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Hot Sale China supplier ce certificate poultry chicken feed pellet mill with factory price

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animal poultry shrimp feed making machine price

Machinery for chicken feeds production include chicken feed mixer machine,chicken feed grinder machine,pellet mill machine for chickens,chicken pellet cooler,etc.And the most key equipment is the poultry chicken feed pellet mill.

Now, more and more farmers seek to buy reliable feed pellet mills to make high quality feed pellets for their poultry chickens or start animal poultry feed pellet production business since pelleted feed has many advantages for the growth and development of poultry, including:

(1)Avoid picky eaters. Compound feed formula has a variety of raw materials, comprehensive nutrition, can prevent animals to choose their favorite food and refuse to take other ingredients. Because pellet feed can be kept uniform during storage and feeding, the feeding loss can be reduced by 8%~10%.

(2)High feed rate of return. In the pelletizing process, due to the combined effect of water, temperature and pressure, some physicochemical reactions occur in the feed, which makes starch gelatinize, the activity of enzyme is enhanced, can make feed of fed animal digest feed more effectively, translate into weight gain.

(3)The storage and transportation of pelleted feed are more economical. It is also easy to manage and can avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution.

animal poultry shrimp feed making machine

1.Hot Sale China factory direct supply poultry chicken feed pellet making machine

Ring die poultry granule feed pellet mill machine is also used to make other animal feed pellets. In recent years, it has been widely used in the feed pellet production processing for pigs, cattle, sheep, , fish, etc. The ring die type poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine provided by RICHI is new type ring die animal pellet milling machine and has been exported to many countries to help a great deal of farmers or businessman to manufacture high quality animal feed pellets. It is easy to operate and don't need too much professional technical knowledge.

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2.Best selling ce verified animal poultry chicken feed pellet making machine models

Our ring die series feed pellet machine for chicken are the hot sale among RICHI simple operation portable animal poultry feed pellet mill machines, among which SZLH350 and SZLH420 are best-selling in the market due to its superior versatility. And, it is fairly easy to set up a good quality poultry chicken feed mill using them with other auxiliary equipment. Get the latest price list, please contact Richi Machinery directly!

RICHI hot new competitive ring die poultry chicken feed pellet making machine series:

1-2t/h poultry farming feed pellet mill machine

3-4t/h China factory directly supply broiler poultry chicken feed pellet mill used in factory

5-7T/H Ring Die Poultry Feed Mill Equipment

8-12t/h China chicken feeding pellet mill equipment

10-18t/h CE Approved Poultry Feed Ring Die Pellet Mill

15-25t/h China factory price poultry food for making pellet mill

20-30t/h China good performance poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine

25-40t/h With longlife guarantee chicken feed pellet mill making machine

28-45t/h China factory supply poultry chicken feed mill equipment of pelletization

Please Note: RICHI also provide other types poultry chicken feed pellet making machine that is flat die poultry feed processing machine. And, the capacity of our flat die poultry chicken feed pellet milling machine is about 80-1000kg/h. If you are interested in knowing more types of RICHI poultry chicken feed pellet making machine and its latest promotion price, please just send us email directly!For more details visit:

3.How to start your own feed pellet production line with best business plan?

Visit: for various animal feed pellet production lines)

factory price animal poultry livestock feed mill equipment

4.Notes to use poultry feed pellet mill equipment for animal chicken feed making

It is fairly easy to operate RICHI chicken feed mill pellet mill machinery, but there are still some tips needed to pay attention when you are going to start the machine to make chicken poultry feed pellets.

(1)Raw Material should be Crushed below 6mm

Raw material crushing is an essential step before pelletizing. The materials only after the use of feed crusher to crush can be pressed by chicken feed pellet mill machines. Generally speaking, the crushing size of the material is related to the pellet diameter. The size of crushing particle size is the diameter of the pellet you want to press. For example, if your material pressing is 5mm, then the material needs to be crushed under 5mm. But, it is not strict in the actual chicken feed manufacturing process. Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Mill Manufacturer usually suggests that the raw materials should be crushed under 6mm, so it can be applied to all feed suppression.

(2)Water Content Needs to be Kept at about 13%

When using the animal poultry feed pellet mill, many people don't know the water content should be kept at about 13%. Most think that as long as the raw materials are crushed, then it can be processed by poultry chicken pellet mill. Actually, the poultry farming feed pellet mill machine is dry in and dry out, which means the poultry chicken feed production process has strict requirements for water content. Therefore, we recommend to keep the material moisture at about 13%. This moisture is very low, so the material is often required to be dried before pressing, if it is relatively wet.

(3)Uniform Rate of Feeding is Required

Whether the chicken feed processing machine has uniform speed feeding or not is related to its normal work. If fast feeding, easy to choke. If the feeding is slow, it is easy to cause empty running. So, keeping the uniform speed of feeding can ensure the normal operation of the machine, and can improve the work efficiency of the chicken food manufacturing machine. If manual feeding is troublesome and inefficient, try to use screw conveyor for raw material feeding.

