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Properly operate the szlh series ring die chicken feed pellet making in the commercial poultry feed production factory

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How to make pellet feed for chicken?By ring die type poultry chicken feed pelletizer machines. The szlh series ring die chicken feed pellet making machine is the main chicken feed processing equipment in the production process of each poultry feed manufacturing factory. It can also be said to be the heart of the chicken poultry feed mill factory. The correct use of the ring die chicken feed pelletizer directly affects the economic benefits of the poultry feed factory. Let me introduce the correct operation and use essentials of the pelletizer in the poultry chicken feed making factory:

szlh series ring die chicken feed pellet press

1. Trial operation of szlh series ring die chicken feed pellet press

After the pellet machine for chicken feed is installed, a trial run should be carried out first, and the following points should be done during the trial run:

(1) Familiar with the lubrication system of the chicken feed pellet granulator;

(2) Put the energized switch in the OFF position;

(3) Before opening the door, separate the cutter from the die;

(4) Open the door cover of the chicken feed pelletizer and check whether the fasteners in the pressing chamber are loose and whether the fastening is reliable;

(5) Check the agitator, feeder and ring die hole to see if there is any metal or foreign matter accumulated in it;

(6) Check whether the fastening bolts of the ring die are tightened, and the torque of the fastening bolts and nuts is generally 48 kg/m. After the CE ISO approved poultry chicken pellet machine has been running for about half an hour, check the torque data of the tightening bolts and nuts. They should not be too tight or too loose;

(7) Rotate the ring die poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine by hand to check whether there is blockage and whether the transfer is flexible;

(8) Check the oil level of the gear box. When the granulator is running, a certain oil level must be maintained;

(9) Check whether the gas supply is normal, the steam pressure should be 0.2-0.4mpa;

(10) Close and fasten the door of the chicken pellet making machine;

(11) Turn on the energized switch to energize the motor;

(12) Starting the main motor: Important note: Do not put anything (including hands) into the machine for pelleting chicken feed;

(13) Check whether the rotation of the ring die is correct. When you face the ring die, the direction of rotation of the ring die is clockwise;

(14) Check whether the stroke shape works effectively, pull the stroke switch contact by hand, the main motor should be able to cut off the power;

(15) Start the main engine for about 20 minutes, and touch the gear shaft near the oil seal by hand after parking. If the gear shaft becomes hot, the oil seal plate should be loosened, but no oil leakage;

ring die poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine

(16) There should be enough material in the pelletizing bin above the feeder, and the material flow must be uniform and continuous;

(17) Drain the condensed water in the steam pipe to ensure that the water droplets will not drip into the conditioner of pellet machine to do chicken pellets feed;

(18) Put a certain amount of materials (oily feed and feeder and conditioner, and start two motors), remove the metal that may fall into it during installation, but the materials are not molded by the ring die chicken feed pelletizer machine, because metal fragments are very dangerous for ring die and pressure roller;

(19) Restart the main motor and test the pressure with a small amount of oily feed (such as fine bran). During the pressure test, the material is fed from the observation door of the discharging chute. The feeding should be as even as possible until most of the die holes are out. After all parts of the machine are normal, the chicken animal feed pelletizing machine can be used for official driving. Any abnormality found in any step should be eliminated at any time.

pelleting process for poultry chicken feed

2. Operation and use of machine to make pellets for chickens

The correct operation of the hot sale szlh animal poultry chicken feed pelletizer in pelleting process for poultry chicken feed has two meanings: one is to make the equipment give full play to its efficiency, strive to increase the output, and make the quality of chicken feed pellets meet the requirements; the other is to use it correctly, It is wrong to maintain the equipment so that it has a longer lifespan. It is wrong to ignore any aspect. The machine for feed production of poultry should be adjusted to the relevant parts of the machine before operation and use; secondly, the chicken feeds miil pellets machine should be tested and checked before the operation and use, and only in this way can the animal feed pelletizer be operated and used correctly.

(1) After the trial operation is all normal, the formal operation can be carried out.

