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Complete automatic 8 tons per hour biomass straw waste wood pellet fuel production plant project feed mill project proposal

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Recently, RICHI's 8 tons per hour biomass straw waste wood pellet fuel production project has passed the environmental assessment and obtained relevant approval from the local government:

1. The project (code: 2019-532504-25-03-013923) is located in Zhongyizhangchonggou, Miyang Town, Mile City.

It uses straw and waste wood to process and produce biomass pellet fuel, with a total area of ​​3376.57. m2. The 8 tons per hourautomatic straw wood pellet line project mainly includes production workshops, raw material warehouses, integrated offices, dry toilets, water supply and drainage systems, power supply systems and corresponding environmental protection facilities, etc. The scale is an annual output of 20,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel. The total investment of the project is 7.2 million yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 237,000 yuan. It has obtained the "Investment Project Recording Certificate" from the Maitreya Industrial, Commerce and Information Bureau, and agreed to follow the nature, scale, location and process described in the "Report Form" And the environmental protection countermeasures adopted for 8 tons per hour automatic straw wood pellet processing line project construction.

China professional 8 tons per hour straw wood pelletizing line for biomass waste

2. The work that should be done well in the process of 8 tons biomass pellet production project construction and operation

(1) Strengthen the prevention and control of waste gas pollution. After the drying exhaust gas is processed to meet the relevant requirements of the second-level standard in Table 2 of the "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" (GB 16297-1996), it is discharged through an exhaust tube of no less than 15 meters. The dust generated in the process of crushing, crushing, granulation, etc. is processed by the dust removal system and reaches the "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Atmospheric Pollutants" (GB 16297-1996), and is discharged through an exhaust tube of no less than 15 meters.  

Strictly implement closed measures for production workshops, strengthen waste gas collection and plant environmental management, reduce unorganized dust emissions, and ensure that the concentration of pollutants at unorganized monitoring points meets the requirements of relevant standards.  

(2) Standardize the construction of rain and sewage diversion systems, and strengthen the collection and management of wastewater. Strictly control the labor quota and the amount of domestic sewage generated. The clean wastewater from the employees is collected and settled and used for sprinkling in the 8 tons per hour renewable energy straw wood pellet plant factory area to reduce dust, and not discharged.  

(3) Prioritize the selection of low-noise equipment, and earnestly implement noise reduction measures such as sound insulation and vibration reduction to ensure that the noise at the factory boundary meets the relevant requirements in the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises" (GB 12348-2008).    

(4) Strengthen the comprehensive utilization and proper disposal of solid waste. Solid waste should be collected separately and disposed of separately. After the centralized collection of domestic garbage, the environmental sanitation department is entrusted to clean it up for disposal. The dust collected by the dust collector is used as a raw material to return to the production process, and the slag of the hot blast furnace and the dust collection ash of the drying exhaust gas system are uniformly collected and used for farmland fertilization. The storage sites of raw materials and solid waste shall adopt environmental protection measures such as "three preventions" in accordance with regulations.  

Hazardous waste such as waste engine oil must be managed and disposed of in strict accordance with relevant requirements. A standardized temporary storage room for hazardous waste must be built. When a transfer occurs, the transfer procedures must be completed in accordance with the regulations and handed over to a qualified unit for disposal.  

(5) Strictly implement various environmental risk prevention measures, and formulate environmental risk prevention emergency plans in accordance with the requirements of the "Management Measures for the Recordation of Emergency Response Plans for Environmental Incidents of Enterprises and Institutions (Trial)" and report them to the Maitreya Branch for the record.  

(6) Strengthen environmental management during the construction period and strictly implement various environmental protection measures during the construction period. Take measures such as spraying water to suppress dust on the construction site to prevent dust pollution. The construction wastewater is used for sprinkling water to reduce dust after sedimentation treatment. Reasonably arrange construction time and transportation routes to prevent noise from disturbing residents. The construction solid waste is timely and properly disposed to avoid secondary pollution. 

(7) It should be reported in written form to the local government and relevant departments, and no residential areas, hospitals, schools, etc. are planned to be constructed within the 50-meter protection distance determined by the 8 tons per hour good quality straw wood pellet line project.