If there are some problems of your pellet mill machine for chickens, like the pellets are not smooth, or the pellet discharging speed is slow and there are too much powder in the pellets, in most cases, it is largely because the improper operation. If there are any questions, please get in touch with us, we can offer the full technical information for your reference!

5.Why RICHI chicken feed pellet maker so popular?

(1)Our pellet machinery for chicken feeds production are all made from high quality raw materials like high steel alloy; all parts are processed by advanced equipment and technology. So the chicken feed pelletizer machines for sale can meet CE, EU, BV standards.

(2)RICHI boiler chicken poultry feed making machines have been exported to over 100 countries and areas in the world. All the machines run extremely well. Some buyers become our agents in their local market, some purchase again and again from our company, while some others tell their friends about our company and our products. All these have proved the good quality of RICHI poultry animal feed pellet making machine.

(3)RICHI CE certificate poultry chicken food animal feed pellet mills can process various raw materials like grass, oil cake, peanut shell, straw, maize bran and so on to make feed pellets.

(4)RICHI keeps developing new technology to apply to the pellet mills to make their better and more efficient.

(5)With RICHI multi chicken goose duck cow fish feed pellet making machine, you will spend the least but make the most. Perhaps the prices of our poultry feed manufacturing machines are not the lowest, but RICHI can promise you the best quality with the same cost. Even if you encounter some problems when using our pellet mills, our professional after sales service team will help you find solutions at the earliest; this can greatly save your time cost. So, with RICHI factory direct supply poultry chicken feed pellet machine, you do not need to worry any more. If you are also interested in buying a hot sale high quality ce pellet mill to make poultry chicken feed pellets, RICHI is your best choice!

poultry chicken Broiler Fattener Feed Processing Equipments price

6.RICHI Ring die Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Price Decreases

Richi Machinery, located in Henan Province, China, is a professional poultry chicken feed pellet machine manufacturer. Since establishment, we adhere to the principle of customer first, innovation oriented, and insists to provide high quality and excellent equipment for users. After years of development, we have developed into a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, installation and commissioning. Please contact us if you are interested in any sorts of our products, we can offer you free quotation for your reference. And welcome to visit us for inspection of our factory anytime!

For people who want to purchase a high quality poultry feed pellet mill to make chickenfeed pellets, what they concern most is the price.RICHI promises that the price of our animal feed poultry feed pellet mill machine is the lowest comparing to the same products in the same line.

Through these years’development, our commercial poultry feed pellet mill has been exported at least 60 countries, including Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, Peru, Tanzania, Ghana, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Uzbekstan, Romania, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,etc. In some region, we also have agency. Buy commercial poultry feed pellet mill from RICHI, you can always get the favorable cheap price!

What we must say is that 2020 is a very special year. As a part of the world, as a part of China's manufacturing industry, Richi Machinery is ready to give back to new and old customers in such a special period.Now, you're lucky enough to find the price of RICHI top sell pellet mill for making poultry food decreased! This is because RICHI want to give the most preferential price to our users! We want to give our regular and new customers the best quality pellet mill with the least cost! But it doesn't mean we will give the lowest price in the market, since our good performance poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine prices are influenced by many factors.

(1)Production Cost

Production Materials:If the poultry feed pellet mill making machines are made from low quality raw materials, their prices will be extremely low. But different from other pellet mill manufacturers, RICHI only adopts the best quality raw materials. For example, the pressing die and main shaft of Poultry food pellet mills are made from 4Cr/4Cr13 which contains more Cr and more wear-resisting. Only high quality machines can make high quality pellets. Other manufacturers use low intensity 45# steel that has poor wear-resistance.

Processing technology:The roller, pressing die, main shaft, and roller shaft are processed by vacuum heat treatment which does not cause damage or distortion to spare parts surface. After vacuum heat treatment, the spare parts often have longer lifespan.

(2)Labor Cost

The labor cost in China has been increased in recent years. Also, all our workers who operate the processing facilities and assemble the animal poultry chicken feed pellet mill machines are experienced and are experts in this field. What's more, the pellet mills for poultry keep developing by the research of our engineers. Therefore, our labor cost is comparative higher than those small rough workshops.

(3)Market Demand

When the poultry chicken fodder pellet making machine was first invented, few manufacturers produce it, and few use it. At that time, simple use chicken animal feed pellet making machine price is very high. Later, when people tend to use it, those manufacturers can make it in mass quantity, and the price is lowered. In recent years, countless manufacturers are supplying poultry chicken pellet mill equipment, so its price has gone to its lowest level. But in different periods like peak season and off-season, their prices vary slightly.

Now, Richi Machinery has countless orders of ce approved poultry chicken feed compress pellet making machine every month, therefore RICHI would like to offer customers some discounts on chicken feed pellet processing machine prices. So it's time to choose your demanded poultry chicken feed pellet manufacturing equipment, just contact us any time you need!

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