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How to deal with the cleaning problem in poultry chicken feed mill factory's processing technology design?

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In the chicken poultry feed mill factory production process, when the chute is blocked due to the imperfect cleaning process, the material path is not smooth, the conveying machine is idling, the chicken feed crusher screen and the feeder die are damaged or broken down happened. To avoid the above phenomenon, the following points should be paid attention to in the design of the chicken feed plant cleaning process. 

poultry cattle chicken fish feed plant screener

1. Reasonable design and use of grid screens 

The grid screen is generally set at the material receiving port and is the first step of the cleaning process. Because its composition is too simple, it is often the most overlooked. The grid screen design should first consider using a reasonable grid gap first. The size of the screen gap is generally determined by the geometric size of the material. For corn, powdered auxiliary materials and rice, the sieve gap should be within 3cm; for oil and meal, the sieve gap should be between 3~5cm. At the same time, the grid screen should be fixed during use, and the debris should be removed in time. Only in this way can the purpose of preliminary screening be effectively achieved.  

2. The horizontal conveying machinery should be arranged reasonably in the cleaning process  

Because of the low cost of horizontal conveying machinery, high conveying efficiency, and simple structure, it is widely used in feed processing technology. However, due to improper use of the location, its failure rate is correspondingly high. It is more common that the material after the preliminary cleaning of the grid screen is directly transported to the hoist through the auger or scraper. As the materials go through a screen cleaning process, many short hemp ropes, small sack pieces and other impurities are easily entangled or stuck in the horizontal conveying machinery, which reduces the efficiency of the use of these equipment, and in the worst case, the motor will be burned, causing certain economic losses.

Therefore, in the animal chicken feed making plant process design, try to avoid using the horizontal conveying machinery before the initial cleaning and magnetic separation equipment. The material in the lower hopper is best sent directly to the hoist through the slide pipe. This can minimize the impact of debris on the conveying equipment.  

animal poultry chicken cattle fish feed plant cleaning equipment

3. Reasonably select the process parameters of the primary cleaning screen

The primary cleaning screen is the main chicken feed making equipment in the cleaning process. It is used to remove hemp rope, sack pieces, stones, mud and other debris in the material. The selection of its process parameters has a direct impact on the cleaning effect. The following issues should be paid attention to in the design and selection of the primary cleaning screen: 

(1) Choose a suitable sieve hole diameter

The appropriate screen hole diameter should be selected according to the physical properties and geometric dimensions of the screened materials.  

(2) Adjustable dust suction volume should be selected

This condition can be achieved by setting a valve above the suction port.

(3) Choose sufficient production capacity  

Usually, the processing capacity of the sieve in the design parameters should be about 30% higher than that of the conveying equipment in the previous process.  

In the design, reasonable selection of the above parameters can effectively improve the efficiency of the screen. 

(4) Reasonable selection of magnetic separator   

Iron nails, bolts, nuts, small iron pieces and other impurities mixed in the feed ingredients are the most harmful to the high-running grinder and feeder. It may cause the bottom of the screen to break down, or damage the die and burn the motor. A reasonable location setting is very important. 

There are two types of magnetic separation equipment often used in the design: one is a permanent magnet drum; the other is a permanent magnet drum. The former is small in size, covers a small area, has no power consumption, and has an ideal demagnetization effect. But it is only suitable for powders and granules with smaller geometric dimensions. Moreover, the adsorbed metal foreign matter needs to be manually removed on a regular basis; compared with the latter, the cost is higher and the volume is larger, but it is also suitable for materials such as cakes with larger geometric dimensions and agglomerated bran. Although there is power consumption, it can automatically remove the adsorbed metal foreign matter in time. The high position setting in the process is more applicable. However, in the design of smaller feed mills, due to the constraints of capital and plant area, high-quality and inexpensive permanent magnet cylinders are more commonly used.  

automatic chicken feed plant cleaning equipment

The position of the magnetic separator in the process is arranged as follows:

①Place the magnetic separator after the primary cleaning screen and in front of the animal chicken feed hammer mill grinder.  

