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Poultry feed processing plant use cleaning equipment for sale

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Whether the selection of cleaning equipment in the poultry feed processing factory is appropriate directly affects the cleaning effect of poultry feed making raw materials, the output and quality of finished products, the safety of poultry feed processing equipment and personnel, and the environmental sanitation of the workshop. Therefore, the cleaning of raw materials and production environment of the poultry chicken feed milling plant is very important sections.

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1. Problems that should be paid attention to when choosing cleaning equipment for your poultry feed making plant

The following aspects should be considered when selecting the appropriate poultry feed factory cleaning equipment:

(1) Determine the process flow of the cleaning section according to the needs of feed cleaning.

(2) According to the properties of the raw material for poultry feed making, select the corresponding equipment and determine the equipment model and parameters. The main consideration is the difference in particle size, dispersibility, bulk density, etc. of pellet feed and powder feeds. Different types of cleaning screens have different adaptability to material handling. For example, a cylindrical primary cleaning screen should be used for the cleaning of granular materials, and a powder cleaning screen should be used for the cleaning of powdered materials.

(3) The output of cleaning equipment is generally 2-3 times the production capacity of finished products in the workshop.

(4) Consider the cleaning effect, operational reliability, convenience of layout, installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

(5) Consider the manufacturing quality, price, spare parts supply and after-sales service of the equipment manufacturer.

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2. Commonly used poultry feed factory cleaning equipment

The cleaning work of the poultry feed manufacturing factory mainly removes large impurities and iron impurities in the raw materials, so there are three commonly used cleaning equipment: grid screen, cleaning screen and magnetic separation equipment.

Poultry Feed Plant Use Rotary Screener

(1)Scope of application

It is used for screening and classifying of powder or pellet feed for poultry, initial cleaning of raw materials in poultry feed mills, and classification of the intermediate products after secondary crushing in large and medium poultry feed factories.

(2)Main features

①Use special balance mode to make the rotary motion in plane under the inertia force, ensuring small vibration, low noise and low demand for the strength of support.

②The transmission mechanism with combined belt has simple and reasonable structure and long bearing life.

③Combining the advantages of circular motion and reciprocating linear motion, and equipped with cleaning device, it has high output, high screening efficiency and low power consumption.

④Flexible installation, convenient replacement and simple operation.

Type             SFJH 210×2z
Power(kW)                  5.5
Particle feed output(t/h)            30-45
Powder feed output(t/h)              25-35

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Poultry Feed Mill Plant Use Cylinder Pulse Filter

(1)Product introduction:

Low pressure cylinder injection pulse bag dust remover is a new developed product,low resistance,high dust cleaning efficiency,convenient operation,simple maintenance, with air pressure, low noise, long useful life (continual operation two years) and small overall dimensions.The scraper ash discharging mode of A model dust remover reduces the equipment height,improving the ash discharging effect, widely used in grain,metallurgy,building and medicine industries.

(2)Technical datas:

Model Bag Amount Length of filter bag Handle storm Filter area Motor power of airlock Scraper motor power Low power pump Weight
TBLMY4 1800 156-780 206
380 305 345
2000 174-870 2.9 398 320 362
2400 210-1050 3.5 424 345 385
TBLMY10 1800 396-1980 6.6  
588 470 535
2000 444-2220 7.4 618 495 562
2400 534-2670 8.9 660 535 600
TBLMY18 1800 714-3570 11.9  
952 730 865
2000 792-3960 13.2 998 767 908
2400 954-4770 15.9 1062 830 965
TBLMY26 1800 1032-5160 17.2  
1128 865 1025
2000 1146-5730 19.1 1184 908 1076
2400 1380-6900 23 1254 980 1140
TBLMY39 1800 1542-7710 25.7
1634 1215 1485
2000 1700-6-8610 28.7 1715 1276 1559
2400 2076-10380 34.6 1782 1370 1620
TBLMY52 1800 2076-10380 34.3
1968 1475 1790
2000 2058-10290 38.2 2068 1548 1880
2400 2292-11460 46.1 2173 1660 1975
TBLMY78 18000 3090-15450 51.5
2745 2040 2495
2000 3438-17190 57.3 2881 2142 2620
2400 4146-20730 69.1 3014 2285 2740
TBLMY104 1800 4116-20580 68.6
3500 2610 3185
2000 4590-22950 76.5 3678 2740 3344
2400 5526-27630 92.1 3872 2945 3520

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Poultry Feed Production Plant Use Cylinder Cleaning Sieve

It is mainly used in receiving, cleaning and pre-cleaning raw materials of rice, feed, food, chemical industry, etc.

The sieve plate with different specifications can be chosen for cleaning and pre-cleaning of wheat, corn, rice, oil and other materials.


    SCY 50a     SCY 63a     SCY 80a      SCY 100a      SCY 130a

        0.55             0.55           0.75                1.5                   3

Production capacity(t/h) 

      10-15            10-20         25-35            50-60            100-120

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