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Problems that should be paid attention to the poultry chicken premix feed production process

2020-10-29 Back to List

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1. Based on feeding standards  

Feeding standards are the nutritional requirements of poultry chicken animals under different feeding purposes, which can be used as the basis for making poultry chicken premixed feed formulations. In specific applications, they also rely on extensive knowledge of poultry chicken nutrition.

①The nutrient requirements in the feeding standard should be the sum of the same nutrients provided by the various components, not the amount to be added;

②It is best to use the premixed feed raw materials after direct determination of the composition, and various nutrients should be considered The synergy and antagonism between the substances;

③The nutrient requirements in the feeding standards are only the minimum requirements required by the poultry animals. When making the poultry premix feed formula, the appropriate amount should be added according to the actual conditions to ensure that the chickens are in different conditions. The real need for a certain nutrient.

company manufacturing poultry feed mix

2. Consider the poultry chicken feed pellet manufacturing process and production loss

In the poultry chicken premix feed making process, firstly ensure that the materials are accurately fed in strict accordance with the requirements of the formula; secondly, according to the characteristics of various components, different adding methods shall be adopted; finally, the mixing must be uniform (CV less than 7%). In the process of poultry feed processing (such as crushing by poultry chicken feed grinder, pelleting by poultry chicken feed pellet making machine, etc.), some vitamins and other nutrients will be damaged. Therefore, such factors must be considered when formulating the chicken feed formula.

3. Pay attention to the anti-nutritional factors

In the basic feed contains some anti-nutritional factors in many energy feed and protein feed ingredients, which have a certain destructive effect on the nutritional factors in the poultry chicken feed. For example, flax cake contains anti-B6 factor; fat oxide in soybean has a damaging effect on vitamin A. When making the poultry chicken premix feed formula, you should pay attention to adding these nutrients.

4. Focus on stability factors 

Most vitamins have poor stability, especially if they encounter metal ions. For example, if stored for 3 months in the presence of Cu, Fe, Mn, etc., vitamin A loses 80% and vitamin B6 loses 20%. Therefore, the storage time during poultry chicken pre-mixed feeding stuffs production cannot be too long, and measures such as sealing and avoiding light should be paid attention to.

5. The particle size and compatibility of trace components

The particle size requirements of micro-components are determined by their properties and their proportion in the functional animal complete feed. For materials that are added in a small proportion and are difficult to disperse, they must be finely pulverized, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of mixing.

Trace active components have a great influence on the growth of poultry animals, but they are easy to produce chemical reactions with each other and affect their activities. The main methods to solve the compatibility problem are: packaging vitamins, minerals and other ingredients separately, and adding all kinds of pre-mixed feeds at the same time when the complete feed for poultry chicken is produced; to improve the stability of active components, usually two methods are used. One is to wrap the protective layer on the components that are easily destroyed, and the other is to treat the components that easily affect the active substances of other components.

6. Safety and high efficiency 

Most of the trace elements are chemicals. When adding, not only the effective amount but also the poisoning amount must be considered. For example, copper is an effective trace element, and high doses have a growth-promoting effect on poultry chickens, but when formulating, more consideration should be given to its general purpose, because the amount of special effects is very close to the amount of poisoning. Another example is selenium. The content in feed is extremely small, and the effective amount is very close to the poisoning amount. The compound premixed feed contains various trace elements and vitamins, and there are interactions between many kinds of differentials. For example, vitamin E and trace element selenium have a synergistic effect in the body; calcium and phosphorus can only exert high efficiency when the ratio is right; the amount of iron and zinc can affect the absorption effect of copper and so on.

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7. Choline problems

Choline chloride is a low-molecular-weight organic compound. It is a necessity for the growth and development of young poultry chickens. Sufficient choline must be added to corn-based feed to ensure the healthy growth of poultry and livestock. Generally, 50% choline chloride powder is used as a feed additive. It has strong hygroscopicity. Although it is very stable, it is very destructive to the active ingredients of other additives and damages vitamin A, D3, K3, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to use bran, defatted rice bran, rice husk, etc. to absorb and dry it before use to control the moisture of the carrier to prevent choline from absorbing moisture.

8. Consider the weather

Under different climatic conditions, animals have different nutritional needs. The proportion of nutritional elements should be adjusted appropriately according to the climate to make the premixed feed formula more reasonable.

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