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30t/h automatic complete poultry broiler feed pellet line with reasonable price

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Broilers are one of the common poultry. The feed for high-quality broilers is divided into powder, pellets and crumbled pellets according to the shape, but the most used in production is powder and pellets.

Broiler powder feed is a mixture of all the feed ingredients in the ration being powdered, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other health-care insect repellents are added according to the broiler feed formula, and then uniformly mixed. High-quality broilers should use powder before 3 weeks of age.

Broiler pellet feed is a kind of pellets made by pressing powder feed through a special poultry pellet making machine, which is better for high-quality broilers after 3 weeks of age. However, it should be noted that the feed with smaller pellets should be fed at the beginning, and the pellets can be appropriately enlarged when using fattening feed. The advantage of pellets is to increase the eating speed and amount of high-quality broilers, reduce the energy consumption of eating actions, and increase the weight gain rate of high-quality broilers.

1、30t/h automatic complete poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plant processing flow:

30t/h automatic complete poultry broiler feed pellet line with reasonable price

(1) Weighing. The various raw materials in the formula are accurately weighed according to their added quantities.

(2) Crushing. The main purpose of crushing various seed and lump feeds such as corn, bean cakes, peanut cakes, etc., is to reduce chicken chewing, increase the contact surface with digestive juices, and improve the digestibility of feed nutrients. Chicken feed crushing generally requires the sieve hole diameter to be less than 1 mm.

(3) Mixing. The above-mentioned crushed raw materials and other various raw materials in the formula are added to the mixer in batches according to their added quantities for mixing. The mixing time of each batch is 3-5 minutes. The mixed feed is called powder feed.

(4) Granulation. The mixed powdered feed, through the comprehensive treatment of steam, heat and pressure from the granulator, gelatinizes and matures starch substances, which can improve the palatability of the feed, increase the digestibility of nutrients, avoid picky eating by chickens, and increase Appetite. Pellet feed is often used for broiler feeding, the diameter of broiler pellet feed is 3-5 mm.


Pellet feeds are about 70-90℃. Chicken broiler feed cooling machine bring down it at normal temperature (+4&℃ max).


To ensure supply of quality and perfect size broiler feed, screener plays a vital role. Uneven sizes screaned-out.


Ready chicken broiler pellet feed need to be packed. It can be manual or automatic bagging depends on requirement.

2.30t/h complete set poultry animal feed pellet production line

You need poultry feed pellet process line machine to found a poultry broiler feed production factory.So what equipment does a manufacturing plant for animal poultry boiler feed need?

Poultry farm hammer mill for sale

(1)poultry feed hammer mill

(2)batching scale

(3)animal poultry feed mixing equipment

(4)poultry farming feed pellet mill machine

(5)Cooling Machine

(6)Pellet Crumbler

(7)Screening and Packing Machine

(8)Other Auxiliary Equipment

If you want to build a poultry feeding plant with reasonable price, you need to find a good manufacturer. This can be analyzed from the manufacturer's case quantity and quality. I have to say that if many customers choose that manufacturer, then this manufacturer must be very good in one way. Of course, some people may think that the customer's budget is the decisive factor, and we agree with this, but no matter how much the budget is, the product quality and price provided by the manufacturer must correspond. This is also the expectation of every purchaser of chicken broiler feed production line equipment.

3.The benefits of broiler feed pellets:improved the conversion rate of word materials

poultry feed pellet mill machine for sale

Steam treatment and mechanical action in the granulation process destroy the cell walls of grain cells, so that the abundant protein, fat, digestible carbohydrates and other effective ingredients in the cells are released, which can be easily digested, absorbed and utilized by animals. Certain harmful and growth-inhibiting ingredients in the feed will also be destroyed by the heat in the granulation process. According to experience, every 100 kg of pellets can produce 2 kg more meat than powder, and can shorten the feed period of high-quality broilers by 2 days.

However, the pelletizing process is also an energy-consuming process, and its energy consumption is 3 to 5 times that of powdered materials, so the price of pellets will be higher than that of powdered materials. The general method used in production is to feed with powder for 0~2 weeks of age, and use pellets for feeding from 3 weeks of age to market.

4.The broiler feed formula configuration of 30t/h poultry pellet production line requires attention:

Two key problems are faced when formulating broiler chicken diets. First, it is necessary to determine the level of nutrition that can meet the needs of broilers. Second, it is necessary to determine the level of protein required to provide essential amino acids under the selected energy level. Therefore, always maintain a reasonable preparation to provide complete nutrition for broiler chickens. You cannot simply feed a feed, especially when adding fresh feed, auxiliary materials or green feed. The variety of rations fed every day should be stable and cannot be changed suddenly.

5. How to prepare feed for broilers?

(1) Deteriorated grease cannot be used;

(2) Pay attention to the balance of nutrition in the diet. After the fat is added, because the energy level in the diet is increased, other nutrients in the feed should also be adjusted accordingly, especially to keep the protein-energy ratio unchanged;

(3) Feeding and storage time should not be too long. It is prone to rancidity if stored for too long or stored under high temperature conditions. Generally speaking, the storage of fat-containing materials should not exceed 7 days in summer and 21 days in winter;

(4) Antioxidants should be added to the feed to prevent rancidity.

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