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General faults and troubleshooting methods of 10t/h chicken feed pellet production machine line

2020-09-05 Back to List

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1. The chicken feed grinder machine in 10t/h chicken feed pellet production machine line for poultry feed vibrates strongly and makes a lot of noise. The reasons may be:

(1) The hammers are not arranged correctly, and the hammers should be reinstalled according to the hammer arrangement diagram;

(2) The individual hammer pieces are stuck in the pin shaft and are not thrown away, and should be dealt with in time;

(3) If the fixing bolts of the chicken feed crusher bearing seat are loose or the bearing is damaged, repair or replace in time.

(4) After the hammer of the chicken feed hammer mill grinder or the impeller of the self-contained fan is worn out, the balance of the rotor is destroyed. At this time, the relevant parts should be replaced in time.

If the inspection is not due to the above reasons, it may be that the weight difference between the two sets of hammers on the corresponding pin of the poultry fodder grinder crop crusher machine rotor is too large, and the corresponding two sets of hammers should be re-selected so that the weight difference does not exceed 5g.

2. The feed port of the poultry chicken feed grinder returns to dust

Generally, the feed volume is too large, which causes insufficient lifting capacity of the crusher fan, which causes the screen and the suction tube to be blocked. At this time, the corn grinder machine for chicken feed should be shut down in time to remove the accumulated material in the upper and lower chambers of the crusher screen, unblock the suction tube, and readjust the feed rate of the poultry chicken fodder grinder.

3. There is abnormal noise in the poultry chicken feed grinding machine

Generally, it is caused by a large hard object entering the pulverizer, or the parts in the crushing machine are falling off and running water is in the pulverizing chamber. After discovering this situation, stop the machine immediately, check the crushing chamber and remove foreign objects.

4. The final batch material particles are too coarse

Generally, after the sieve is worn or hit by foreign objects, holes appear to cause the sieve to leak or the sieve is improperly installed, and the fit between the sieve and the edge of the sieve is not tight. Should be dealt with accordingly.

5. Poor fluidity of chicken feed mixer machine and insufficient mixing uniformity

May be due to the damage of the broken arch plate in the mixer or the loose transmission belt. Check the position of the broken arch plate or the tightness of the transmission belt in time.

6. Excessive dust in the operating area

The main reason is that the mouth of the dust removal bag is not tightly sealed, and the ports of the conveying pipe and the upper cover of the animal poultry feed mixing equipment are not tightly sealed, causing dust leakage. In addition, the fan housing, conveying pipe elbow, and suction pipe may wear out after a period of time. The holes cause ash leakage. Therefore, if excessive dust is found, the above-mentioned parts should be checked and dealt with in time.

7. Motor weakness and overheating

The lack of power of the motor may be due to an open circuit in one of the three-phase circuits of the motor, and the overheating of the motor may be due to the short circuit of the internal circuit of the motor or long-term overload operation. At this time, stop the chicken feed machine in time and ask the electrician to check the electrical equipment or adjust the work load.

8. The 10t/h poultry chicken granule feed pellet mill machine does not discharge. The reasons may be:

(1) The feed inlet and agitator are blocked, and the blockage should be cleared in time;

(2) If the die hole is blocked, the die hole should be opened;

(3) If the moisture content of the raw material is too high or too low, the steam volume should be adjusted;

(4) The gap between the pressure mold and the pressure roller is too large, and the gap should be adjusted to meet the requirements.

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