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Layout design of 1-2t/h small scale poultry pelllet making plant for manufacturing chicken feed

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Have you ever wondered how to make chicken feed for layer broiler, or what the nutritional requirements of a chicken are? A chicken's diet is formulated from a range of potential ingredients, that are then mixed together to provide all of the chicken's nutritional requirements. Most of these ingredients are grains, oil seed meals, and animal byproduct meals. The followings are our hot sale equipment unit for small scale poultry feed mill. It is designed for 1~2 ton per hour poultry feed production line.

machinery chicken feed production line in south africa

1.Small scale 1-2t/h poultry chicken feed line manufacturing process flow chart

RICHI 1-2 ton per hour chicken poultry feed line for pellet, adopts modular design, which is convenient for disassembly, transportation and installation; it has low investment, quick effect, compact structure, small floor space, low plant requirements, low capital investment, and it can also be designed according to needs. Especially suitable for small-scale feed mill factories and farms.

(1)China factory 1-2t/h chicken feed production process

The 1-2t/h poultry pellet manufacturing plant for chicken feed adopts manual weighing ingredients, and the designed total production capacity is 1-2T/H finished pellet feed. The raw materials need to be pre-weighed, and then fed into the chicken feed producing line from two different feeding ports. The raw materials that need to be crushed are fed from the pellet feeding port to the poultry feed grinder in batches.

The corn grinder for chicken feed uses the primary cleaning screen to feed the aw material. The powder to be crushed is pre-weighed and enters the production line from the powder feeding port, and then is mixed by the poultry feed mixer. The mixed material can directly enter the finished product warehouse as a powder product, or enter the granulation section for pelletizing and cooling processing , And finally use manual weighing and packing. The whole unit adopts splicing frame, compact design, reasonable structure, meeting environmental protection requirements, and can be oriented design according to customer requirements.

View the "poultry feed manufacturing process flow and equipment layout design" as shown in the below picture. It is just for reference. Actually, each of our equipment unit or project is designed specially depending on the situation and needs of each clients. So just feel free to leave us a message and tell us what you need, then we can offer the best plan of customized 1-2 ton per hour poultry chicken feed pellet making plant with detailed cost!

how to set up a poultry feed mill

(2) According to the needs of different customers, the scheme can be optimized for configuration:

①The gate and the discharge gate of the mixer in the small unit are controlled by pneumatic components and need to be equipped with a separate air pressure system. Customers can replace it with an electric gate and an electric discharge gate of the mixer according to their needs, eliminating the need for a separate air pressure system investment;

②Considering the low output, in order to reduce the cost, the production line is generally equipped with a raw material cleaning system, using manual pre-cleaning, and customers can add a raw material cleaning system according to their needs;

③The small unit is designed with powder and granular finished products warehouses. If customers do not need powdered finished products, they can remove the powdered finished products warehouse.

(3)Machines for 1-2 ton per hour low cost small scale chicken feed production line

machine for grinding corn maize to chicken feed

②Silo with arch breaking structure

③Screw Conveyor

chicken fodder mixer machine

1-2t/h ce approved poultry chicken feed compress pellet making machine

⑥Feed Cooling Machine

⑦Feed Packaging Machine

⑧Electrical Controlling System

⑨Steam System

how to set up a poultry feed mill

2.What Ingredients Go Into Making Poultry Feed?

Here are some tips for poultry farm and chicken feed mill factory about chicken feed formula. Most poutlry animals are omnivores, which means they naturally eat both plants and meat. So what ingredients go into making poultry chicken feed?

(1)For starters, about 60-70% of a chicken's diet consists of cereal grains like wheat, barley, or sorghum. Another thing that often goes into chicken feed is oil seed meals, such as soybean or canola meal. These ingredients make up the bulk of the energy content of the chickens' diet. Sometimes vegetable oils or animal fat will be added as an additional source of energy. Since poultry need lots of protein and the cereal grains do not generally contain enough protein for them, many poultry feeds will also contain up to 20% animal byproduct meal.

All the ingredients for making poultry feed products are carefully mixed together, and the nutritional composition is precisely calculated in order to give the poultry animals all the nutrition it needs, no matter what stage of development it is at. The grains, oil seed meal, and animal byproducts are referred to as macro-ingredients, because they make up the main part of the chicken diet.

(2)Special Micro-Ingredients Added In Poultry Feedstuffs

Often, special micro-ingredients are added to poultry fattener as needed, because poultry is very sensitive to the balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in their diet. The purpose of the micro-ingredients is to correct any imbalances or deficiencies in the macro-ingredients. They are called micro-ingredients because only tiny amounts of them are added to the poultry feedstuffs.

where to buy chicken feed machine around lanseria

3.1-2T/H full automatic turn-key poultry chicken feed pellet plant in Australia

(1)RICHI complete 1-2 ton per hour customizable easy to use small poultry chicken feed plant in Australia

This 1-2 ton animal feed production line constructed by Richi Machinery has a small site area and has local standards for limiting the height of the plant. Therefore, Richi Machinery has designed a customized solution according to the actual site situation of the customer:the prime technology equipment include feed crusher machinery grain wheat corn sorghum grinder machine*37kw, mixer machine for animal feed*250kg, small pellet making machine*22kw, feed pellet cooling machine, vibrating screen*1.5kw, etc.

Obviously, due to the limitations of the plant, we have configured a simple animal feed processing production line for our customers. In addition, except for the limitation of the plant area, because the feed pellets produced by the customer feed the animals directly, instead of being used for sales, so we did not recommend that the customer configure equipment such as automatic ingredient weighing and automatic packaging weighing, which greatly saves the cost of the feed plant construction. Thereby reducing the cost of the entire 1-2tph chicken feed production processing line.

(2)Chicken Feed Pellet Market In Australia

In Australia, nearly all of the food given to chickens raised for their meat is in the form of compressed pellets. The pelleted feed is made by first mixing the ingredients according to nutritional balance, and then using steam and pressure to heat said ingredients to 85 degrees Celsius. This causes the pellets to gelatinize and stick together firmly in a cohesive form.

Interestingly enough, most chicken diets in Australia have some grain added back into the pellets after they are made. This means the finished feed is a mixture of pellets and 10-30% whole grain. The reason this is done is that, according to research, eating grains stimulates the chicken's gizzard. Since chickens don't chew their food, they rely on swallowed stones in the gizzard (a muscular part of the stomach) to grind their food into smaller particles. This gizzard stimulation has been found to have long-term health benefits for the chickens, so adding whole grains into the chickens' diet makes for healthier birds.

In America, France, Australia, and the UK, most meat chickens are "grain fed", because the primary ingredient in the feed given to meat chickens consists of grains such as wheat, sorghum and barley. In Australia, for example, about 60-70% of the chickens' diet will consist of grains such as these.

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