This can effectively remove the metal impurities in the particle raw materials. Avoid it causing damage to the corn maize grinder for chicken feed. 

②Place a magnetic separator on the upper part of the granulating powder bin

This can effectively prevent the metal impurities mixed in the auxiliary materials from entering the pelletizer and causing damage to the die. 

③Place a magnetic separator on the upper part of the packing scale  

This method is not commonly used in process design, but it is necessary to remove metal foreign matter in secondary raw materials that have not been primary cleaned, so as to further improve and ensure the quality of finished feed.

animal chicken poultry fish livestock feed line cleaning machine

4. What are the cleaning equipment that the poultry chicken feed making factory needs to use?

(1)SCY Series Cylinder Cleaning Sieve For Chicken Feed Production Plant

Type  Power(KW)  Particle feed output(t/h)
SCY 50a 0.55 10-15
SCY 63a 0.55 10-20
SCY 80a 0.75 25-35
 SCY 100a 1.5  50-60 
SCY 130a 3  100-120

①well cleaning efficiency, high efficiency in removing impurity: in addition to the big miscellaneous efficiency of 99% or higher, in the big miscellaneous do not contain full particles or net;

②using horizontal arm cylindrical screen. Sieve tube feeding and discharging screen principle, choose different combination of mesh, respectively, can get ideal screen manage efficiency;

③with reverse feeding mode, sieve tube section is equipped with spiral of discharge, and increase the actual screen length, achieve full screen effect, and effectively prevent the impurities with a net;

④the internal, external structure of brush cleaning sieve. Fiber impurities and rice is orange in screening group shaped with the guide screw, and reliably for automatic cleaning;

⑤low power, high output, stable running and reliable, in sieve convenient maintenance, compact structure, accounting for the space is little;

The sieve plate with different specifications can be chosen for cleaning and pre-cleaning of wheat, corn, rice, oil and other materials for chicken feed.

(2)SQLT Series Cleaning Sieve For Chicken Poultry Feed Mill Factory

Type  Power(KW)  Production capacity(t/h)
SQLT 60×50×100b  5.5  10-20
SQLT 75×65×140b 7.5 20-30
SQLT 90×80×160b 11 50-60 
SQLZ 125×100×200b 15 100-120

It is mainly used in compound chicken poultry feed mill plants and powder cleaning factory.

It can effectively separate the straw, stone, paper and other sundries, so that the material can pass through other equipment smoothly, effectively ensuring the regular working of the equipment.

The sieve can also be used for sieving, crushing or removing agglomerated materials after mixing, to ensure the quality of the compound chicken feed.

(3)Rotary Screener For Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Manufacturing Plant

Type  Power(KW)  Particle feed output(t/h) Powder feed output(t/h)  
SFJH 150×2N-C 5.5    10-16   8-12 
 SFJH 165×2N  5.5 15-20  10-15
 SFJH 185×2N  7.5  18-25 12-18
 SFJH 210×2N  15 30-45 25-35

①Scope of application

It is used for screening and classifying of powder or pellet feed, initial cleaning of raw materials in chicken broiler layer feed mills, and classification of the intermediate products after secondary crushing in large and medium poultry chicken feed mill factories.

②Main features

•Drive and balance structure innovation patents. Stable, efficient and high output.

•Stable performance, safe and reliable.

•Flexible installation, convenient replacement and simple operation.

(4)TCXT Series Tubular Magnet For Animal Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Making Line

Model Output(t/h)
TCXT15 10-15
TCXT20 20-30
TCXT25 30-50
TCXT30 50-70
TCXT40 80-100

①New type magnetic materials is adopted with magnetic intensity ≥2000GS;no need power;

②Case is made of stainless steel and flexible inspection door;

③ Installation is flexible and convenient and does not occupy floor space.

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