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Business proposal for setting up a 160 tons per hour large capacity poultry feed manufacturing plant project

2021-03-07 Back to List

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In 2020, China's feed output will achieve rapid growth, with a total output value of 946.33 billion yuan and a total output of 252.761 million tons. Among them, the output of poultry feed such as laying hens was 33.519 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 7.5%, and the output of poultry feed such as broilers was 91.758 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 8.4%.

 In addition, according to the changes in China's regional layout, there are 10 provinces with feed production exceeding 10 million tons, one more than in 2019. They are Shandong, Guangdong, Liaoning, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Hubei, and Hunan. Among them, Shandong's output reached 43.358 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 14.7%. The 160 tons per hour automatic poultry feed processing plant project we are going to talk about today comes from Shandong. This is a 160tph turnkey chicken poultry feed factory construction plan we provide to customer from Shandong province.

160t/h poultry feed mill costs capacity

1. Main construction engineerings of in the very large scale poultry chicken feed manufacturing project with 160 tons per hour production capacity

This 160tph large animal feed processing project for poultry chicken broiler layer is located in Shandong Province. The total investment of the project is 120 million yuan, covering an area of ​​40003m2, with a total construction area of ​​about 54934m2. The main construction is to build complete poultry feed line with a production capacity of 15t/h. There are 5 animal feed manufacturing lines with 160t/h poultry feed for chickens. The main construction content includes production workshops, silos, offices, etc., as well as supporting public works and environmental protection projects.

Main economic indicators of the 160 tons super capacity poultry feed making project

Item Value Value Remarks
Total land area 40003m2 60 acres
Total surface area 21721m2 54934m2 4F
Supporting project Office building  375m2 1500m2 4F
Restaurant dormitory 375m2 1500m2 4F
Janitor 27m2 27m2 1F
Fire control room 18m2 18m2 1F
Extinguiser pool 240m2 240m2 2F
Environmental protection pool 60m2 60 m2 1F
Production room Phase I Workshop 1# 2552m2 5104m2 1F(H=8m)
Phase I Workshop 2# 690m2 4140m2 6F(H=40m)
Phase I Workshop 3# 2600m2 5200m2 1F(H=8m)
Equipment Tower (Phase I) 1092m2 1092m2 1F
Equipment Tower (Phase II) 546m2 546m2 1F
Loading canopy 1 407m2 407m2 1F
Dump truck canopy 1 299m2 598m2 1F(H=8m)
Dump truck canopy 2 158m2 316m2 1F(H=8m)
Dump truck canopy 3 220m2 220m2 1F
Phase II Workshop 4# 1320m2 2640m2 1F(H=8m)
Phase II Workshop 5# 666m2 3996m2 6F(H=42m)
Phase II Workshop 6# 2400m2 4800m2 1F(H=8m)
Phase II reserved workshop 7510m2 22530m2 3F
Building density / 53.8% /
Volume rate % 137.3 /

Main engineerings

Project category Project name Construction content
Structural work 5 complete poultry chicken feed production lines with a production capacity of 15t/h Phase I Workshop 1#: Building Area 2552m2, Phase I Workshop 2#: Building Area 4140m2, Phase I Workshop 3#: Building Area 5200m2, Frame Structure, Equipment Tower (Phase I): Building Area 1092m2, Loading Canopy 1: Construction area 598m2; unloading canopy 1: construction area of ​​598m2; unloading canopy 2: construction area of ​​316m2; unloading canopy 3: construction area of ​​220m2; 3 automatic livestock and poultry feed production lines are set up;
Phase II Workshop 4#: Building Area 2640m2, Phase II Workshop 5#: Building Area 3996m2, Phase II Workshop 6#: Building Area 4800m2, Frame Structure; Equipment Tower (Phase II): Building Area 546m2, Automatic Livestock and Poultry 2 feed production lines;
The second phase reserved workshop: the construction area is 22530m2.
Auxiliary engineering Office building Building area of ​​1500m2, brick-concrete structure, used for the office life of project employees
Restaurant dormitory The building area is 1500m2, used for project staff accommodation and restaurant.
Thermal energy After the completion of Hainan Xin'ao Energy Development Co., Ltd. in the Economic Development Zone (the construction is expected to be completed in July 2020), the development zone's central heating can be realized. After the central heating, the thermal energy of this project will rely on the Hainan Xin'ao Project for heating.
Fire control room Building area 18m2, used for fire control room
extinguiser pool Building area of ​​240m2, used to store fire-fighting water
Environmental protection pool Building area 60m2
Janitor One 1-story building, brick-concrete structure,building area 27m2
Public construction Drainage Supplied by the municipal water plant.
powered by

Supplied by the municipal grid.

