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Only chicken manure from organic chickens can be used in the organic fertilizer production

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Nowadays, the organic fertilizer industry is very hot, and the main raw materials of organic fertilizer are animal manure, agricultural and forestry waste, etc. In particular, animal manure can not only be used as raw materials to process organic fertilizers, but also solve environmental problems in rural areas, which can be said to be a win-win situation. But with the development of the industry, many problems have been exposed, and what we are going to talk about today is one of them-"Only chicken manure from chickens that eat organic chicken feed can be used in the organic fertilizer production line."

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1. A lot of chicken manure used as organic fertilizer will cause major breeding pollution!

Many people know that animal manure is a very good raw material for organic fertilizer. But for chicken farms, if one day tells you that chicken manure cannot be used directly on farmland, do you feel unacceptable? Chicken manure has long been used as an efficient organic fertilizer for agricultural production. The low price and easy availability of chicken manure are favored by people in the farming industry.

As high-quality organic fertilizer, chicken manure is often simply processed or directly used in farmland. However, many countries have increasingly strict policies: the land prohibits organic manure from chicken manure that has not been rotted.

Take China as an example. The development status of China's breeding industry and breeding habits have determined that antibiotics are used as breeding methods for a long time, and the chicken industry is no exception. Due to the limitations of China's breeding technology, coupled with the current status of large-scale and intensive breeding in the chicken industry, in order to prevent large-scale disease in chickens, adding a large amount of antibiotics to the feed for a long time is the most effective means to ensure the smooth progress of breeding. A large number of antibiotics are used in the feeding and management of chickens, and chickens have limited ability to absorb, transform, and decompose antibiotics. Most of the antibiotics are not absorbed and decomposed, and are finally excreted with feces.

If chicken manure containing a large amount of antibiotics is directly used as organic fertilizer in farmland without treatment, these antibiotics will be absorbed by plants and accumulated in a large amount in the plants, and these plants containing a large amount of antibiotics will eventually enter the human body as food. Human health causes certain harm. Chicken manure containing a lot of antibiotics will also pollute the land, and then penetrate into the groundwater, polluting the water source, and humans drink the contaminated water, which also poses a threat to human health.

Someone said that since the antibiotics in chicken manure exceed the standard, it should be treated and used as fertilizer in the field. If you really think it is that simple, then you are wrong.

The antibiotics in chicken manure are difficult to degrade by simple treatment. If they are degraded by ordinary compost fermentation, it will take at least one year. If you want rapid degradation, certain technologies are needed, and the processing cost is expensive. Because chicken manure treatment is expensive, organic fertilizer plants will definitely give up the use of chicken manure to make organic fertilizer in consideration of cost, and instead seek better treatment and lower cost alternatives. If that is the case, the organic fertilizer plant dislikes chicken manure, and the owners of the field dislike chicken manure. At that time, the chicken manure is likely to be left in the cold, left unused, and discarded, which will cause great pollution to the environment, which will also cause farmers. Bring huge pressure to survive.

If you want to solve the problem of excessive antibiotics in chicken manure, the most effective method is to control the use of antibiotics in the breeding industry. Only by purifying the source can the antibiotic pollution be finally solved. So what should we do? The answer is organic chicken feed.

2.How to make organic chicken feed

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3.How to set up a chicken manure organic fertilizer pellet processing plant

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4. Chicken manure organic fertilizer pellet making machine

The material is entering in the pellet mill passing through the conditioner. Here other ingredients could be added, before the material goes into the pellet pressure chamber to be transformed into pellets by the die. On the outside of the holes some knives cut the pellets at the desired length.

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