What is the best crushing size for broiler feed


Broiler is the most common poultry raised by humans. Some chicken farmers used premix to prepare full-price feed for broiler chickens. The corn grain was too large, which led to the occurrence of nutrition and metabolic diseases such as uneven growth of feathers on the back of some broiler chickens, weakness of both legs, soft beak and toe and bending, which increased the proportion of unqualified commercial chickens. The reason is:

broiler feed crusher

(1) the chicken was provided with the "first to eat raw material habit" conditions.

(2)Due to the particle size is too large, resulting in inadequate digestion, effective absorption rate of nutrients reduced.

(3) in theory to achieve nutrition, imperceptibly lost, generally will not be valued by livestock owners.

Richi once had a chicken farm customer, the use of coarse corn, so that the broiler developed the habit of "first to eat coarse material", resulting in feed broiler amino acid, vitamins and trace elements intake is insufficient, a large number of pecking hair, pecking anal injury accident, especially large appetite, growth fast chicken. Later, the particle size of feed was improved and the problem was solved quickly.

When the average grain size in broiler diet is 0.7 ~ 0.9 mm, it has the best effect of weight gain and feed conversion.Compared with the geometric mean particle size of 0.9 mm, the weight and feed conversion rate of broilers decreased when the particle size ranged from 1.47 mm to 1.75 mm.In addition, the early and late broiler crusher screen aperture is about 1.6 mm and 2.2 mm.Chinese studies have concluded that the feed size of chickens is less than 1 mm and that of medium chickens is less than 2 mm.Therefore, we suggest that the crushing size of broiler feed should be 0.8-1.1 mm.

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