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RICHI Golden September Of Purchase

RICHI Golden September Of Purchase

Richi Machinery is a first-class high capacity automatic feed/biomass pellet production line machinery supplier in China. It has built more than 1,000 pellet production lines for the world.

We Are Richi Mchinery,We Come From China

From the morning eggs to the dinner-time steak, you're helping feed the animals that feed the world. That's why you can't compromise with equipment and automation that are second best.

Answers to several typical customer questions

Richi Machinery's pellet mills are guaranteed with 1 year quality assurance from the date of goods shipment.

After the epidemic, Richi will help you redefine the feed technology

A good feed process is like effective protection and disinfection measures, blocking the growth of bacteria from the source and completely killing viruses, which is an effective means to protect feed health.

With the least investment, Richi will give you the greatest return!

We have always put the highest quality and efficient engineering code tailored for our customers first, and always follow the source of quality in design, followed by the principle of manufacturing.

Assist small and medium-sized pig feed processing enterprises to develop

In recent years, with the reshuffle of the industry and the impact of various policies such as African swine fever and environmental protection, more and more f

Richi customized feed and biomass solutions for global customers

Through cooperation with domestic and foreign feed and feed enterprises, Richi has thousands of global production line design experiences.

China and the world

From January 25th, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, South Africa, Egypt, the Philippines and other countries have rescued their hands.

What the new crown pneumonia epidemic brings to the feed industry?

New crown pneumonia, African swine fever, avian flu, we are faced with tests again and again, the nutritional formula of intensive immunity is the core competitiveness of feed enterprises in a very period of time.

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Livestock Feed Pellet Machine Capacity : 3-4T/H
Power : 37KW
Biomass Pellet Mill
Biomass Pellet Mill Capacity : 300-400KG/H
Power : 37KW
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The 3-5T/H Organic Fertilizer Pellet Line In Thailand
The 3-5T/H Organic Fertilizer Pellet Line In Thailand Country : Thailand
Capacity: 3-5T/H
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The 1-2T/H Feed Powder Production Line In Tanzania Country : Tanzania
Capacity: 1-2T/H
The 1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Line In Sudan
The 1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Line In Sudan Country : Sudan
Capacity: 1-2T/H
100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line In Ukraine
100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line In Ukraine Country : Ukraine
Capacity: 100-150KG/H
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