Crushing process of 10 tons per hour chicken feed pellet production machine line for poultry feed


The crushing process is one of the more important processes in 10 tons per hour poultry chicken feed pellet making plant. Normally, the raw materials that need to be crushed account for about 50-80%. There are two common crushing processes, one is first crushing,the other is secondary crushing.

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1. First crushing process

This is a relatively traditional process, and it is also a commonly used crushing process in poultry chicken feed pellet production processing line. The raw materials are first upgraded, after the initial cleaning and removal of impurities, they enter the raw material warehouse, and then the magnetic separator is used to remove iron. It is crushed by the crushing equipment, and the crushed raw materials will be lifted into the powder silo for batching. The characteristics of this crushing process are simple and less equipment. The only drawback is the low output. It is suitable for most poultry feed manufacturing plants. Many 10tph poultry chicken pellet feed production plants will use this process.

2. Secondary crushing process

The process is essentially based on the first crushing process, adding some equipment, such as coarse crusher, fine crusher, and screener. After the raw materials are cleaned, they are coarsely pulverized. The pulverized materials are screened by a grading screen. The materials that meet the particle size requirements are directly sent to the powder silo, and those that do not meet the requirements are sent to the fine pulverizer for secondary pulverization. The process is characterized by low energy consumption and high production efficiency, but the initial investment cost is relatively large, and it is suitable for large scale poultry chicken feed mill plants and aquatic feed processing plants.

3.Main machine in crushing section

(1)10-13 ton per hour poultry feed hammer mill

(2)5-8 ton per hour animal poultry chicken food hammer mill machine

(3)6-9 ton per hour high-performance chicken feed hammer mill grinder

(4)8-10 ton per hour corn grinder hammer mill for chicken feed

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