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Most common methods for complete full automatic high efficiency 10 ton per hour animal chicken feed line processing

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how to make pellet feeds for chicken

1.Chicken feed making raw materials

Raw materials for chicken feeds include corn, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, soybeans, soybean meal, fish meal, amino acids, miscellaneous meal, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, grains, feed additives, etc. more than ten varieties of feed raw material.

2.Most common processing methods for high efficiency 10 ton per hour chicken feed production line

★The characteristics of chicken feed are moderate grinding fineness (sieve aperture 2-4mm), moderate maturation and tempering requirements (granulators mostly use single-layer conditioners), and the finished particle diameter is large (particle diameter is about 2.5 -4mm).

★The designed output of SZLH420 chicken feed manufacturing plant is 10T/H. It adopts one crushing line, double scale automatic batching, one mixing line, one pelletizing line and one packing line.

★The total power of the chicken feed processing equipment is about: 390KW;

★Building area of ​​production area: 400-2000m²; supporting 1T boiler. The whole line is compact in design, reasonable in structure, meets environmental protection requirements, and can be oriented design according to customer requirements.

machines needed to process soyabeans into chicken feed

Stages of chicken poultry feed production plant with 10 ton per hour capacity:

(1) Raw material receiving and cleaning section: In this section, the pellet feeding cleaning and powder feeding cleaning are separated independently, and the dust is removed separately, and the dust removal effect is good.

(2) Crushing section: This section adopts one corn grinder for chicken feed and three smashing bins, and the crushing varieties can be changed alternately. Before the raw materials enter the warehouse, impurities are removed by a magnetic separator to ensure the safe operation of the chicken feed grinder crusher.

(3) Batching mixing section: This section adopts 15 batching bins, two batching scales are used for batching at the same time, controlled by the batching program independently developed by our company, to achieve precise feeding speed, fast batching speed and high precision.

(4) Pelleting section: This section adopts a szlh420 110kw ring die chicken feed pellet making machine and two bins to be granulated. It is convenient to change the varieties. After granulation, it enters into the cooler and the elevator to enter the rotary grading sieve for screening. The finished product enters the packing warehouse, and the rest returns to the granulation or bag receiving.

(5) Packing section: There are 2 finished product warehouses in this section, one of which is dedicated to storing finished pellets, and one powder and pellets can be stored. The powdered finished product warehouse is designed with unique protection Grading device. The pellets or powders are finally automatically weighed and packaged by the packaging scale.

(6) Auxiliary section: Dust removal system to improve the working environment of workers; grease addition system, commonly added at mixers, to improve the palatability of feed.

3.Complete automatic high efficiency 10tph poultry chicken feed manufacturing process flow chart

According to the needs of different customers, the 10tph automated chicken feed line solution can be optimized for configuration:

(1) This 10t/h chicken feed mill plan adopts a single-point dust removal mode, that is, each rotary distributor (powder) and pellet cleaning screener is equipped with a pulse dust collector, which has a good dust removal effect. Single-point dust removal is a humanized design for our company, providing a better working environment, but the cost increases, and customers can consider whether to adopt this configuration according to actual needs;

(2) The number of bins can also be adjusted according to factors such as the customer's chicken feed formula and chicken feed raw material characteristics to achieve the highest utilization rate and effectively control chicken feed production costs;

(3) In the chicken poultry pellet feed finished product section, grease can be added to the spray system to improve the quality of the finished pellet.

 chicken feed pellet mill machine 6mm electric feed device for high producer animal feed

4.Automatic machines for manufacturing chicken feed in 10t/h chicken feed pellet production machine line

Machine for chicken feed Model Power(KW)
Bucket elevator TDTG36/28 5.5
Drum type precleaner SCY63 0.75
Permanent magnetic sleeve TCXT20 /
Hot sale chicken feed grinder equipment SFSP66*80 110
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36A /
Powder precleaner SCQZ60*50*100 4
Rotary distributor TFPX6 0.55
Double Ribbon Mixer for Chicken Feed SLHY2.5L 18.5
CE ring die chicken feed pellet milling machine SZLH420 110
Cooling Machine SKLN20x20 1.5
Chicken feed pellet crumbler SSLG15*150 7.5
Rotary screener SFJH125*2C 4
Automatic Packing machine DCS-50 3
Sewing machine,belt conveyor / 2
Manual pick up mouth TZMS25 /
Heating oil storage tank SYTZ100 /
MCC Control Center ;Mimic control panel 
(power range from 22 kw to 55 kw for star triangle start, main electric components are delixi brand)    
/ /
Batching System: fully automatic, controled by computer / /

5.How much does it cost to start a 10 ton capacity automatic chicken poultry feed mills?

Cost to set up a factory for chicken poultry feed for 10 ton per hour is usually between 160000USD-600000USD.

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