Pay attention to the startup sequence during operation, the order should be from bottom to top, and the steps are as follows:

①Make preparations for inspection according to the various steps of trial operation;

②Adjust the steam pressure and drain the condensed water in the steam pipe;

③Start the main motor;

④Turn on the quenched and tempered motor;

⑤Turn on the feeding motor and adjust the feeder to the lowest speed;

⑥Open the unloading door, and open the steam inlet valve at the same time, adjust the feed motor speed slightly, after pressing and discharging, gradually adjust the feeder speed and the amount of steam added to the appropriate level;

⑦Adjust the cutter to make the pellet length suitable;

⑧Further adjust the speed of the feeder to make the working current reach the rated current value, and adjust the steam flow accordingly to make the temperature and humidity suitable.

autometic chicken production machine

(2) Precautions for the start of work and new ring die change:

①For those who are unskilled in operation, open the door or use an external discharge mechanism to prevent the initial materials from entering the pressing chamber and falling on the ground when performing the step ⑥. When the steam content of the hand feel is more suitable, the material can form a ball when it is held tightly in the hand, and it can be dispersed after letting go. At this time, close the door and suppress it. After driving normally, you should always observe the ammeter of the main engine, and adjust the feed volume and air volume in time, and open the observation door of the feeding oblique handle at any time to observe. If there are large ferrous impurities adsorbed on The magnet should be taken out at any time to prevent it from falling into the pressing chamber.

②In load production, if too much water is added to the feed or the ring die is too thick, and it is not suitable for the chicken feed making formula, the material will be squeezed out from under the pressure roller instead of squeezed out from the hole of the ring die. If clogging occurs, if this happens, turn off the steam immediately, then turn off the feeding, tempering and chicken feed pellet granulator motor, and clean the ring die. After making sure that there is no sticky material on the surface of the die hole, start the host again and feed a small amount of dry material. Until most of the die hole is discharged. The final adjustment point of the steam valve and the feeding control adjustment point should be remembered as the adjustment points for daily operation. These two adjustment points change according to the change of layer feed formula for chicken. Factors such as material moisture content, oil content, fiber content and steam usage will change these two adjustment points.

③When the new ring die is tested for rotation, the oily material should be fed first, and after all the die holes (more than 90%) are out of grain, the larger material should be mixed with friction to carry out the grinding process of the ring die hole.

④When the new ring die is used, the feeder speed should be adjusted slowly, and the feeding speed cannot be increased before the ammeter pointer is not stable. If the ring die is blocked, the material in the pressing chamber must be cleaned up first, and then the pelletizing host must be restarted. At this time, it cannot be tightly plugged in the hole after the original set feeding is cooled, and additional pressure must be applied to allow the material to pass through the die hole. Subsequently, the feed volume and steam volume can be increased according to the ampere meter. Experienced operators can improve the machine to the best production capacity in a few minutes.

⑤When using a new ring mold, don't be careless and noisy. It is very necessary to let the new ring die get the best production capacity before it is heated up.

⑥For ring die with die hole diameter equal to or greater than 4mm, excessive steam should be used. Powder with high moisture content is easier to fill the die hole, but the compressed pellets are too soft. To solve this problem, you can slowly increase the dry matter until the feed becomes dry and hard. The dry material should not be added too quickly or too quickly, and the ring die should have enough time to heat up. If the amount of dry material added is too large, the die hole of the ring die will be blocked.

⑦The operation of the new chicken pellets feed machine for poultry feed plants and the new ring die can be carried out according to the above operating procedures. Once you are familiar with the commercial ring die chicken feed pellet making machine, you will find out various techniques and be familiar with the application of pelleting experience, so that the pelleting equipment will be in the best production condition and produce high-quality, high-yield pellet feed. But one thing must be kept in mind: do not overfeed the poultry animal pellet mill machine , otherwise it will have counterproductive consequences.

⑧Intuitive instruments should be used as much as possible to determine the operating conditions of the factory price chicken poultry animal feed pellet machine during operation, such as thermometers, main motor ampere meters, speed regulators, steam pressure gauges, etc.

broiler chicken feed pellet equipment in south africa

(3) Shutdown steps

When production is over, shut down. When shutting down, we should also pay attention to the sequence of turning off the car. The sequence should be opposite to the sequence of turning on. It is from top to bottom. The steps are as follows:

①Close the unloading door;

②Close the steam valve of the feeding motor and the conditioner motor when there is no material seen from the observation door;

③Fill the oily feed from the observation door to fill the die hole of the die;

④Turn off the main motor;

⑤After the host is stopped, open the door cover to clear the material in the pressing room;

⑥Remove impurities on the magnet.

