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Thinking about strengthening label management in Chinese animal feed mill factories

2021-01-17 Back to List

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1. Overview of feed label

The so-called "feed label" refers to all labels or other explanatory materials that describe the quality, characteristics, and use of feed, feed additives, and feed ingredients in words, symbols, numbers, and graphics. Feed label is actually a written commitment made by animal feed factories to meet relevant national laws, regulations and standards. It is not only the image of the animal feed production line plants' products, but also the epitome of corporate standards; therefore, feed label is extremely important. In order to strengthen the management of animal feed manufacturing enterprise feed labeling, the government issued a newly revised "Feed Labeling" in 2013, and it was implemented on July 1, 2014.

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2. Analysis of current situation of feed label management in China

(1) Some feed companies have poor label management awareness. The development of China's feed industry is relatively late, and there is a great imbalance in the development foundation. The rapid development of the breeding industry in recent years has caused many small-scale animal feed manufacturers to violate the situation in order to obtain high profits in a shorter time The relevant requirements of "Feed Labeling" do not carry out standardized management of feed labeling in accordance with relevant regulations.

(2) There is a more serious "one-material multi-signature" phenomenon. "Feed Label" (2013 edition) emphasizes that each label can only identify one product. However, many animal feed production factories currently do not do this; these feed processing factories either apply one label to different feeds, or make only one label for the same series of feed products. In addition, the feed production company did not label specific product information according to the different growth periods of livestock and poultry.

(3) The content of the label does not meet the requirements, and the compliance rate of the feed label is low. The main manifestations are: the content on the feed label is not comprehensive, the shelf life of the product is increased indiscriminately, the national unit of measurement is not adopted, the function of the feed is blindly exaggerated, the specific production date of the feed is not indicated, and the nutritional content displayed on the label Non-compliance with the relevant standards, the feeding stage marked on the feed label and the feeding stage indicated in the enterprise standard are inconsistent, the application standards of feed additives are inconsistent with the current standards, and what is more, harmful and harmful substances that are strictly prohibited by the Chinese state are added to the feed.

(4) The label of animal-derived feed and feed with pharmaceutical additives does not meet the requirements. The "Feed Label" (2013 edition) clearly stated that: animal-derived feed should be marked with the corresponding name of the source animal, and animal-derived feeds other than milk and dairy products should be marked with the words "This product must not be fed to ruminants". In addition, after adding additives to feed products, it is necessary to write "This product is added to medicated feed additives" in a more eye-catching manner under the product name, and the name of feed additives, withdrawal period, and active ingredients should also be indicated. And related matters needing attention.

3. Suggestions on strengthening feed label management

(1) Give full play to the guiding role of government departments

The government's feed management department needs to give full play to its own guiding role, strengthen the guidance on label production and utilization, and guide enterprises to optimize the label content and produce feed labels that meet the requirements; the annual feed filing system for enterprises should also be adopted As a basis, re-examine the company and complete the record management work.

(2) Enhance enterprises' awareness of feed labels

The "Feed Label" (2013 Edition) has made additions, deletions and modifications to the relevant technical content. Enterprises need to pay attention to these changes during the implementation process. Therefore, government agencies need to increase training for feed manufacturers, emphasize the new requirements of "Feed Labeling", ensure that companies have a comprehensive understanding of the new regulations on feed labeling, and implement the requirements of "Feed Labeling" into practice.

(3) Further increase inspection efforts

If you want to strengthen the management of feed labeling, it should be further increased inspection efforts, supervise animal feed production enterprises to make and use labels in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Feed Label"; for those that do not meet the requirements of the "Feed Label", they should be punished in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Feed and Feed Quality and Safety". Animal feed production companies also need to establish a sound raw material inspection system to prevent unqualified or unlabeled raw materials from entering the company to ensure feed safety.

4. Conclusion

In summary, there are still many problems in the current management of feed labels in China. In the future, measures such as giving full play to the guiding role of government departments, enhancing feed companies' awareness of feed labels, and further strengthening inspection efforts should be taken to strengthen feed label management to ensure feed quality.

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