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Price of machine for grinding maize for chicken feed in kenya

2020-12-05 Back to List

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Recently, many customers have asked us about 5 ton per hour computer batching chicken powder feed production line project in Kenya, especially about grinding machine for chicken feed, and consulted com chicken feed grinding machine price. Whether it is laying hens or broilers, whether it is processing chicken powder feed or chicken pellet feed, corn grinder machine for chicken feed is always one of the most important chicken feed processing equipment.

Grinding is one of the key processes in poultry chicken feed production. Feed grinding section refers to the process of making chicken feed particles smaller by impacting, shearing, grinding, etc., aiming at increasing the surface area of feed particles for better digestion and absorption, as well as for more efficient subsequent processes. Its performance directly affects the quality, output, power consumption and cost of chicken feed processing.

Richi Machinery attaches great importance to the development of green and energy-saving projects and provides sustainable feed equipment and solutions to the world through innovative technology. Richi Machinery offers various types of hammer mill machine with significant increase in efficiency and less power loss, which is widely used for the grinding of poultry,cattle,chicken,fish,pig,shrimp, crab, animal protein, cassava, forage, wood, biomass energy, etc.

Poultry farm hammer mill

1.Price of maize grinding hammer mill for chicken feed in kenya

Type: SFSP Series maize corn grinding hammer mill for grinding chicken poultry feed powder

Capacity ( T/H ) : 3 - 12

Power (KW):18.5 - 160

Function of animal poultry chicken feed grain grinding machine:Processing materials such as maize,corn,sorghum,wheat,rice,grain,crushed cake,rice straw,corn stalk,etc.

Chicken poultry feed grinder crusher machine price:1500USD-40000USD.(This price is not just the machine price for grinding maize for chicken feed in kenya, but the official price of RICHI.)

maize rice husk corn hammer mill feed for sale

2.Cause analysis and solutions for the decline in output of machine that grinds maize corn for chicken feeds in chicken poultry feed mills

There are many reasons for the decline in the output of the hammer mill for chicken poultry feed. For example, the feed grinder's output is not smooth, the hammer is worn, the screen size is inappropriate, and the fan configuration can affect the output of the grinder. If chicken feed mill plants or chicken farms want to maintain the output of the corn grinder for chicken feed, they must find out the problem and then solve the problem. 

(1) The moisture content of the material is too high

Too much moisture in the material will affect the efficiency of the water drop mill. The material with too much moisture is not easy to be crushed, and it is easy to block the mesh of the screen, which seriously affects the output of the crusher.

Solution: Dry or smash the material after drying.

wheat corn rice maize hammer mill for chicken feed

(2) The feeding link is not smooth or the feeding is uneven

The feeding link is the beginning of crushing. If there is a problem in the feeding link, it will seriously affect the output of the electric corn animal feed grinder for chicken feed.

Solution: If there is no impeller feeder, configure the feeder. If there is a feeder, check whether the inside of the feeder is blocked.

(3) The discharge port is blocked

The clogging of the discharging port will affect the discharging speed of the poultry fodder grinder machine and cause the output to decrease.

Solution: Clean the discharge port, even the residual materials inside the crushing chamber, to ensure the smoothness of the entire crushing process.

(4) Hammer problem 

The problem of the hammer is mainly reflected in two points, one is the severe wear of the hammer, and the other is the improper gap of the hammer. The wear of the hammer will cause the grinder to fail to smash the material normally; the improper gap between the hammers will cause the output of the material to not meet the standard, and repeated operations will reduce the output of the grinder by 2 times or more. 

Solution: Replace the hammer or adjust the angle. When the particle size is required to be small after crushing, the spacing of the hammers can be appropriately reduced. When the size is large, the spacing of the hammers can be adjusted appropriately.

(5) The pore size and opening rate of the screen mesh

The pore size of the screen is an important factor in controlling the crushing particle size. When the size required for crushing is different, the screen with a different size should be replaced, otherwise the crushing efficiency will be reduced or unqualified particles will be produced. On the other hand, the opening rate of the screen affects the filtering speed of the screen. When the opening rate is too small, the efficiency of the crusher will naturally decrease.

Solution: Replace the screen with suitable aperture and opening rate.

(6) Fan configuration problem

The rotor in the animal feed crusher machine for grinding chicken feed powder will form a low pressure zone in the crushing chamber during the selection process. The material is not easy to fly out of the crushing chamber under the influence of atmospheric pressure. The purpose of configuring the fan is to artificially add a low pressure zone outside the crushing chamber. The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the crushing chamber disappears, and the material discharge speed is naturally increased. 

Solution: Configure a fan for the maize corn hammer mill crusher machine for chicken feed.

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