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Why Use 1-10TPH Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Processing Machine To Make Chicken Feed Pellets?

2020-12-14 Back to List

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Many 1-10tph chicken poultry feed mills or poultry chicken farms use feed processing machine to make raw materials into chicken pellet feed products, and then fed to chicken animals. Why use the 1-10t/h chicken poultry feed pellet making machine made chicken feed into chicken pellets? For example, why don't use these raw materials directly for feeding? Or can chicken broiler layer feed be made more nutritious after being processed through the chicken poultry animal feed pelleting machine?What's so different about this? Let's explore it together!

In the process of 1-10 ton per hour chicken feed pelletizer machine, generally, chicken feed pellet product processed according to a certain feed ratio. In fact, during the breeding period, farmers will find ways to reduce the cost of breeding, thereby improving the efficiency of breeding.

brolier pig chicken cattle livestock poultry animal feed pellet making machine

1.Relationship Between 1-10TPH Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine And Feed Utilization

For the breeding industry, if it wants to further reduce costs, the way is to provide chicken animals with more nutritious feed as much as possible to improve the utilization of chicken feed. We know that 1-10 ton per hour ring die poultry feed mill pellet equipment can mix several different materials for pelleting. In this pelletizing process, the original trypsin resistance factor in the material can be broken down into molecules that are easily digested and absorbed by broilers and laying hens.

2.The Way Of Raising Poultry Chicken Animals

If only according to the traditional way of raising chickens, then it will not only easy to cause the animals picky eaters, resulting in the waste of feed. At the same time, this is likely to lead to insufficient nutrition, affecting the growth of animals. In addition, the traditional crushed materials taste worse, so the feed conversion rate is lower. The animal growth speed is slower. In contrast, after the processing of feed machine for chicken pellet production, it can mix a variety of raw materials together, to ensure nutrition.

boiler livestock poultry animal feed pellet making machine

3.The Storage And Transportion Of Chicken Feed

In the process of storage and transportation of traditional chicken feed, there is a greater probability of moldy deterioration. Which will not only lead to the waste of chicken feed, more importantly, may also increase the incidence of digestive tract diseases in chickens. After the raw material through the chicken feed mill plant equipment of pelletization, the bacteria, eggs, and germs contained in the scrap can be killed by means of high-temperature heating to ensure poultry chicken health.

After the 1-10t/h capacity good performance poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine processing, the pellet feed not only has more balanced and comprehensive nutrition and is more popular with animals. But also ensures the quality of chicekn feed pellets and can improve the feed conversion rate as much as possible.

Choosing a China professional factory offer suitable 1-10 ton per hour ce approved poultry feed compress pellet making machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the poultry feed pellets. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the poultry chicken feed line production process. If you can further master the technology, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits. If you want to build the 1-10 ton per hour complete chicken poultry feed pellet production line, please contact Richi Machinery.1-10T/H poultry chicken feed pellet manufacturing equipment price is usually between 7000USD-40000USD.

Multi chicken cow fish feed pellet making machine

4. Feeding Ways For Poultry Chickens

Richi Machinery is a China poultry feed production line manufacturer, the following will introduce poultry feeding ways in detail.

As people's living standards increase, the demand for poultry products is beginning to grow. In order to meet the growing needs of people, taking a variety of ways to improve the performance of poultry production. In the process of poultry production practice, different feeding ways take advantage.

(1)Scientific Feeding

Farmers' poultry farming is currently one of the main methods of poultry raising. Therefore, a good and scientific feeding method is the key to preventing avian flu. Starting from the reality, we should do the following work:

①Poultry should farm indoors. Poultry farms should keep away from public places, main roads, and other animal production sites, away from rivers and lakes where wild birds inhabit.

② It is forbidden to mix different poultry such as chickens, ducks, and geese, and it is forbidden to breed mixed poultry and pigs.

③Such as birds, rats and sparrows strictly prohibited in the poultry house. These animals are usually carriers of pathogenic microorganisms.

