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How to solve the problem of finished product classification in the 100t/h poultry animal feed factory production process?

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In the 100t/h large scale poultry animal feed factory production process, when the finished material falls into the finished product warehouse, due to the difference in the size and specific gravity of the feed, the gravity and the vacuum phenomenon lead to the classification of the finished poultry feed product, and the difference in the packaged finished product will affect the finished product. quality. To solve the problem of feed classification caused by poultry feed production.

After repeated experiments, RICHI designed and developed the "feed product warehouse with anti-grading buffer structure" and related patented technology to achieve high-quality mass production. The application of this technology can achieve the ideal uniformity. The coefficient of variation of the finished material from the mixer into the finished product warehouse is not higher than 3%, reducing the waste of raw materials, energy and manpower, and reducing the production cost by more than 500,000 US dollars per year. The economic and social benefits are significant.

large poultry feed mill process 100 tons

1. Design guiding ideology

Develop a finished poultry feed product silo with an anti-grading buffer structure, with a vertical draft tube in the silo body, a fixed bracket between the draft tube and the warehouse wall, and at least one layer per meter on the draft tube wall Buffer wings, the number of each layer of buffer wings is at least three, the flow guide pipe is provided with an overflow port corresponding to each buffer wing, and the side wall of the bin and each layer of buffer wings are provided with a return air duct. It effectively solves the problem of grading the finished feed product due to the different particle size and specific gravity of the feed during the process of feed entering the finished product warehouse after processing and mixing, under the action of the self-flow phenomenon and the vacuum phenomenon, to achieve the ideal uniformity, from the mixed product to the warehouse After the coefficient of variation is not higher than 3%. Take one RICHI 100t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant case as an example. There are many poultry feed factory enterprises with a certain scale, with a hourly production of more than 100 tons poultry animal feed, all of which have product quality problems caused by classification.

2. Test ideas and methods

Main design ideas and features:

(1) There is a diversion tube in the silo body;

(2) There is a fixed bracket between the draft tube and the warehouse wall;

(3) There is a layer of buffer wings per meter on the wall of the draft tube, and the number of buffer wings in each layer is three;

(4) There is an overflow port corresponding to each buffer wing on the draft tube;

(5) The side wall of the warehouse is equipped with a return air duct; the angle between the buffer wing and the guide tube is 120-125 degrees.

3. Test process and results

The research and development of the finished feed product warehouse with anti-grading buffer structure has gone through the following stages since 2017:

(1) Preliminary preparations are carried out according to the patented technical requirements, and the product classification of the traditional feed product warehouse is sampled and analyzed. According to the volume of each warehouse of 20m³/15 tons, it takes about 20 minutes to enter the warehouse and 60 minutes to exit the warehouse. Sampling out of the warehouse takes samples every 10 minutes. A total of 6 samples are taken from each warehouse. The laboratory analyzes and tests each sample to calculate the coefficient of variation. Then compare with the mixing uniformity at the outlet of the mixer to determine the best data.

(2) Improve the design plan through repeated research and experimentation;

(3) Technical transformation of finished product warehouse, complete equipment installation and commissioning;

(4) Analyze the effect of the finished product warehouse after technological transformation, and achieve the goal of sampling at different time periods and controlling the coefficient of variation at 3%. In March 2018, it entered the actual production stage and met the design requirements.

4. Key technology and innovation points

The innovation of this project is that the silo body is equipped with a vertical guide tube, overflow outlet, buffer wing, return air pipe and other internal structures, which are connected and fixed at a certain position and angle. When the material enters the finished product warehouse , Change the natural settlement state due to specific gravity through devices such as airflow and buffer wings, improve product uniformity and avoid secondary mixing. At the same time, other supporting technologies can more effectively play the function of improving product quality and reducing production costs. The difficulty of design and experiment lies in the selection of design parameters in the warehouse, as well as accurate sampling and accurate experimental analysis.

5. Promote applications

In view of the continuous increase in poultry feed processing output and the increase in the degree of large-scale production, the technical requirements have been correspondingly increased. The promotion and application of this project in large-scale poulry feed production enterprises solves the problem of product variation in feed production, that is, product quality is unstable, resulting in production duplication and waste, and difficulty in expanding production scale. Make the development of animal husbandry and feed industry more reasonable and orderly. It has high promotion and application value in the feed industry, and at the same time can drive the development of feed machinery and related feed processing equipment manufacturing.

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