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Poultry chicken feed grinder hammer mill machine for poultry chicken feed manufacturing plant

2020-11-03 Back to List

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Richi Machinery is a professional poultry chicken feed grinder manufacturer, the capacity of our crusher mainly includes 4-6t/h poultry feed hammer mill,5-8t/h corn grinder for chicken feed,6-9t/h chicken feed hammer mill grinder,8-10t/h maize grinding hammer mill for poultry,10-13t/h poultry fodder grinder crop crusher machine.

Today we will introduce our SFSP series electric corn animal feed grinder for chicken feed in detail. As the main equipment of poultry feed industry, poultry feed grinder mill is an important factor for the formation of feed quality, feed remuneration and poultry chicken feed manufacturing plant processing cost. Therefore, it is a problem that poultry chicken feed line production can not be ignored to properly master crushing technology and choose appropriate chicken feed crushing machine.

poultry feed grinder mixer with CE

1.Introduction of ce approval poultry chicken feed grinder

Corn grinding hammer mill machine for poultry chicken feed is mainly used to turn solid materials into small pieces under the action of mechanical force. The operation of breaking up a material by mechanical means to overcome its internal cohesion is called crushing or fine grinding.

Generally speaking, the bulk material into small pieces of material, called broken, and the small pieces of material into a fine powder, called fine grinding. Broken and fine powder habit also known as crushing. When solid materials are divided into small pieces or fine powders, the surface area per unit weight will increase, thus increasing the reaction rate of physical and chemical reactions.

It is mainly used for coarse crushing and fiber processing of various granular grain raw materials, such as corn,rice,maize,straw, sorghum straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, rape straw,etc.

2.RICHI SFSP series poultry animal feed mammer mill grinder structure

The bearing table and the cutter table are on the same plane, shortening the length of the main shaft, so the structure is compact, the sieve path is in a stepped form, increasing the angle of the sieve sheet, increasing the powder discharge area, making the crushing effect good, the sieve sheet is easy to replace.

Chicken feed hammer mill, with bearing table, fixed knife table, screen plate, screen frame, its characteristics lie in the bearing table and fixed knife table cast on the same plane outside the reserved hole in the lower housing shaft, the screen frame fixed by screws in the lower housing to form a ladder, its circumference is oval.

3.The working principle Of ce approval chicken feed hammer mill machine

The poultry farm hammer mill mainly relies on the impact energy to complete the crushing material operation. Poultry feed mill grinder is working, the motor drives the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the crusher chamber evenly and high-speed rotary hammer impact, cut apart the material to the material being broken, at the same time, the material's own gravity makes material from the high-speed rotating hammer head to the body panel, sieve, resistance is greater than the screen hole size of materials on the sieve plate continues to hit by the hammer and the grinding, crushing to the discharging granularity until the final through the sieve plate outside.

Wheat corn rice maize hammer mill for chicken feed is mainly rely on impact to break materials. Material into the small hammer mill, suffered shattered by the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer, the crushed material, obtained from hammer broken hammer kinetic energy, from high speed toward the body flap, screen, meanwhile material impact each other, have been broken many times, from the gap eduction , individual large material, again by the impact of the hammer head, grinding, extrusion and crushing, the material being hammer broken hammer out from the gap. To get the desired granularity of the product.

4. Advantages​​​ of poultry feed hammer mill crusher

(1)Working hammer head, cast by new process, has wear-resisting and impact resistance.

(2)The granularity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

(3)Hammer the seal of the body structure to solve the problem of dust pollution and body leakage in the crushing workshop.

(4)The overall design has the advantages of beautiful shape, compact structure, few wearing parts and convenient maintenance, etc. It is an upgrade and replacement product.

(5)Compact structure, beautiful appearance, good wear resistance, easy maintenance.

5.How to improve the crushing efficiency of chicken feed grinder?

The crushing section is a process of making feed particles smaller by impacting, shearing and grinding, it is one of the most important basic processes in the poultry chicken feed pellet making plant.

The energy consumption of crushing section accounts for 70% of the total consumption of poultry chicken feed production line processing. Therefore, improving the crushing efficiency of poultry chicken feed hammer mill can reduce the processing cost, and choosing the appropriate technology and equipment is the key to improve crushing quality and efficiency.

(1)Crushing process

①Single cycle crushing process. The process can use hammer mill with larger mesh, plane rotary screen or vibration grading screen. After crushed, materials on the meshes by screener will be conveyed into hammer mill to be crushed again. The method of enlarging the meshes can increase the material flow and reduce the energy consumption. The power saving is 26% ~ 40% than that of common crushing process, and the output is increased by 34% ~ 50%.

②Secondary crushing process. The process uses two hammer mills or combination of roller mill and hammer mill. Materials are usually coarsely crushed by the first hammer mill, then the thick materials will be crushed by the second hammer mill or roller mill. This process can eliminate the effect of material reflux on the efficiency of hammer mill in a single cycle process. Roller mill can play an important role in combination with chicken feed crusher hammer mill. It not only saves electricity consumption, but also reduces noise and is easy to adjust product fineness.

(2)The convey of the materials after crushing uses mechanical convey (plus suction air).

After the secondary crushing process, the output of poultry fodder hammer mill is increased, the lifting equipment and the horizontal conveying equipment after crushing section must have the corresponding transport capacity.

(3)Use automatic feeder.

In order to achieve the best effect, we must ensure feeding uniform under the maximum workload, to make the hammer mill work efficiently and steadily. Using automatic feeder can regulate feeding speed according to the moisture content, characteristics and fiber of materials. Because the feeder has achieved the best load control for hammer mill, it reduces the power consumption of the feed plant and increases the output.

(4)Use a new type of chicken feed grains hammer mill crusher.

RICHI grain corn maize grinding hammer mill for poultry chicken feed has been used in thousands of feed mills in recent years and has shown its obvious advantages compared with the horizontal hammer mill. Our High Strength Grain Hammer Mill Machine eliminates the auxiliary air suction system, which solves the problem of inefficiency caused by improper suction system and air suction system fault in traditional process, and reduces water loss. The machine is equipped with screen changing system, fast loading and unloading mechanism. The temperature sensor and vibration sensor are also installed in the machine to monitor the working condition. Using our poultry chicken feed crusher can increase the output by more than 25% and save energy over 30%. There are many factors affecting the crushing efficiency. Taking full consideration of the selection of poultry chicken feed grinding equipment and process layout is an important way to improve the quality and efficiency of crushing.

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