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Factory price 1-20 TPH stable performance heavy duty sugar cane bagasses pellet plant with ce

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5 ton per hour ce agriculture waste industrial biomass sugarcane bagasse pellet making machines

1.1-20 Ton per hour heavy duty sugar cane bagasses pellet plant with ce for sale

1-20 Ton per hour ce biomass sugar cane bagasses pellet production line comes with an important innovation within the element of the compress to really make it appropriate for makeing high density pellets like wood pellets, grass pellets or any other agro-wastes pellets for heating, cooking and industry applications. Why the high quality ce sugarcane bagasses biomass pellet production line is so popular? The reason is that lots of people's awareness of saving and environmental protection have made greatly enhanced. And people are trying to accelerate the introduction of eco-friendly fuel for private purpose.

One key point is that biomass sugar cane bagasse pellet machine in the whole 1-20tph sugar cane bagasse pellet processing plant. We will discove different classification schemes of pellet machine for sugarcane bagasses pellets. Actually, the biomass pellet mill could be divided into small scales and enormous scales. Generally, small size biomass bagasses pellet mill is often just like the horizontal ring die biomass energy pellet mill with 300-500kg/h capacity quite easily fitted in creating biomass pellets only for residential use. While heavy duty sugar cane bagasses biomass pelletizing machine always means processing biomass pellets on the massive for commercial and industrial purpose.

The sugar cane bagasse pellets made by 1-20t/h factory offered automatic running sugar cane bagasse pellet production line are the most popular renewable fuel on the market and meet the majority of present day concerns for alternative energy and green atmosphere. Based on various application reasons, biomass materials can be processed into pellets with various measures and dimensions. After converted into uniform solid pellet fuel, these pellets are going to be easily handled, since they are virtually free of dust fuel during burned in the pellet stove. Our 1-20 ton capacity best selling ce complete sugar cane bagasse pellet production line for fuels energy plant may give consumers a guide in choosing and purchasing their particular pellet stoves. Welcome to visit our website and get more information about 1-20tph factory sale new design biomass fuel sugarcane bagasse pellet manufaturing plant.

CE vertical ring die wood biomass sugarcane bagasse pellet machine price

2.Comprehensive Utilization Of Sugar Cane Residues

Sugarcane residues are known as bagasse or bagbumme. Brazil is famous cane sugar producing country. Their main efforts are concentrated in sugarcane processing, including manufacture sugar and alcohol. Because of the growing economic globalization trend, the international sugar market competition more intense, Brazil have begun to pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of sugarcane bagasse.

(1)Applications of sugarcane bagasse pellets

★ Bagasse fuel pellets - As Fuel

One ton of sugarcane can produce about 300kg bagasse. The production of sugarcane bagasse per year in Brazil is 75~90 million tons. About 90% or more is used as fuel to supply power for factory. With wood pellets making machine, bagasse can be extruded into pellets fuel.

★ Bagasse feed pellets– As Animal Fodder

With bagasse pellet production machine, through high pressure and high temperature processing, bagasse can be used as animal feed instead of grass and other fodder materials. Bagasse feed pellets can mainly be used to feed cattle, cows, sheep, fish and so on.

Years of experiments show that adding 38%~40% puffed bagasse in forage does good to animals' healthy.

The utilization of bagasse is very worthy to study and research. Richi Machinery is not only specialized in bagasse pelletizing machinery, but also specialized in bagasse feed preparation, processing principles, equipment and process conditions.

2-3 ton per hour China hot sell good quality sugarcane bagasse wood pellet machine for sale

(2)The Mainly Chemical Composition Of Bagasse

Bagasse is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and pectin substance.

Cellulose: 45%~55%


Lignin: 16%~22%

Pectin Substance: 1%~2%

Protein: 2%~3%

3. Buy sugarcane bagasse pelletizer machine to make bagasse pellets for 1-20t/h biomass pellet producing plant

(1)Advantages of ring die biomass pellet press machine for sugarcane bagasse pellets

★The main shaft system uses double support structure without shake to offer more extrusion force from ring die.

★Control device of ring die and roller is external to realize gap adjustment without stop-working.

★Rollers use circulating water cooling, realizing lower temperature and longer service time of bearings, and lower oil consumption.

★The bearings of main shaft and roller with temperature measuring device, which can monitor the working status of bearings.

★Key components like main shaft, driving wheels and gears are made of high strength forged alloy steel. Gears are processed by high precision gear grinding machine.

★Driving system uses imported bearings to ensure the reliability and long service time of the sugarcane bagasse pellet processor equipment.

★Ring die and roller use high strength forgings, automatic gun-drill drilling and vacuum heat treatment. The ring die service time﹥500 hours.

High efficiency good quality wood pellet machine biomass wood pellet mill

(2)Models of ce good quality biomass sugarcane bagasse pellet making equipment

300-400kg/h professional design biomass fuel sugarcane bagasse pellet pressing machine for sale

500-700kg/h ce biomass sugarcane bagasse waste pelletizing machine

hot sale 1-1.2 ton per hour high quality wood pellet mill machine for sugarcane bagasse pellets

2.0-2.5 ton per hour new technology ce certificated sugarcane bagasse pellet making machine for biomass pellets

2.5-4 ton per hour China professional factory offered good ce sugarcane bagasse pellets fuel making machine

3-4.5 ton per hour ce agriculture waste industrial biomass sugarcane bagasse pellet making machines

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