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Faqs of broiler pellet feed and broiler compound feed

2020-08-02 Back to List

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1. What is compound feed? What are the benefits of using compound feed for broilers?

Compound feed is a commercial feed that is scientifically and evenly mixed with a variety of different feeds and certain additives according to the nutritional needs of livestock and poultry. The use of compound feed for broilers has the following advantages:

(1) Broiler compound feed is a commercial feed with comprehensive nutrition, good palatability and easy digestibility according to the nutritional needs of different types of broiler chickens, different production purposes, different production levels and different development stages, which can give full play to broiler chickens. The production potential of broiler chickens can promote the growth and development of broiler chickens, improve feed utilization rate, and achieve the purpose of saving feed, reducing feed costs and improving broiler economic benefits.

(2) Compound feed can make full use of local feed resources, such as leftovers from animal product processing industry and by-products of grain processing industry, which not only expands the source of feed, but also reduces the production cost of chicken feed making plants.

(3) The various additives used in the broiler compound feed are added according to the growth needs of the broiler, and are evenly mixed, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of various nutritional deficiencies, and is safe and reliable. It is safe and reliable for broiler chickens and their meat products. No adverse effects.

(4) The compound feed is convenient to use, and the broiler is convenient to eat, which not only reduces labor intensity, saves labor, but also reduces feed waste, and can also develop mechanized feeding.

(5) Due to factory production, compound feed can be produced according to national standards, achieving scientific formula, quality standardization and packaging standardization.

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2. What types of compound feed for broilers are there?

The type of broiler compound feed can be distinguished according to the nutritional composition of the finished product, or according to the physical state of the finished product.

(1) According to the nutritional composition of finished products

①Full-price compound feed: After this compound feed is purchased, it can be fed directly to chickens without any reprocessing. The types and proportions of its nutrients are in full compliance with the requirements of broilers, the formula requirements are strict, and a variety of additives have been used.

②Additive premix: Add nutrient additives and non-nutritive additives, and use corn flour as a carrier to pre-mix the product according to the specified amount. It is a semi-finished product produced by a compound feed processing plant and is added to the compound by the user for mixing.

③Balanced mixture: also known as feed concentrate, it is made by mixing protein feed, mineral feed and additive premix according to regulations, and is used to produce full-price compound feed and concentrate mixture.

(2) According to the physical properties of the finished product

Broiler powder feed: According to the requirements of the combination, various feeds are mixed in proportion and crushed, or each crushed and then mixed. It is a commonly used compound feed in broiler feed.

Broiler pellet feed: The powder feed is processed into pellets of a certain size by a pellet machine. The particle size of the finished product is above 1.4 mm. Broilers are not picky when using pellet feed, which reduces feed waste and facilitates feeding mechanization. It can be used by professional breeding households and mechanized broiler farms.

3. Why use granular compound feed for broiler chickens?

Pellet compound feed is a full-price compound feed plus additives and pressed by a boiler chicken poultry feed making machine. The particle size is different and diverse, which can meet the needs of young chicks, middle chicks and late broilers. The biggest advantage of pellet feed is that broiler chickens eat comprehensive nutrition, stable ratio, easy to eat, large feed intake, and less feed waste. Due to the different thickness and specific gravity of various feed ingredients, the powdered compound feed has undergone packaging, transportation, transmission, and feeding processes, which will make the originally mixed feed become uneven and affect the intake of balanced nutrition for each chicken. Affect the growth rate.

4. Why do we need to add a certain amount of fat to the feed when raising broiler chicks in winter? How to add?

Breeding broiler chicks in winter due to low temperature, strong feed intake and high energy consumption. In order to meet the energy demand of broiler chickens for rapid growth, a small amount of vegetable oil or animal oil, such as soybean oil, oil feet, bone oil and animal fat, is often added to the compound feed .

The general addition amount is 2% to 5% of the compound feed. The energy content of oil is particularly high, with a metabolic energy of 33.5~38 MJ/kg and a metabolic rate of 85%~88%. Sometimes bran is also used as oil and concentrated fish paste sorbent for broiler compound feed.

When adding fat to compound feed, it is best to use it now. When compound feed processing plants prepare commercial feed, they must add antioxidants while adding fats to prevent the feed from oxidizing and deteriorating during long-term storage, causing peculiar smells and affecting the palatability of the feed; it may also produce substances harmful to the chicken body and affecting the chickens. Growth and development or food poisoning. Where conditions permit, it is best to process broiler feed into broiler pellets. When processed into pellets, fat can be added up to 5%. Grease is equivalent to a binder for feed, which can reduce feed waste.

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