④Introduction poultry must healthy, no infectious diseases, and poultry implement a system of all-in and all-out.

⑤Do the daily disinfection and sanitation work of the poultry house and the breeder. The poultry house should clean and disinfect frequently. The poultry house should thoroughly disinfect before entering the poultry and after releasing the poultry. When conditions permit, it should empty for 2 to 3 weeks.

⑥The breeder must disinfect in and out of the poultry house, and the unrelated person cannot enter the poultry house. Strict disinfection of the farm, passing vehicles and the environment around the site.

⑦To immunize under the guidance of the local animal husbandry and veterinary department, and regular serological monitoring to ensure that the vaccine's immune prevention effect is indeed reliable.

⑧Ensure reasonable stocking density, good ventilation, high quality, clean feed, and drinking water. When conditions permit, you can use the feed pellet machine to make animal feed pelleting process.

full automatic 6t/h chicken feed pellet production line with CE

(2)Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Four Feeding Ways

①The Ground Raises

The ground level also called thick padding ground. Thick padding laid directly on the ground or concrete floor, and the chickens live on the padding. The broiler chickens more use this form.


Equipment requirements are simple and investment is low.


The feeding density is small, and the chicken exposed to feces, which is not conducive to disease prevention.

②Net Bed Flat Raise

The net bed flat raise is chickens off the ground and moves on the mesh made of metal or other materials. The slatted floor of plastic mesh, metal mesh or plastic-coated mesh flattened on the net. The floor is generally about 1.2 meters above the ground (to facilitate the extraction of chicken manure).


The chicken lives on the slats, the feces fall under the net, and the chicken does not directly touch the feces, which is conducive to the control of the disease.


The investment is relatively high, and it is relatively inconvenient to draw chicken manure.

1-10tph animal feed processing plant with broiler

③Mixed Ground Feeding

Mixed ground feeding is to divide the chicken house into two parts on the ground and on the net, the ground part is grassed, and the net part is the slat scaffolding structure. The ratio of the slat scaffolding structure bed surface to the littered floor is usually 6:4 or 2:1, and the layout in the house mainly "two high and one low" or "two low and one high". “Two highs and one low” is the most commonly used broiler breeder. Egg breeders also use this method of feeding, that is, laying slats along the wall, half of the slats laid on the front wall, and the other half is laid on the back wall. The nest is placed on the outer edge of the slat, perpendicular to the long axis of the slat, one end is placed at the edge of the slat, and one end is suspended above the mat floor to facilitate the entry and exit of the chicken into the nest and reduce the floor space.


Chickens have higher egg production than full slats.


The breeding density is slightly lower, and only 4.3 broiler breeders per square meter can raise.


Cage is to raise the chicken in a cage welded with wire. Different types of chicken cages designed according to chicken breed, gender, and age.


✔ Increase the stocking density. The three-dimensional cage density is more than three times higher than the flattening density, and the laying hen can raise more than 17 per square meter.

✔Save feed. The chickens kept in cages, the amount of exercise is reduced, the energy consumption is small, and the waste material reduced. Artificial insemination can reduce the proportion of cocks.

✔The chicken does not touch the feces, which is conducive to the prevention of flocks.

✔ The eggs are relatively clean and can eliminate eggs outside the nest.

✔There is no litter problem.


✔The amount of egg production reduced compared with the level of flattening.

✔The investment relatively increased.

✔ The proportion of blood spotted eggs is high, the egg quality is slightly poor, and the qualified rate of the eggs is low.

✔Sudden death syndrome is easy to occur in caged chickens, which affects the survival rate and egg production performance of chickens.

✔The appearance of the eliminated chicken is poor, the bones are brittle, and the selling price is lower.

As poultry feeding has gradually moved toward a specialized production path, consumer demand for poultry products has begun to shift from simple quantities to quality. The emergence of 1-10 ton per hour ce good animal feed pelletizer machine for poultry chicken feed solved many challenges in the feeding process.

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