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How to start your own customized large scale poultry animal feed pellet production line with best business plan?

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large scale poultry Cattel Chicken broiler layer cow sheep fish feed plant


Over 10 tons per hour large scale poultry animal feed mill plant / poultry animal feed mill factory / cultivation factory; Ideal feed milling production line for high yield and high automation poultry fodder production.

2.Main Feature

Compact structure / Resonable craft / Convenient installation / Simple operation / Low maintenance cost / Low investment.

Big capacity poultry feed pellet processing line which can produce at least 3000-10000T powder materials or poultry feed pellets per year. The complete poultry feed pelletizing process includes raw material receiving, crushing, batching, mixing,pelleting,cooling and packaging. During milling, the nutrition of poultry aimal feed pellets will not lose.

3.Main Machines In Poultry Feed Plant Factory With Large Capacity

We supply turnkey solutions of poultry feed production, from project design, process engineering to procurement local manufacturing, installation and debugging, after sales service, and financing (price & cost control). We study every details of the pelleting solution, so that to ensure you get the best feed milling equipment, best service and best plan.Large capacity poultry feed pelleting line is generally consisted of feedstock crumbler, poultry feed grinder machine,poultry feed mixer,poultry feed pellet making euqipment, pellet cooler, packing scales, etc. Tell us your raw material, requirements of capacity and budget for the plant. Then RICHI can design a suitable and specific solution for you.

Capacity:1-100 tons per hour.

Final Product: Pellet feed.

Pellet Size:2.0-4.0 mm.

Batching System:Manual or Automatic.

Packing System: Manual or Automatic.

①Cleaning Machine

To ensure GMP cleaning is an important aspect. Different type of cleaner used for this purpose.

②Conveying machine

All transportations like bucket elevator, screw & chain conveyor etc. for conveying RM & Finished goods.

large poultry cattle feed pellet processing plant machinery price

③Grinding machine

Raw materials need to be grinded as 225 m/microne perticle size by chicken feed crusher for different type of feed.

④Mixing machine

Different R/M are mixed here with additives, oil/fat, medicines, etc. Good chicken feed mixer ensure good quality.

⑤Pelleting machine

Produce final chicken pellet feed. A good pellet means "A complete feed" and a good chicken feed pellet making machine can ensure that.

⑥Cooling machine

Extruded feeds are about 70-90° C. Chicken feed cooling machine bring down it at normal temperature (+4° max).

⑦Screening machine

To ensure supply of quality and perfect size feed, screener plays a vital role. Uneven sizes screaned-out.

⑧Bagging machine

Ready chicken pellet feed need to be packed. It can be manual or automatic bagging depends on requirement.

5.How to Start A Large Scale Animal Poultry Feed Processing Plant Project ?

Poultry feed pellet manufacturing line plant is also called poultry feed pellet production line. A complete big capacity poultry feed mill plant project generally includes silos for raw material storage, raw material receiving system, first batching system, mixing system, second batching, crushing system, pelletizing system, cooling system and bagging system.

Large Scale Poultry Feed Mill Process Flow Chart

computer control feed plant for processing poultry animal feed

6.Large Scale Poultry Feed Mill Factory Cost

Cost of setting up a turnkey large capacity poultry feed pellet manufacturing plant is usually between 200000USD-5000000USD.

7.RICHI Turnkey Project——Complete Animal Feed Processing Factory

Planning to build a turnkey large poultry animal feed pellet processing plant? RICHI, a china poultry feed production line supplier with years of experiences in fodder feed pelletizing can offer exactly what you want! Here, you can get specific feed pelleting plan for different animals, including cat, dog, turtles, shrimp, fish, ducks, chickens, sheep, pig, cattle and so on. RICHI can also offer solutions for wood pellet making. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more details.

【Abroad】RICHI Large Capacity Animal Feed Pellet Making Plant Projects

G1 Solutions Inc.; CA, USA (90000 ton/year poultry fish livestock cattle feed production line)

L.T.D. Caucasus Agro International; Georgia (30000 ton/year turn-key poultry chicken feed production line machinery)

Alhassan Farms; Ghana (30000 ton/year poultry feed mill production factory)

Ngawi K.A.B.; East Jawa, Indonesia (50000 ton/year Poultry mash feed plant)

Hum Huat (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.; Malaysia (6 ton/year mesh feed production plant)

Al-Taqua Co.; Egypt (30000 ton/year China manufacturer poultry feed plant)

PT Jadi Mas; Indonesia (30000 ton/year Poultry Chicken complete feed pellet line )

Emman Farming Enterprises Limited; Zambia (90000 ton/year poutry feed plant mill)

automatic large plant poultry pellet feed production plant

【Domestic】 RICHI Large Capacity Animal Feed Pellet Processing Plant Projects

Shangdu Feed Co., Ltd (Liuhe Group) (360,000 tons/year livestock feed production system)

Xinzheng Yongtai Feed Co., Ltd (120,000 tons/year aniamal feed processing plant)

Shangdu Group, Longhu Keji Feed Co., Ltd (120,000 tons/year livestock feed production business)

Lanzhou (Gansu) Dabei Agricultural Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year livestock feed plant factory)

Anyang Dabei Agricultural Feed Co., Ltd (30,000 tons/year animal feed manufacturing plant)

Taiyuan Dabei Agricultural Feed Co., Ltd (30,000 tons/year multi functional animal feed plant)

Luoyang Feed Co., Ltd (Zhengbang Group) (90,000 tons/year animal feed processing plant project )

Tianjin Tiaozhan Feed Co., Ltd (90,000 tons/year animal feed production line turkey)

Shangqiu Huipu Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year animal feed processing factory)

Weishi Lvfeng Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year commercial animal feed plant)

Henan Longbao Feed Co., Ltd (120,000 tons/year animal feed pellet line with silo system)

Jinzhou Feed Co., Ltd of Liuhe Group (60,000 tons/year animal feed processing plant project )

Shandong Yishui Zhengxiang Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year automatic complete poultry feed pellet line with reasonable price)

Henan Dade Aquatic Feed Factory (Zhengzhou) (120,000 tons/year animal feed production process line project )

Linyi Feed Factory of Shandong Mengfa Feed Group (60,000 tons/year production line for animal feed)

Shandong Weizun Feed Co., Ltd (180,000 tons/year turn-key poultry cattle feed pellet plant)

Contact us for more large-scale manufacturing plant projects for poultry feed!

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