(4) Precautions when operating the pellet machine for chicken feed

In the operation and poultry chicken feed plant production process, we should also pay attention to some problems. If these problems are not paid attention to, it will seriously affect the production.

①There should be no stones, iron impurities, twine and other foreign objects in the powder;

②When driving, turn on the main motor first, turn off the feeding motor first, and then turn off the quenching and tempering motor when turning off the car;

③ Feed oily feed before turning off the main motor;

④Clean up the material in the pressing room after parking.

szlh ring die poultry chicken pellet processing machine

3. Maintenance of szlh ring die poultry chicken pellet processing machine

(1) Daily maintenance of chicken feed pelletizer equipment

①Strictly follow the requirements of the lubrication diagram, add oil to each place that needs to be lubricated, and check the oil filling hole;

②Check the distance between the cutter and the ring die before the shift to ensure that it is not less than 3mm;

③Check whether the bolts, screws and scrapers in the pressing room are loose before the shift, especially the screws connecting the ring die and the driving wheel;

④Check the pressure roller gap before the car and adjust it in time to ensure that the gap between the two rollers is consistent;

⑤Check the security magnets before the shift, and clean up magnetic impurities and accumulated materials in time;

⑥Check for oil leakage, adjust or replace the oil seal in time;

⑦Keep the outside of the machine clean, especially to prevent dust accumulation on the motor housing.

(2) Periodic inspection and maintenance of machine pellet production for chicken poultry

①Check whether the connecting parts of each part are loose once a week;

②Check whether the safety switches of each stroke are reliable in action every week;

③Clean the feeder and conditioner once a week, if it is not used in a short time, it must be cleaned;

④The oil in the main transmission box and the two reducers should be replaced with new oil after 500 hours of operation, and the oil should be changed once after 1000 hours of continuous operation;

⑤The drive bearings on the auger shaft and the stirring shaft in the conditioner are removed for cleaning and maintenance every six months;

⑥For the pelletizer system for chicken poultry feed, check the wear condition of the connecting key between the ring die and the transmission wheel every half month for timely replacement;

⑦Regularly check whether the spindle is loose, pay attention to adjusting the spline nut at the end of the spindle at the rear of the box, and keep the spindle tight;

⑧Please refer to the manual for the models of wearing parts and various parts.

machine pellet production for chicken poultry

(3) Replacement of the ring die.

The inner surface of the ring die is severely worn or the diameter of the pellets needs to be changed.

①Open the door cover;

②Loosen the ring die cover and four reinforced flange screws, and remove the ring die cover and reinforced flange;

③Hook the ring die with a hoist or other tools, remove the 8 bolts connecting the ring die and the drive, and pull out the ring die. Because the ring die is heavy, pay attention to safety when disassembling and assembling, and the steps for installing the ring die are reverse to the above;

(4) Replacement of pressure roller for chicken animal feed pelleting machine

①Open the door cover, remove the die cover and the feeding scraper;

②Remove the stopper pin and the adjusting wheel, loosen the fixing screw of the pressure plate, and remove the pressure plate;

③Remove the pressure roller assembly from the main shaft;

④Equalize the positioning teeth of the non-return washer on the round nut and unscrew the round nut;

⑤Knock the left and right ends of the pressing shaft with a wooden hammer, and remove them from the right end;

⑥Remove the glands at both ends;

⑦Remove the spring retaining rings for the holes at both ends, and take out the oil retaining ring.

⑧Use a special large sleeve and a tip to knock out the outer rings and spacers of the two bearings;

⑨Check the use of bearings and other parts, replace bearings and others according to the degree of damage;

⑩Clean the complete set of roller components, and assemble the pressure roller according to the above reverse steps. Pay attention to the tightening degree of the bearing in the tightening nut, not too tight or too loose, generally keep the manual light slightly, no axial movement Appropriate.

(5) Replacement of safety pins

The ring die type animal chicken poultry feed pellet mill machine adopts full pin overload protection. When the animal poultry feed mill factory is overloaded and the safety pin is cut, the safety lock should be reinstalled. If there is local deformation, it should be polished.

