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If you are still looking for "CPM Wood Pellet Mill"

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If you are still looking for "CPM Wood Pellet Mill Machine",You must know its price is very expensive.But is its high price because of its very good quality? In this era of brand proliferation, we all know that high prices are the brand effect, as well as the high labor costs and material costs of the country where the pellet mill manufacturer is located.

CPM biomass wood pellet mill, short for California Pellet Mill, is known to some people. It is famous because it is a USA company that can serve its local customers faster than other manufacturers and suppliers.Also, we do not deny that CPM pellet mill has some advantages as below (described on their website):

Durable, energy efficient, round-the-clock production

Adopts gear drive that can provide 98% of energy transfer

Metal-to-metal seals between components can keep dust and steam inside the pelletizing chamber

Modular gearbox design allows flexibility to increase production with simple modifications

Stand-alone oil lubrication system is more effective in maintaining lubrication and protects bearings from premature wear

Stainless steel pellet chamber resists corrosion and lasts longer in most pelletizing operations

Multi-positioning feeder enables easier installation and alignment to bins

In fact, RICHI hot products biomass wood pellet machine on the market is as famous as CPM pellet mill these years!

China 2-3 Ton Per hour industrial wood pellet machine price

1.Why RICHI's China best price biomass wood pellet machine is superior to CPM pellet mill for users?

(1)RICHI wood ring die pellet machine has all the above mentioned CPM pellet mill features.

(2) RICHI ring die pellet mill has got more than technological patents.

(3)RICHI CE Certificate biomass pellet making machine is suitable to process various kinds of biomass like sawdust, wood logs, bamboo dust, wood shavings, corn stalk, cotton straw, rice husk, bagasse, empty fruit bunch, and so on.

(4)It can be lubricated without stop, which means it can work 24 hours a day.

(5)It has a patented air cooling system, which can lengthen 70% of ring die pellet mill roller bearing service life. Besides, this system can clear away the dust and powdery material and collect it for reproduction, which greatly saves production cost and increase productivity.

(6)RICHI good bio-fule wood pellet machine with ce adopts high quality shaft and oil seals, which ensure high efficiency, stability and low noise.

(7)The most important, RICHI new designed good quality wood pellet machinery is much cheaper than CPM pellet mill! Not only the equipments, but also spare parts. If you buy RICHI professional design biomass wood pellet machine, you will save a large amount of production cost!

(More advantages please see ring die wood pellet machine for reference.)

stable performance pine biomass wood pellet machine for bio fuel pellets

2.Some cases of China best price ring die biomass wood pellet machine of Richi Machienry

American high quality wood pellet mill (raw material: wood sawdust)

Canadian biomass pellet mill for wood pellet making (raw material: wood waste)

Dutch ce iso wood pellet mill plant for biomass (raw material: birch wood)

Austrian ce agriculture waste biomass wood pellet mill machine (raw material: agriculture waste)

Ukrainian China factory offered pellet machine(raw material: agricultural waste)

Romanian wood pelletizing machine (raw material: acacia sawdust)

Albanian straw wood pellet machine(raw material: alfalfa lucerne grass straw hay)

Slovakia biomass sawdust pellet mill (raw material: sawdust)

Indonesia efb wood pellet mill (raw material: efb)

Mexico MZLH520 ring die sawdust pellet machine (raw material: hard wood)

Trinidad and Tobago new wood pellet mill for rice husk (raw material: corn straw,rice husk)

So there is no excuse that you don't choose RICHI professional factory supply good wood pellet machinery! You will find it perform much better than CPM pellet mill in your wood pellet processing line production!

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