Following are more of our sharing on this automatic 8 tph good quality straw wood biomass pellet line project construction content:

①Configuration table of main 8t/h straw wood pellet making plant equipment and auxiliary tools and utensils of wooden pellet production line

② Purchase form of electric power and auxiliary production equipment

Based on the natural conditions of the large 8t/h straw wood pellet factory project location and the energy consumption analysis in the production of wood and straw pellets, it is determined that there are three sections of crushing, pelletizing and packaging to form an automated continuous wood straw pellet production line 8 tons production capacity. The power consumption of this biomass straw wood pellet producing line is 81kwh/t, which is relatively low in China's wood straw pellet manunfacturing line.

(1)Equipment needed to make fuel pellets in 8 tons per hour customized biomass staw wood waste pellet processing line project:

Number Equipment Name Power(KW)
1 Good quality wood chipper shredder for wood pellet plant (W-Disc-800, cutter head diameter 630mm, cutting diameter 180mm) 75
2 hot sale new type straw wood hammer mill machine
(SFSP66*80a,The whole is made of steel plate, widened crushing chamber)
3 Bucket Elevator(TDTG40/28, sawdust 2-3 tons/hour, the shell is made of 2mm carbon steel plate) 1.5
4 prepelleting bin(4M3, 2mm carbon steel plate and assembled with screws, convenient for transportation) /
5 professional manufactured wood chip dryer for pellet plant /

biomass industrial wood pellet machine for pellet plant project

(MZLH420, gear drive hoop type, ring die alloy steel carburizing treatment, high-quality bearings, equipped with standard conditioner and feeder)

7 airlock(Cast type to ensure that the wind is closed, equipped with motor and reducer) 0.75
8 Cooling machine(The moisture content after drying and cooling is below 10-13%. The whole is made of carbon steel) 1.5
9 Fan(GB boiler fan) 4
10 Cyclone(2mm steel plate welded, coated with anti-corrosion material) /
11 Supporting installation pipe(made of 2mm carbon steel) /
12 Grading sieve(Stainless steel sieve) 1.5
13 Screw conveyor(shell is 3mm carbon steel plate, top cover is 2mm steel plate, equipped with motor and reducer) 3
14 Finished product warehouse(made of 2mm carbon steel plate and assembled with screws) /
15 Computer packaging scale(gravity type, with sewing machine and belt conveyor) 3
16 Electrical control system /

(2)Construction engineering for 8 tons per hour low investment high return straw wood pellet line

The new construction area of ​​this 8tph straw wood pellet production project is 1230 square meters. Repair the existing plant and fence.

★Newly built a 5m wide wrought iron gate.

★There is an 80-ton floor scale at the entrance of the gate; a new brick-concrete structure floor scale room and guard room, covering an area of ​​20 square meters, are separated by a partition wall.

★Repair and paint the office, staff lounge and surrounding walls, replace the roof of the office and staff lounge, and add external insulation materials.

★Level the site, do a good job of dispersing water, and lay a dispersing channel beside the shed of the production plant.

★Build a new fire-fighting water system consisting of a pump room of 10 square meters, 2 fire-fighting pumps, a 130-meter fire-fighting water pipe, 10 fire hydrants, and 4 20-meter hoses.

★Erect 8 street lights in the raw material area and the 8 tons per hour biomass energy straw wood pelletizing plant area.

★Newly build a 1200㎡ production workshop, with a colored steel shed at the top and a 10 cm thick cement floor at the bottom. The bottom chord of the shed is 4.5 meters high, 20 meters wide, and 60 meters long. The workshop is open on all sides and has access channels for production vehicles.

★Adding a 315kvA transformer, the basic monthly electricity fee is 5980 yuan, and the electricity cost per kilowatt-hour is 0.48 yuan. The installed capacity of the production line is: 154.55kw/h, the power used according to the normal production capacity is: 121.55kw/h, the production capacity is approved as 1.2t/h, and the power consumption per ton of product is: 81kw/t (121.55kw/h×0.8/1.2 t/h), the equipment operation rate is determined at 85.6%, and the annual production of wooden pellets is 20,000 tons, and the annual power consumption is 729,000 kWh.

