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RICHI annual output of 30,000 tons cattle compound feed processing plant environmental impact assessment

2021-02-25 Back to List

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1. Project name: Cattle ompound feed mill plant project with an annual output of 30,000 tons

2. Construction site: Bengbu City Industrial Park, Anhui Province, China

3. Project overview:

The 30,000 tons cattle feed manufacturing plant project covers a total area of ​​3670m2, a total construction area of ​​3670m2, and a total investment of about 30 million yuan. The company rents an idle plant in the factory area of ​​a local company and relies on related supporting facilities in the factory area.

price of cattle feed plant costing plant capacity of 1500ton per day

4. Main environmental impacts and countermeasures and measures to prevent or reduce adverse environmental impacts:

The project rented an existing workshop of a local company in Anhui. According to on-site exploration, the office and general control room in the workshop have been built, and the construction environment impact does not exist. The transportation and installation of equipment will produce a small amount of solid waste, mainly equipment packaging, etc. Most of the solid waste can be recycled, and a small part of the non-recyclable can be sent to the garbage dump for disposal. Noise will be generated during the installation of the equipment, but the installation noise level is low, and the noise will disappear after the installation is completed, and the external environment will be minimal.

★Pollution sources and preventive measures during operation:

(1) Exhaust gas: Mainly the dust in the feeding stage, the dust discharged from the cyclone separator, the dust generated in the packaging stage, the dust generated in the process of adding small materials, and the fishy smell generated when the raw materials are stacked. Dust and fishy stench in small materials are discharged as unorganized emissions. After strengthening the ventilation device in the production workshop, the exhaust gas is diluted by the atmosphere and has little impact on the external environment; the other three dusts are removed by the pulse dust collector. Through a high-altitude discharge of a 15m high exhaust cylinder, it can meet the second-level standard in Table 2 of the "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" (GB16297-1996), and has a small impact on the surrounding environment.

(2) Noise: mainly mechanical noise generated by production equipment such as crushers, high square screens, and high-pressure centrifugal fans. After the sound insulation and distance attenuation of the buildings in the factory area, the environmental noise at the factory boundary meets the Class 2 standard in the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008).

(3) Wastewater: Mainly domestic sewage of employees. After being treated in septic tanks, it will be discharged into the sewage pipe network of the park, and then discharged into the Huaihe River after being treated in the third sewage treatment plant of Bengbu City.

(4) Solid waste: Mainly include impurities such as dust, fluff, etc. generated in the production process, collected dust, discarded packaging, iron filings, and domestic garbage generated by staff. The iron filings and waste packaging materials produced during the production process are uniformly recovered and recycled by the material recycling department; the collected dust generated is returned to the production line for reuse; dust, fine fluff and other impurities are collected and transported by the sanitation department together with domestic garbage. Comply with environmental sanitation management requirements.

5.Situation analysis for 30000 tons per year animal cattle feed production plant proposal

This cattle feed production business project is located in Bengbu City, China, with a superior natural environment and a long history of agricultural and animal husbandry development. The aquaculture industry in this area has developed rapidly. There are many large dairy companies, but the development and upgrading of agricultural and sideline products and the extension of the industrial chain are backward. Without a standardized animal feed production plant, it cannot meet the requirements of modern aquaculture development, and there is a potential gap in feed supply. Therefore, our client reviewed the current situation and, after more than a year of investigation on the feed processing industry, built an annual production of 30,000 tons cattle feed pellet making plant in this place with abundant dairy farming resources to develop the feed industry.

6.Main cattle cow feed manufacturing machine for 30,000 tons per year cattle feed pellet production plant

Cattle feed making equipment name Specification model Quantity (unit)
Raw material discharge pit / 2
Level device BC15-K34-AZ3X  2
Scraper conveyor TGSU25  1
Bucket elevator TDTG50/23 1
Cylinder preliminary cleaning screen SCY63 1
Permanent magnet cylinder TXCT25 1
Rotary distributor TFPX.12 1
To be crushed bin / 1
Leveler / 8
Buffer bucket / 1
Cattle feed grinding machine SESP112*38C 1
screw conveyor TLSS25 1
Bucket elevator TDTG50/23 1
Rotary distributor  TFPX.12 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa21 1
Matching fan 4-72No4.5A 1
Ingredients warehouse / 18
Leveler / 40
Screw feeder TLSU20 TWLL28 4
Screw feeder TLSU20 TWLL25 10
Screw feeder TLSU20 TWLL20 6
Batching scale PCS 2
Add bucket manually / 1
Double shaft high efficiency cattle feed mixer SSHJ4 1
Buffer bucket / 1
Scraper conveyor TGSU25 2
Bucket elevator TDTG50/28 1
Rotary distributor TFPX.4 1
Fan 4.72No4.5A 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa21 1
To be granulated bin / 1
Level machine / 8
Closed air feeder / 1
Cattle feed pellet maker machine SZLH420 1
Counter flow cooler SKLN6 1
Crumbler machine SSLG20×170+3 1
Bucket elevator TDTG36/28 1
Cyclone grading screen SFJH125×2d /
Buffer bucket / 1
Rotary distributor TFPX.4 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa46 1
Fan 4-72No5.0A 1
Finished product warehouse / 1
Leveler / 8
Buffer bucket / 1
Pellet packaging scale / 1
Seam combined conveyor / 1
Air compressor / 1
1 ton coal-fired boiler DZL1—1.25—AⅡ 1
Basic granite water film dust collector LZAA0 type 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa46 1
Fan 4-72No5.0A 1

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