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New build turkey project-20t/h organic fertilizer pellet production plant is about to start construction

2021-03-21 Back to List

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the public pays more and more attention to food safety and protection of the ecological environment, and there is an increasing demand for green and organic agricultural products. In this context, replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers has become the only way to promote the green development of agriculture.

The 2020 national key policy of strengthening farmers and benefiting farmers issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China also proposes organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. The policy supports farmers and new-type agricultural operators to apply organic fertilizers, cultivate a group of productive service organizations, accelerate the application of organic fertilizers, and promote the combination of planting and breeding.

complete organic fertilizer pellet plant for sale

With the support of policies and the trend of green development, some relevant agricultural enterprises have invested in the construction of organic fertilizer projects, including our customers in this project.

The project has a total investment of 36 million yuan to build 20 tons/hour organic fertilizer pellet production plant equipment and related auxiliary facilities. It is planned to build a 18,000 square meter workshop, including fermentation workshop, organic fertilizer processing workshop, aging workshop, raw material and finished product warehouse, and Auxiliary facilities such as water supply and drainage, heating and power supply will be provided, and supporting facilities such as office buildings, dormitories and analysis laboratories will be newly added. Among them, Richi Machinery undertook the epc contract construction of all organic fertilizer processing workshops.

The client company is a modern agricultural enterprise group integrating crop planting, agricultural product processing, agricultural technology research and development, agricultural material services, and business circulation. The company concentrates its core strengths to cultivate and expand the "competitive industries" and "competitive products" with development prospects. Seven industries, including pasture, hops, and potatoes, are identified as "fist industries"; eight specialty products such as pellet hops, alfalfa, potatoes, and huangguan pears are considered as "top products."

Regarding the reasons for investing in this project, the client said: “Organic fertilizer plays a very important role in the cultivation of our products. It not only recycles the material and energy of agricultural products, but also purifies the ecological environment and regenerates waste resources. On the other hand, the country is currently vigorously promoting green development methods and lifestyles, and the substitution of organic fertilizers for chemical fertilizers is an indispensable part of green development."

The client also stated: “After the project is completed, it will reach a hourly production capacity of 20 tons organic fertilizer pellets. Through the construction of this project, it can increase the supply of high-quality organic fertilizer for the soil of the company's planting base, improve the soil environment, and ensure stable crop yields. Increase crop resistance, reduce plant diseases, pests and weeds, and create a green and healthy product base."

Organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers can promote the improvement of the quality of agricultural products and meet people's demand for high-quality agricultural products. At the same time, it can also save energy and cost, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment. In addition, the development of the organic fertilizer industry will also consume the excrement of the aquaculture industry, reduce the pollution of the aquaculture industry, reduce the cost of the aquaculture industry, and promote the development of the aquaculture industry.

The substitution of organic fertilizers for chemical fertilizers is the situation and necessity of the green development of agriculture. The use of organic fertilizer can form a virtuous circle, increase the output of China's high-quality agricultural products and meat, and reduce dependence on the international market.

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