(3) Overall layout for hot selling 8 ton per hour straw woodpellet line

①According to the requirements of the 8 tons capacity complete straw wood waste pellet production process, considering the professional requirements of construction, fire protection, mechanical operations, etc., reasonably arrange the location of the production workshop, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc., and manage it in different areas.

②The entrance and exit roads of the 8 tons straw wood pellet making factory area should be convenient for the transportation, loading and unloading of products, and the main road should be suitable for fire-resistant vehicles.

③The power supply is as close as possible to the load center to reduce the loss of power and energy.

④The raw material yard is a compacted land, surrounded by walls, and the entrance is a weighing station, and a weighing instrument is set up.

⑤The large wood straw pelletizing line production workshop is a wooden pillar-supported colored steel shed, 4.5 meters high (8.5 meters at the hoist), with an area of ​​1200 square meters, and the ground is a cement floor.

⑥Maintenance of roofs, inner walls, floors, windows and other facilities in lounges and offices, and insulation and painting of outer walls.

⑦Newly built a pump room of 10 square meters, a water well, a 130-meter fire pipe trench, and 5 fire hydrant wells.

⑧Purchase 2 fire water pumps, 130 meters of fire steel pipes, 4×20 meters of fire hoses, and 10 fire hydrants.

⑨The pump house is located in the center of the west side of the wall, and is supplied by a submersible pump. One spare. The fire-fighting steel pipe is 130 meters long and has a slope of 0.5:100. There is no water in the water pipe when it is not in use to ensure normal use in winter. There is a fire hydrant well every 32.5 meters, each well is equipped with two fire hydrants, and two fire hoses are provided at the raw material storage area and the shed to ensure that the fire water reaches any point in the plant area.

(4) Wood straw pellet manufacturing process for large capacity heavy duty 8 tons/hour straw wood pellet line

The 8 tons per hour big capacity straw wood pellet line production process is: raw material → crushing → natural drying → lifting and warehousing → iron removal → high temperature compression → cooling → packaging → storage → transportation.

Raw materials must be strictly inspected when entering the site, and the moisture content must be controlled within 23%. After the raw materials enter the site, they are stacked and dried according to the size of the wood diameter, and the height of the loader must be used to reduce the occupation of the space.

Before crushing, the moisture of the wood should be controlled below 20%. According to the size of the wood diameter, different types of crushers are used for crushing. After crushing, it is naturally air-dried in the shed. When the moisture reaches 11%-15%, use the loader to load the material and lift it into the silo; the silo is equipped with a level meter to control the loading of the hoist to prevent the hoist from being stopped when the silo is full; Magnetic cylinder, remove the iron from the scraps.

The working principle of the ring die biomass wood straw pellet pressing machine is similar to the existing forage grass feed pellet mill machine, that is, the raw materials are added from the ring die (the moisture content of the raw materials is required to be 11% to 14%, and the moisture content is too large or too small. It is not good to be granulated), which is rolled and extruded through a ring die to form granules. The extrusion pressure reaches 50-100MPa. The raw material deforms and rises under high pressure, and the temperature can reach 100-120℃.

After the pellets are made, they are lifted into the warehouse by a belt conveyor, and then cooled and sieved by a cooling unit. After screening, the particles that do not meet the specifications are recovered and returned to the silo. Qualified particles are loaded by the elevator to the silo to be packaged, and packed by the computerized quantitative packaging machine, and then stored and sold in the warehouse.

(5) Staffing in China professional 8 tons per hour straw wood pellet line for biomass waste

The high quality straw wood pellet line with 8 tons big capacity is divided into three sections: crushing section, granulating section and packaging section. Implement an 8-hour work system. The crushing section and the granulating section operate in 3 shifts a day, each with 5 people, including 1 loading machine (raw material in the crushing section, wood chips on the pelletizer), 2 crushing and feeding workers, and 2 granulating operators. Four shifts are operated in three shifts, with a fixed number of 20 people; the packaging section operates two shifts a day, each with 3 people, including 1 packaging operator and 2 movers, implementing three shifts and two operations, with a fixed number of 9 people; company management personnel and auxiliary production The staff will be 14 people. The company has a total of 43 employees.

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