(6) Disassembly and assembly of the mixing shaft of the pelleting machine for chicken poultry feed

①Loosen the cap nut on the end cover of the right end of the feed auger (the left end of the conditioner);

②Extract the end cover, bearing with seat, and stirring shaft together. When two people operate the extraction of the shaft, one person can unscrew the hand hole cover, hold the mixing shaft with a big stick or other tools in the hand hole, and the other person can pull out the shaft forcefully. When installing, there should also be two people, one of them observes in the hand hole and aligns the direction of the shaft end, installs the square hole of the output shaft of the feed reducer (tempered reducer), and applies a small amount of grease to the square hole; Another person must support the weight of the shaft and install it. Tighten the end cover fastening bolts after installation. This method is also applicable to the disassembly and assembly of the auger shaft and the stirring shaft of other types of poultry chicken feed making machines for pellets, but it is not applicable to the disassembly and assembly of the agitating shaft of the extended conditioner.

poultry chicken feed making machine pellet mill

【More】More matters needing attention in the operation of the poultry chicken animal feed pellet making machine:

(1) Lubricate the transmission part of the chicken feed pellets production machine regularly, lubricate the roller bearing every 2 hours, and lubricate the front bearing of the main shaft every 4 hours to ensure the flexible rotation of the transmission part of the pelletizers for poultry chicken feeds and reduce work load.

(2) Regularly replace the lubricating oil in the gear box of the horizontal ring die chicken pellet feed making machine. The oil needs to be replaced once after the new chicken feed pellet maker machine has been running for half a month. After that, it must be replaced every 1000 hours of continuous operation, which can extend the service life of the gear.

(3) Once a week, you must carefully check whether the connecting parts of each part are loose, whether the travel safety switch is reliable, and clean the feeding auger and conditioner to avoid mechanical failure.

(4) Check the wear of the transmission key and the pressure mold lining and the hoop every half a month, and replace it in time if the wear is found to avoid the shaking of the ring die and affect the output.

(5) Use high-quality ring dies and pressure rollers. Eliminate the use of inferior ring dies with out-of-round and rough inner holes, and choose the compression ratio of the ring dies according to different formulas to ensure smooth output of the ring dies, avoid increasing power consumption and reducing productivity.

(6) Adjust the gap between ring die and pressure roller every shift. If the electric chicken feed pellet milling machine is blocked, the pressure roller must be loosened, the gap between the mold rollers must be readjusted after the material on the inner wall of the ring die is removed, and it must not be forced to start, so as to avoid damage to the transmission part and the bearing gear due to severe vibration.

(7) Put an end to overload production. During the poultry feed plant making process, the working capacity of the pellet making machines for chicken feeds should not be exceeded, otherwise motor damage and accelerated wear of components will occur, which will shorten the service life of the pellet machine make chicken feed.

(8) Iron and impurity removal work must be done for raw materials for chicken feeds, and the iron removal device must be cleaned every shift to prevent foreign matter from entering the ring die working chamber, causing vibration of the machine body and ring diecracking.

In addition, the usual maintenance of the animal chicken feed pelletizing machine is the key to prolonging the working life of the chicken feed pellet mill. This requires strengthening the management of the chicken feed making equipment for poultry chicken feed factory, and the benefits of the aninaml poultry feed production enterprise will be significantly increased.

RICHI CE with longlife guarantee chicken granule feed pellet mill machine for sale:

Model Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Conditioner Power(kw) Dia.of Ring Die(mm) Final Pellet(mm)
SZLH250 chicken feed pelletzier 1-2 22 0.75 1.5 250 2~12
SZLH320 chicken feed pellet mill 3-4 37 1.5 2.2 320 2~12
SZLH350 chicken feed pellet machine 5-7 55 1.5 3 350 2~12
SZLH420 chicken feed pelletizer 8-12 110 1.5 7.5 420 2~12
SZLH508 chicken feed pellet maker 10-18 160 2.2 11 508 2~12
SZLH558 chicken feed pellet press 15-25 180/200 2.2 11 558 2~12
SZLH558D chicken feed pelleting machine 14-22 160/180/200 1.5 7.5 558 2~18
SZLH678 chicken feed pellet equipment 20-30 220/250 2.2 11 678 2~12
SZLH678D chicken feed pellet mill 15-25 200/220/250 2.2 11 673 2~18
SZLH768 chicken pellet feed equipment 25-40 280/315 2.2 11 768 2~12
SLZH858 chicken food pellet mill  25-42 280/315 2.2 15 858 2~18

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