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Maintenance and repair of 5 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant

2020-09-05 Back to List

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diesel engine simple chicken animal feed pellet making machine

1. Perform maintenance and maintenance according to the requirements of the instructions for each equipment of 5 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant. If there are no special requirements, ZG-3 calcium-based lubricating oil is used for bearing lubricating oil, and HJ-60 mechanical oil is used for reducer lubricating oil. If the room temperature is lower than -10°C in winter, HJ-20 mechanical oil is used.

2. The equipment of the 5t/h poultry chicken animal pellet feed production line plant should be overhauled once in six months and overhauled once in a year. During minor repairs, replace the lubricating oil, clean the bearings, and replace damaged parts.

3. Adjust the belt tightness in time. When the machine is running, the belt must not be severely slipped.

4. The vulnerable parts such as the hammer and sieve of the chicken feed grinder, the die and the pressure roller of the automatic chicken feed pellet maker machine, etc. should be repaired, adjusted and replaced in time. The replacement, maintenance, and adjustment time depends on the productivity or product quality of the 5 ton per hour chicken feed pelletizing production line. Generally, when the productivity is significantly reduced, and the particle forming rate and surface quality cannot meet the requirements, they should be adjusted or replaced in time.

5. After the hammer of the chicken feed grinder is worn, it should be used in reverse or U-turn, and the original hammer arrangement must be maintained when turning. When the four corners are worn and new hammers need to be replaced, each group of new hammers should be weighed, and the weight difference of each group of hammers should not exceed 5g. The hammer must be assembled according to the hammer arrangement during installation to avoid the chicken feed hammer mill crusher from being strong shock.

6. The accuracy of the electronic scale needs to be checked and calibrated after half a year of use.

7. After each shift, the cavity of the chicken feed pellet processing machine shall be flushed out of the residue in the die hole with soybean meal.

8. The computer control room of the 5t chicken feed manufacturing plant is always kept clean and quiet.

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