Environmental Engineering Exhaust gas treatment device Dust treatment in the production process: dust collector for production equipment; dust monitoring equipment at the factory boundary
Sewage treatment facility Domestic sewage septic tank, grease trap
Noise control measures Optimizing equipment, optimizing layout, and reducing noise and vibration.
Solid waste collection and disposal There is a trash can for domestic garbage and a hazardous waste storage room for hazardous waste
Transportation engineering Raw materials and products The project materials are transported by tankers and automobiles, among which grease and liquid are packed in barrels or cans, and transported by automobiles

2. The main poultry feed production equipment for animal poultry chicken pellet feed and mash feed production factory project with 160 tons per hour

Number Poultry Feed Equipment name Equipment model Quantity Remarks
1.Raw material receiving and cleaning system
1 Bucket elevator SSTQ50/28 5 Self-cleaning
2 scraper conveyor machine SSG32 4 High strength and wear resistance
3 Primary cleaning QLY100 4 /
4 Pulse bag dust collector BLMa27 4 /
5 Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT30 6 Single point high efficiency dust removal
2.Feed crushing 
1 Poultry feed grinding machine SFP70x100 5 Large crushing room
2 Pulse bag dust collector BLMa72 5 Single point high efficiency dust removal
3 Screw conveyor SSLU32 5 With closed air device
4 Bucket elevator SSTQ40/23 5 Self-cleaning
3.Poultry Feed batching and mixing
1 Spiral distributor FPX4,6,10,12 9 Precise positioning, self-cleaning
2 Ingredients bins / 54 /
3 Automatic batching scale 3 ton per batch 5 Automatic weighing
4 Grease adding system / 3 /
5 Double shaft paddle poultryl feed mixer HHJS6 3 Efficient mixing
6 Bucket elevator SSTQ60/33 3 Self-cleaning
4.Poultry feed pelletizing for pellet
1 CE ring die poultry feed pellet making machine SZLH series 5 Automatic control
2 Poultry Pellet Cooler LQNY28x28,LQNY24x24 5 /
3 Poultry feed pellet crumbler PS210*140*2 4 Four rollers evenly crushed
4 Bucket elevator SSTQ40/23 5 Self-cleaning
5 Grading screener SFJH150X2C,3C 5 /
6 Vibrating screener TQLZ150×200 5 /
5.Packing section
1 Automatic packaging machine LCS-50-BZ 5 /
2 Belt conveyor sewing machine GK35 5 /
3 Cyclone BLMy36 1 Collection dust
6.Other auxiliary systems
1 Grease adding equipment / 3 Grease adding equipment
2 Liquid adding system / 3 Liquid adding system
3 Air compression system 10 cubic meters per minute 3 /
7.Green facilities
1 Exhaust Cleaning process-pulse dust collector 4 /
2 Feeding process-pulse dust collector 4 /
3 Batching bin-pulse dust collector 9 /
4 Crushing process-pulse dust collector 5 /
5 Cooling and crushing process-high-efficiency cyclone dust collector 5 /
6 Packing process-pulse dust collector 1 /
7 Canteen process-oil fume purifier 1 /
8 Factory boundary dust online monitoring equipment 1 /
9 Water mist dust collector 2 /
10 Waste water Three-stage septic tank, three-stage grease trap 1 /
11 Solid waste Hazardous waste storage room, trash can 1 /

3. The main raw and auxiliary materials and fuel consumption of the 160tph super quality poultry feed mill project

Number Raw material  Quantity   Remarks Maximum storage capacity Storage method
1 corn 200002 Pellets, outsourced 6000t Silo storage
2 wheat 32002 Pellets, outsourced 1500t Silo storage
3 Sorghum 12001 Pellets, outsourced 1500t Silo storage
4 Soybean meal 80002.8862 Powder and pellets, outsourcing 2000t Silo storage
5 Wheat middling 4000 Powder, outsourcing 100t Silo storage
6 Rapeseed meal 16000 Powder and pellets, outsourcing 400t Silo storage
7 Dicalcium Phosphate 4000 Powder, outsourcing 100t Bagged
8 Calcium powder 4000 Powder, outsourcing 100t Bagged
9 Premixed feed 8000 Powder, outsourcing 200t Bagged
10 Amino acid 4000 Liquid, outsourcing 100t Silo storage
11 Other feed 20000 Powder, outsourcing 1000t Silo storage
12 Vegetable oil 16000 Liquid, outsourcing 200t Barreled

4. Product plan and packaging method in the turnkey 160t/h full automatic poultry chicken powder and pellet feed plant

This multi purpose  poultry feed making project will set up 5 poultry feed processing lines with a production capacity of 15t/h, with an annual output of 400,000 tons of chicken broiler layer poultry feed.

Business plan Feed type Packing method  Weight (kg/bag)  Quantity (10,000 packs) Total
160 tons per hour poultry feed production









400,000 tons

5. General layout analysis for the 160t/h large size automatic poultry animal feed processing plant 

The general layout of the big poultry feed company project is based on the principles of simplicity and convenience. The 160 tons poultry feed mill factory project has 1 entrance and exit, located on the south side of the project, facing the planned road, which is convenient for the transportation of raw materials and finished products; the project office and living building is located on the left side of the entrance and exit, which is convenient for people to enter and exit; the production workshop is located in the middle of the plant plot, and the batching warehouse is located in the northeast of the plot angle. It can be seen that each department of the project is set up compactly to facilitate the transfer of logistics.

The process dust exhaust cylinder after the project treatment is set on the top floor of the production workshop. The project office area is located in the side wind direction of the dust and waste gas pollution source. A certain greening is set in the factory. When beautifying the plant landscape, it can purify the air, insulate and reduce noise effect. In general, the layout of the project is basically reasonable.

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