickens as a diet after fully mixing. The meat quality and taste of chickens fed in this way are similar to those of farm chickens, and the eggs produced by laying hens are as good as those produced by farm chickens.

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(5) Add natural colorants

Many natural colorants contain high levels of oxidized carotenoids and lutein. If it is added to chicken feed, the skin and fat of chickens can be golden or orange, thereby improving the commodity grade. Commonly used natural colorants and their added amount (%): Cao Su powder 5, pine needle powder 5, locust leaf powder 5, red pepper powder 0.3, marigold powder 0.3, calendula petal powder 0.5-0.7, dried orange peel powder 2-5, dried laver powder 2, dried cow dung powder 1-2, mys shrimp powder 3, silkworm sand 6, etc. In addition, synthetic oxidized carotenoids, crab yellow, lemon yellow, and some antibiotics such as oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline in chicken feed can also improve the color of chicken, fat and eggshell.

(6) Add special feed

In addition to feeding corn, rice, rice bran, peanut drums, sand, etc., to ensure the supply of protein, vitamins, minerals and basic substances, some special feeds can be fed as needed:

①For example, feeding banana peels, plantain peels, etc. every other day until they are ready to make the chicken tender, refreshing and flavorful;

②Weeds can be fed every other day, such as thatch, cow's hair grass and other green fodder until it is ready for slaughter, so that the chicken has good color, good taste and game.

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