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500kg/h low horse power wood pellet press machine production line manufacturer in China

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RICHI Machinery is a China 500kg/h biomass wood fuel pellet production line manufacturer, this article we will introduce 500kg/h low horse power wood pellet press machine and 500kg/h wood waste pellet production line in detail. As the development of economy, the wood pellet plant equipments in the machinery industry is also improving, the wood pellet production line is no exception. From the future time, wood pellet fuel is a new biomass energy and belongs to the environmental protection industry.

500kg/h good selling in Vietnam acacia wood pellet machine plant price

1.Introduction of 500KG/H Wood Pellet Production Line

Wood pellet fuel is a new bioenergy, it can replace wood, fuel oil, liquefied natural gas and so on, widely used for heating, domestic cooking range, hot water boiler, industrial boiler, biomass power plant and so on.

Because the shape is pellet, the volume is compressed, storage space is saved, and transportation is convenient, reducing transportation cost. Secondly, high combustion efficiency, easy to burn out, the amount of carbon residue is small. Compared with coal, the volatile content is high and the ignition point is low, which is easy to ignite. Increased density, high energy density, combustion duration increased significantly, can be directly used in coal-fired boilers. When biomass pellets are burned, the content of harmful gas is very low.

2.Raw materials for 500kg/h wood pellet manufacturing line pelletizing

The most common sources of material for the manufacture of wood pellets are the by-products of primary wood processing at sawmills and plywood plants: bark, sawdust, woodchips and shavings. These materials are superior for the pelletization process in that fewer processing steps are necessary before entering the wood pellet pressing machine.

3.Development Prospect Of Wood Pellet Production Line With CE

(1)From the perspective of environmental maintenance of sawdust particle production, renewable energy can improve environmental degradation.

(2)Considering the energy security of wood pellet production, it can alleviate the shortage of energy.

(3)Develop renewable power to apply rural areas, which can increase farmers' income and improve rural conditions.

(4)The emphasis on renewable driving force can constitute a new point of economic growth, promote changes in economic growth methods, expand employment, promote continuous economic and social development, is a considerable development prospects.

professional design biomass wood pellet machine for Indonesia market

4.What is needed to start a 500kg/h wood pellet processing plant?

Equipment needed to make wood pellets for 500kg/h wood pellet manufacturing plant includes the following equipment:easy to operate high quality wood hammer mill, ce wood sawdust drying equipment, stable performance 500kg/h biomass wood pellet mill with CE, conveyors, cooling machine, automatic packaging machine.

5.Low investment high return 500kg/h wood pellet manufacturing process

China professional 500kg/h wood pellet line wood pellet production process :Collect raw materials → crush raw materials → dry raw materials → press pellets → cool pellets → sieve finished products → pack them in bags.

Every step and every machine in the 500kg/h customized small wood pellet line has strict operation specifications and quality requirements to ensure the quality of products.

6.CE good quality 500kg/h wood pellet production plant investment cost

CE high return 0.5 ton per hour wood pellet production line price is is usually under $100,000,The specific price should be determined according to the customer's equipment configuration.

High efficiency good quality wood pellet machine biomass wood pellet mill

7.Hot sale easy operation wood pellet fuel production machine for 500kg/h biomass wood fuel pellet making line

Hot sale easy operation wood pellet granulator is a mechanical wood pelletizing equipment which is made of eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit and other fast-growing shrubs, sawdust and other materials through crushing or screening, and drying.

Model:MZLH350 wood pellet maker machine for 0.5t/h wood pellet plant

Capacity of wood pellet:500-700 KG/H

Capacity of grass alfalfa hemp pellet: 800-1000KG/H

Capacity of organic fertilizer pellet: 3-4 T/H

Size of Pellet Machine: 2500*1100*1600 MM

Anti-caking Feeder Power:1.5KW

Forced Feed Power :0.55 KW

Main Power: 55KW

Final Pellet :6-12mm

8.How to run high efficiency wood pelletizer with wood waste for 500kg/h wood pelletizing plant?

500KG/H wood pelleting machine production process will be used in wood or other raw materials first crushed into sawdust. Then through a funnel-shaped mold, the raw material is forced to extrude from the model hole in a fixed diameter, eventually compressing it into dense pellets. The heat generated by compression and friction during this process can melt lignin in the wood. As the pellets pass through the other end of the wood pellet machine, they slowly cool down. As the lignin cools, it can cement all the ingredients, resulting in hard, solid pellets.

500kg/h Good biomass wood pellet machine for energy pellets

9.How much does a mzlh350 ring die wood pellet mill machine cost?

How much does a 500kg/h low horse wood pellet mill cost in canada?how much does a 500kg/h wood pellet making machine cost in usa?MZLH350 500kg/h hot selling ce ring die wood pellet mill machine price is around 23000USD.

As a wood pelletizer technology china manufacturer,RICHI has excellent reputation in the world.Our products are priced uniformly, no matter which country you are in, the difference in price can only be in freight.

10.Why more and more wood pellet plants choose China wood pellet makers?

Why the China wood pellet mills for sale in the market are so cost-effective? Let's uncover the secret of Chinese pellet machine manufacturers.

