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How to choose the most suitable animal poultry feed hammer mill grinder for yourself?

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The crushing of feed ingredients is an important part of animal poultry feed processing line. The animal poultry cattle chicken fish pig feed hammer mill grinder is mainly used to crush feed ingredients and various coarse feeds. The crushed feed can increase the surface area of the feed and adjust the particle size, and improve the uniformity and palatability of the raw materials. Increase the solubility of feed nutrients in animal digestive juices, so that poultry animals can better absorb feed nutrients, improve digestibility and feed rate of return, and have considerable improvements in transportation, storage, mixing, and pelleting. The particle size of the crushed raw materials has a very important impact on the difficulty of subsequent processes (such as pelletizing system, etc.) and the quality of the finished poultry feed product. The size of the crushed particle size directly affects the animal poultry feed pellet production line plant cost.

1t/h small fish poultry feed mixer and grinder machine

In the production of animal poultry powder feed, the power consumption of the crushing process is about 50% to 70% of the total power consumption. The smaller the pulverized particle size, the better the digestion and absorption of poultry and the better the granulation, but at the same time the power consumption will increase accordingly. Therefore, how to make use of the best production state of the pulverizer, reduce production costs, and improve the production level and quality of poultry feed pulverization are important issues related to the efficiency of the entire manufacturing plant for animal feed.

At present, the most commonly used animal poultry feed crusher machine for grinding feed powder is the feed hammer mill grinder. It is a machine that uses a high-speed rotating hammer to crush feed. It has the characteristics of simple structure, strong versatility, high productivity and safe use. The animal food hammer mill is suitable for various animal feed production processing plants such as chicken feed lines, cattle feed production line, floating fish feed processing plants, pig feed mill plant and so on.

1. Choose according to production capacity

The animal poultry feed crusher's specification and nameplate will contain the feed grinder machine's rated production capacity (kg/h). The stated rated capacity refers to the output of the hammer mill crusher in a specific state. For example, a cereal feed crusher means that the crushed raw materials are for corn, its water content is safe for storage (about 13%), and the production efficiency when the sieve diameter is 1.2mm. Because corn is a commonly used grain feed, the sieve with a diameter of 1.2mm is the smallest sieve commonly used. At this time, the production capacity is small, which is the maximum production efficiency limit in production. Therefore, the production capacity when selecting the poultry feed grinder crusher should be slightly greater than the actual production capacity, otherwise it will increase the hammer wear, air leakage, etc., resulting in a decline in production capacity, affecting the safe production of feed and the service life of the poultry feed crushing machine.

2. Choose according to the crush object

Reasonable selection of poultry feed grinding machines based on crushing objects is an important prerequisite for ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency. In the process of poultry chicken feed production, if crushing grain feed is the mainstay, you can choose top-feeding hammer crushers; if required, general purpose good performance, mainly for crushing grains, and taking into account cakes and straws. Tangential poultry feed hammer mills can be selected, shells and other mineral feeds can be crushed, and shell screenless crushers can be used. If used as pre-mixed feed For pre-treatment, if the particle size of the product is required to be very fine and can be adjusted according to the needs, a special screenless poultry grinder machine should be used.

3. Choose according to the discharge method

There are three ways to output the crushed product through the discharge device, namely, dead weight blanking, negative pressure suction and mechanical transportation. Small single machines mostly adopt self-weight blanking method to simplify the structure. Most of the medium-sized pulverizers are equipped with a negative pressure suction device. Its advantage is that it can absorb the moisture of the pulverized material, reduce the humidity in the pulverized material to facilitate storage, increase the pulverization efficiency by 10% to 15%, and reduce the dust in the pulverization chamber , And the mechanical conveying method is to use a scraper or bucket to convey the crushed material to the next processing link (using animal poultry feed pellet making machine to temper and granulate).

4. Choose according to matching power

The specification and nameplate of the grain wheat corn grinder for animal feed contain the range of power KW of the motor supporting the machine. Depending on the type and strength of the raw materials to be crushed, the required power varies greatly. For example, under the same working conditions, the ratio of crushing sorghum The power of crushing corn is doubled. The crushing strength of soybean meal and cotton meal is similar, while the crushing strength of salt is the largest. If a different sieve is used, the load of the animal feed grinder machine will have a great impact.

5. Choose according to dust and noise

Most of the dust and noise generated in the processing of feed materials come from the poultry animal electric feed grinder. If a rabbit duck cock hen poultry fodder grinder with high noise and dust is selected, necessary noise and dust prevention measures should be taken to improve the working environment and reduce pollution and waste. Especially in the production process of aquatic feed, the dust generated in the crushing process of feed materials is more prominent. This is due to the small food intake of aquatic animals, short digestive tract, and poor digestion. It is usually required to pulverize aquatic feed to be finer than that of livestock and poultry feed.

The finer the particles, the larger the surface area, and the contact area of ??the aquatic animal's digestive juice The bigger it is, it can improve the digestibility of feed and increase the feed rate of return. Generally, fish feed should be crushed to a geometric average particle size of 0.5mm or less before pelleting. For example, ordinary fresh water fish meal must pass through a 20-mesh sieve and no more than 30% of the material above a 40-mesh sieve. Feeds such as crab and shrimp must pass 40 mesh. Sieve, 80% pass through 60 mesh sieve, eel and turtle feed are required to pass 60 mesh sieve, and 95% pass 80 mesh sieve. Therefore, the process of crushing these feeds must do adequate noise and dust prevention.

Recommend some Corn hammer mill for animal poultry feed:

(1)10-13 ton per hour hammer mill poultry feed grinder

(2)5-8 ton per hour CE Poultry Feed Hammer Mill Crusher

(3)6-9 ton per hour grinding grain hammer mill poultry feed grinder

(4)8-10 ton per hour grains processing hammer mill machine

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