Effect of pulverized grain size on livestock and poultry feed


As we all know, the first section of the feed processing process must be crushing, especially the processing of pellet feed, raw materials must be crushed before mixing, pelleting. Moreover, different livestock and poultry are suitable for different pulverized grain size, if the pulverized grain size is not appropriate, you can cause a lot of problems, such as nutritional disorders and metabolic disorders disease. The former is a disease caused by the insufficient or lack of certain nutrients required by animals, or by the over-supply of certain nutrients that interfere with the absorption and utilization of other nutrients. The latter is due to one or more metabolic process in the body abnormal changes, resulting in internal environment disorders caused by the disease.

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There are three causes of nutritional metabolic disease:

(1) insufficient intake of nutrients, diet or lack of certain nutrients in the diet.

(2) poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, can not make full use of.

(3) nutrient conversion needs too much.

Let's focus on the first reason and discuss the pulverized grain size of corn and soybean meal, the main feed in the diet.

Feed processing is closely related to animal nutrition, high-quality products need scientific formula design and processing manufacturing to achieve. The suitable pulverized grain size has great influence on the nutritional value of feed, the benefit of farmers, the market share of feed products and the prevention of metabolic diseases.

What is the meaning of the most suitable pulverized grain size of feed? It refers to the geometric average grain size of feed fed to animals that has the maximum utilization rate, the best production performance and does not affect animal health and is economically economical.Proper feed size can increase the opportunity of digestive enzymes or microorganisms in the animal gastrointestinal tract, improve the utilization rate of feed digestion, reduce the loss of nutrients, animal excretion and environmental pollution; Can make all kinds of raw materials mix evenly, production texture uniform , effectively prevent the mixing of powder mixture; It can improve the mixing effect and curing degree of feed, improve the pelleting and extrusion effect. Easy for animals to feed, reduce the waste of feed, also easy to store, transport.

The geometric average grain size of corn, the main feed for breeding chickens and layers, is 3.5mm, with the coarseest reaching 5.2mm. This kind of situation is very common in many areas, seriously affect livestock and poultry production performance, some lead to the occurrence of nutritional metabolic disease.

What do you need to do to get the best pulverization of feed? Choose the right feed hammer mill.Some commonly used feed crushers are recommended below:

1、SFSP66*80b Feed Hammer Mill(10-13 ton per hour):https://www.cn-pellet.com/product/feed-hammer-mill.html

2、SFSP66*60a Feed Grain Hammer Mill(5-8 ton per hour):https://www.cn-pellet.com/product/sfsp-fine-grain-hammer-mill.html

3、SFSP66*60b high-performance animal feed hammer mill(6-9 ton per hour):https://www.cn-pellet.com/product/animal-feed-hammer-mill.html

4、SFSP66*80a Animal Feed Grinding Machine(8-10 ton per hour):https://www.cn-pellet.com/product/animal-feed-grinding-machine.html

See more efficient feed crushers:https://www.cn-pellet.com/product/crusher-mixer/

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