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Crushing processing technology of suckling pig feed and selection of feed hammer mill

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In the past production of suckling pig feed, corn was crushed and directly mixed with other materials to be processed into ingredients or granules (or processed by a puffing machine). The main problems with this production process:

suckling pig feed hammer mill

1. No maturation or low degree of gelatinization (degree of maturity), low digestibility of piglets after eating, affecting breeding benefits.

2.the temperature inconvenience is too high during the aging process, because various additives have been added, and the high temperature will adversely affect some additives, and the aging degree cannot be improved when the temperature is low, so it is difficult to produce high-grade feed.

3. Even if the feed extruder is used for the maturation process, it can only adopt the ring gap discharge method (in the past, the production process basically used this method) to produce sheet material (crust material), and then crushed and sieved. However, the so-called "cooked rice materials" produced by this processing technology also have fatal weaknesses such as low maturity, low digestion and absorption rate, and low ratio of meat to meat. At present, such materials have a tendency to be eliminated by the market.

The correct processing technology of suckling pig feed: corn → crushing → puffing → cooling → crushing (mixing with other ingredients) → pelleting → cooling → metering and packaging. The biggest advantages of this process for suckling pig feed are high starch gelatinization (aging), high digestibility of piglets after eating, no adverse effects on other additives, convenient formulation adjustment, and greatly improving the production of high-grade suckling pigs.View pig feed lines:

Grinding process of suckling pig feed

1. When purchasing a suckling pig feed mill, choose a model that matches the subsequent capacity. The requirements for the sieve opening of the sieve sheet are generally ф 2 — ф 2.5. The small sieve opening has high energy consumption and is not economical.

2. The feeding device of the crushing mill machine (the crusher usually does not have this device when it leaves the factory) is very important. For small feed mills with low automation, manual gates are often used to control the feed volume. Large feed plants often use impeller or spiral automatic control feeders, whose speed can be adjusted to change the speed and thus the amount of feed. A more advanced control method is to use a negative feedback circuit to control the feeding amount of the feeder through the current of the animal feed hammer mill.

3. Most of the discharge methods of the grinder are screw conveying and negative pressure suction. Generally, a pulse dust collector is set at the opposite end of the discharge auger outlet, and has both dust removal and suction functions. This way not only ensures the dust removal of the crushing system, but also reduces the energy consumption of the crusher.

4. A good suction system can increase the output of the crusher by about 20%. The amount of air suction is generally determined by the wind speed of the sieve opening of the crusher, which is generally 2m/s to 2.5m/s.

5. When selecting a screw conveyor, its conveying capacity should be more than 10% larger than the output of the crusher. The raw corn is pulverized and put into the warehouse for the next processing step-puffing. In the process design, it should be noted that the material can flow smoothly to the feed extruder, and the material cannot be cut during the extruding process.

Suckling pig feed crusher series production recommendation:

(1)SFSP66*80b Feed Hammer Mill(10-13 ton per hour):

(2)SFSP66*60a Feed Grain Hammer Mill(5-8 ton per hour):

(3)SFSP66*60b high-performance animal feed hammer mill(6-9 ton per hour):

(4)SFSP66*80a Animal Feed Grinding Machine(8-10 ton per hour):

See more efficient feed crushers:

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