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How to properly use a hammer mill (Part 1)

2020-01-27 Back to List

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Hammer mill can be used in pig feeds production line,chicken feed manufacturing line,cattle animal feed pellet making line,poultry feedstuff powder feed processing unit line,chicken feed pellet production machine line for poultry feed,Less used in aquatic feed pellet line.

animal cattle poultry cow fish feed hammer mill

Hammer type feed mill is a kind of machine that uses high-speed rotating hammer to crush feed. It has the advantages of wide versatility, weak temperature sensitivity to feed, good crushing quality, convenient use and maintenance and high productivity. However, if the user does not have enough analysis of several key issues that affect the working performance of the crusher, it will result in low productivity, large power consumption, and the crushing quality cannot be guaranteed. Here are some key issues to pay attention to when using a hammer mill.

1.Generally, the moisture content of feed during crushing is not more than 15%

The moisture content of the feed increases, the crispness of the structure decreases, the feed is not easy to be crushed, and the productivity and power output are reduced. The test proves that when corn moisture content increases from 14.3% to 21%, its productivity decreases by 29% and power consumption increases by 12.5%; when barley moisture content increases from 13.8% to 20%, its productivity decreases by 30% and power consumption increases by 12.5%. Therefore, it is generally required that the moisture content of the feed during crushing does not exceed 15%.

2. Hammer speed has a great influence. Within a given range, take a low value when crushing stalk feed and a high value when crushing cereal feed.

Hammer speed has a great impact on the productivity and power consumption of the mill. The test proves that when the speed of the hammer blade is too low, the impact ability is reduced, and the wind power for sucking the powder is also small, so the productivity is low and the power consumption is increased. When the speed is high, the pulverizing ability and the powder discharging ability are increased, so that the productivity is improved. However, if the speed is too high, the blasting effect of the rotor will increase, and the vortex effect of the crushing chamber will increase, leading to an increase in no-load power consumption. At the same time, the material speed will be too high, and the opportunity to discharge the sieve holes will be reduced. Therefore, the crushing efficiency will also be relatively reduced.

In addition, if the speed of the hammer is too high, the power consumption of bearing friction and agitation air will increase sharply, which will significantly increase the energy consumption of the unit product. Therefore, each type of shredder has a suitable speed range. In recent years, the speed of shredder hammers has increased. Most of the shredders used on farms are 60_70m / s when crushing stem feeds and low values ​​when crushing cereal feeds. High values ​​when crushing cereal feeds. In short, choose the appropriate one according to the requirements in the instruction manual. Hammer linear speed to give full play to the efficiency of the grinder.

3.The hammer sieve gap should not be too large or too small

Hammer-sieve clearance refers to the clearance between the end of the hammer blade and the sieve blade. This clearance has a great impact on the working performance of the crusher. When the hammer sieve gap is large, the feed particles close to the sieve surface in the feed are not easy to contact with the sieve sheet, and there is less chance of being hit. At the same time, the friction effect of the sieve sheet on them will be weakened due to the low speed, so the power output will decrease. The finished product becomes coarse. When the gap is large to a certain extent, the feed particles on the sieve surface move too slowly and even block the sieve holes, which further reduces the productivity. When the hammer-sieve clearance is small, the outer ring feed is more likely to be hit by the hammer. The feed on the sieve surface has a high speed of movement, and it is not easy to pass through the sieve holes, which increases the effect of friction and crushing. Conducive to powder discharge, not only wasting power, reducing power output, but also the finished product is too thin.

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