(1)Domestic demand promote technology development on China factory offered wood pellet mills

China is now the second largest energy consumer next to United States in the world. Energy has been the foundation of China’s economic growth. Biomass energy development is a top priority in China. Wood pellet production in China is estimated to be 800 000 metric tons in 2008, and 1 million metric tons in 2009, and it is expected to grow up to 50 million metric tons by 2020. China's wood pellet consumption relies on domestic production which is much lower in production cost than that of abroad, which makes pellet maker technology developed fast in China and the low production cost pellet makers also benefits the overseas pellet producers.

(2)Beneficial policy support makes China wood pelletizer machines more competitive.

The Chinese governmental energy goal and polices are the main drive and support to the Chinese wood pelletizing euqipment manufacturers. As one of the world’s largest energy consumers, China is expected to receive about 23 percent of total global investment in renewable energy, amounting to about $ 1.2 trillion, which will focus on energy production from hydro, wind, solar and biomass, according to "China: clean and renewable energy report to 2010". While, biomass will play a great role in its renewable energy mix.

(3)Chinese congress for energy policy making

As a support, Chinese government appears to be encouraging renewable energy manufacturers and developers to seek growth opportunities abroad in an attempt to keep business alive. And there are lots of incentives for biomass in various forms, such as, feed-in tariffs, utility quota obligations, net metering, government mandates, tradable renewable energy certificate, capital subsidy, grant, or rebate, tax incentives, production payment, public financing, public competitive bidding, etc. These policies make the china biomass wood pellet production line manufacturers possible to sell the reasonable design ce biomass pellet mills to wood pellet manufacturers at completive price because of the government compensation.

(4)Fierce competition makes the price of biomass wood pellet machine suppliers more inviting.

With the hunger for energy and the support of government policies, the biomass market in china is prospering and the manufacturing market of pellet mills is also on the rise. So far, China has already developed into one of the largest market and manufacturing basis of ring die biomass wood pellet mill machines because of the market potential and the lowest production cost due to the huge population and abundant of raw materials and government incentive policies.

As the development of the Chinese new design wood pellet press market, more and more wood pellet mill factory have being set up and the China wood pellet mill manufacturers are competing to provide more competitive services and products. The competition among pellet mill manufacturers benefits the customers who can buy the high performance high quality wood pellet mills at the competitive price. That's may explain why the wood pellet mill for sale from china are so competitive and are favored by more and more biomass wood pellet making line suppliers.

(5)Direct sale makes Chinese pellet makers more cost-effective.

Direct sale of wood pellet mills from Chinese manufacturers makes the price more inviting to the wood pellet manufacturers. Now more and more pellet mills are exported to the western world and it is obvious that direct sale of pellet mills from manufacturer is far more cheap than from retailers. To buy pellet makers from the manufacturing directly can cut off the mark-ups added by the resellers and largely lower the purchasing cost. It is good for the end customers. That’s one of the reasons why the pellet mills from china biomass wood fuel pellet mill manufacturers are more cost-effective.

hot products biomass wood pellet machine on the market

11.How to choose a good Chinna biomass wood pellet maker machine supplier?

As the development of Chinese biomass wood pellet making equipment production technology, more and more wood pelletizing eqipment factories are constructed some of which are good and some of which are not. How to choose a good and trustworthy Chinese pellet machine suppliers?Price is always an edge for Chinese products. Even with the shipment included in the purchasing cost, hot products biomass pellet machine for woodare still very competitive on price and the reasons behind are complicated, which will be analyzed in the following paragraphs.

(1)Expertise & Branding

Normally, suppliers with high reputation on expertise and branding is trustworthy. If you want to buy a wood pellet making from China, search the internet and find the famous brand suppliers. Then ask them questions and evaluate through its answers and attitude. RICHI has a good reputation as a china wood pellet machine supplier and manufacturer, and it has been ranked on among the top 3 China wood pellet machine maker exporter in 2010, who has taken 31% market share all together.

(2)Quality &CE wood pellet machinery made in China

Quality always comes first. Pellet makers are the core of whole wood biomass pellet production line and the quality of pellet makers directly influence the pellet quality and eventually affects your profits. When you're choosing a pellet maker, the China supplier offer wood pellet production machine will be a good choice for the quality has been granted.

(3)Price & direct sale from manufactures

Cost is one of the decisive factor.Ideal situation would be buying proper wood pelleting maker from the manufacturers or suppliers with the lowest price. However, the proper on selling good quallity pellet product line wood pellet machine does not mean the best and most expensive one. Other words, you should choose a wood pellet maker after considering your budget, the capacity for large, medium and small scale pellet production, pellets application ( for business or self use, for feed or fuel, for boiler or stoves, etc,), power condition and serving life, etc.

(4)After sale service &spare parts supply 

After sale service and spare part supply are also important for choosing a biomass wood energy pellet mill manufacturer and suppler. It's better to choose factory selling new CE vertical ring die wood pellet mills from a manufacturer or supplier who could provide satisfactory after sale service and consistent spare part supply, any of your problem can be solved at a phone call or an email.

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