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New designed 1.5-2tph biomass fuel pellet manufacturing plant for Philippines market

2020-10-19 Back to List

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Recently, a new designed 2 ton per hour biomass pellet fuel manufacturing plant for Philippines market was born. This new plan is designed for one of our Philippines client. He is planning to start biofuel pellet production business in the Philippines.The biomass energy pellet production line capacity is 1.5~2 ton per hour. This pellet plant is designed to process Napier Grass, also known as Uganda Grass or Elephant Grass. If you interested to know more about making fuel pellets from energy grass, don't hesitate to contact Richi Machinery! We are always glad to help you with more information.

1.5-2 ton per hour complete grass wood pellet production line price

1.How To Make Biomass Fuel Pellets From Grass?

Mankind is facing a lot of challenges today and the critical one — "which could prove to be an obstacle for resolution of many other challenges", is the growing need of energy and its resources.

(1)1.5-2tph biomass fuel napier grass pellets plant manufacturing process

Crushing → Drying → Crushing → Pelletizing→ Cooling → Storage

① The raw materials are formed by the chaf cutter and grass crusher at one time, and then passed through the drum screen to separate a few large-size raw materials that are not suitable for granulation, and take uniform materials for processing in the next section.

②Enter the grass sawdust dryer, where a single-layer tumble dryer is used.

③The grass sawdust pellets are fed into the machine-made pellets through the grass pellet making machine equipment. The host is a ring die grass pelletizer. The dust generated during the pelletizing process is processed and collected by the dust removal grass pellet milling machine equipment.

④After the granulation is completed, the temperature of the grass pellets is relatively high, so they need to enter the counterflow cooler for normal temperature air cooling.

⑤The cooled grass pellets enter the automatic packaging machine for quantitative packaging.

China factory offer new design grass pellet production line best price

(2)Cost and price of complete 1.5-2 ton per hour best solution biomass pellet line for napier grass

Factory price of small capacity 1.5- 2 ton per hour biomass grass pellet production line is usually between 100000USD-300000USD.

2. Prospects for biomass pellet fuels

Utilizing energy resources help in addressing the needs of transportation, industrial progress for its processing, heating, and generating sustainable ways of energy by providing raw materials for chemical industries. With research and lot of efforts put in finding the substitute for petroleum, biofuels have emerged as an alternative. There are lots of reasons for finding the best alternative for petroleum in first place, such as; growing shortage of petroleum reserves, alarming concerns and reservations over global warming, uncertainty of petroleum supplies because of high demand, and greenhouse gas emissions which are linked with fossil fuels has paved way for many industries and governments to switch their focus on the substitute, biofuels.

3.How to start your biomass grass fuel pellet plant business?

Recent development and advancements have been made in lignocellulosic agricultural wastes and their sources, enzymatic hydrolysis, pre-treatment techniques along with fermentation to produce bioenergy in the most cost-effective and ecologically sustainable way. Lignocellulosic crops are used as feedstock for advanced diesel and biofuels. In comparison to rotational arable crops, Lignocellulosic crops are considered to have greater GHG efficiency as they require lesser supplies for input.

(1)Raw Materials Species

It is important to understand that different species of raw materials have distinct traits. These traits include different fiber and lignin contents which usually affects the cohesiveness of the wood pellets. Additionally, different cohesive values of the raw materials call for different compression ratio of the pellet mill die mold.

(2)Size Of The Biomass Material

This is another important factor that affects pelletization process and your investment in the biomass pellet processing plant. Varied sizes of materials require different technological processes for the design of the pellet production plant.

(3)The Moisture Content Of The BIomass Material

This factor will determine whether there is need of a drying system in the biomass wood fuel pellet manufacturing plant. Statistics and research show that the most suitable moisture range that is commonly used is 13% to 15%.

(4)Different Technological Processes Due To Use Of Different Materials

Different types of raw materials can be mixed and milled together or you can just mill one type of material at a time. There are suitable projects offered based on your demands but the thing is to secure the stable performance of the mill. If using different kinds of raw materials, then ensure they are blended proportionately and thoroughly.

factory sale new design biomass fuel grass sawdust pellet production line

4.Some of the Prominent Examples of Lignocellulosic Crops:




Giant Reed grass

Reed canary grass

Giant King Grass, Napier Grass, Elephant Grass

Short Rotation Coppice of Willow and Poplar


Energy Cane

Utilization and application of renewable biomass resources has received major focus in the world, and it is not stopping anytime soon as mission to make this planet and the world a better place to live take further assurances with these developments. If you are planning to invest in biomass energy production or want to know more about setting up a complete latest technology high quality grass pellet processing plant, don't hesitate to contact Richi Machinery!

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