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The biomass pellets, especially wood pellets have become a key fuel source in the last ten years because of the skyrocketing price of fossil fuels and people's awareness of environmental protection. The Europe itself consumes 30 million metric tons of pellets last year, and this figure will increase at least 40% in this year.

So the result may be, demand for pellets is large, but the supply probably can't meet it! What can you do? Buy factory manufactured high quality biomass wood pellet machine to make wood pellets now!

large capacity heavy duty wood pallet pellet line

1.Why do you need to buy good biomass pellet machine?

The most convincible reason for you to buy biomass industrial wood pellet machine for making pellet project is that,biomass pellet machine for biomass waste can make profit for you! If you have enough amount of wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, EFB fiber, corn cobs and corn stalks or the like, the most efficient and profitable way to make use of them is to make them into pellets.If you process them in other ways, they may decrease their value. But if you make them into pellets, you can use by yourself for heating, horse bedding or cat litter to save your own cost; and you can also sell the pellets in bags to others to make money.

For power generation plants, biomass pellets are good replacement to coal. If you buy good quality biomass pellet mill machine, especially large scale complete biomass fuel wood pellet production line, you can make pellets to heat your power plant, on condition that you have sufficient and cheap raw material supply.

Another reason for you to buy pellet milling machine is that, ce good stability biomass wood pellet mill can help you make contribution to the environment. Nowadays the public has paid much attention to environmental protection; as a result, people are all aware of it. The hot selling good quality biomass wood energy pellet mill is one of the best ways to make renewable and green fuel sources up to now! It can make pellets that do not release harmful gases like SO2, and the raw material is inexhaustible (as long as we do not harm the earth anymore). If combusted fully, biomass pellets will leave little ash and the ash is also a good fertilizer to the fields.

In brief, buying ce certificated biomass wood pellet making machine to make your own biomass pellets is quite beneficiary for you both socially and economically. So, buy your own pellet mill now!

2.Get Your Free Biomass Pellet Mill Plans

Are you looking for biomass pellet mills? Do you want to make your own biomass fuel wood pellet mill plans for your new biomass wood pellet production line for pellets? At RICHI you will get your free plans of new ring die pellet mill for wood processing plants now!

To make biomass pellet mill plans for you, usually we need to know the following factors:

(1) Your raw material. Is your raw material wood or crop waste? What kind of wood it is? Is it a mixture of several kinds of wood? It is very important for use to know your raw material since it will determine what processing equipments you will need, such as hammer mill (or crusher) and wood chipper.

(2) The moisture content of your raw material. That means the percentage of water the biomass contains. The best moisture content for pelletizing is 8-12%, but most biomass contains more moisture than needed. So the raw material dryer will be necessary for a complete pellet mill plant. Below is a graph which shows moisture content of common seen pellets making raw materials.

Biomass source and Moisture Content (calculated on wet basis)

①Wood chips:10-60%



④Cotton stalks:10-20%



Thailand pellet line wood pellet production line on sale

3. What capacity do you need? What do you require for the pellets?

The horizontal ring die type biomass wood pellet mills have the minimum capacity of 300kg/h and maximum capacity of 4500kg/h,which is suitable for all kinds of biomass pellet making plant production.

Years of experience in making biomass pellet mill plans have made RICHI a leading professional biomass pellet line manufacturer in China. We have many customer pellet projects in many countries. It's not a problem for us to draw you a high return biomass wood pellet mill plan. So, contact us now to get your free customized biomass pellet mill plans!

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